Boma was very disturbed,
she wanted to get out of Paul’s house but she was helpless. What if after their meeting this morning, that woman had rushed to tell her husband something? She thought. But, Paul promised that no one who
knew her secret. What if Eloise contacted her husband and told him stories of
how she’d seen her in her brother’s house? She was confused.
Chills ran through her
spine as she pondered on what next to do. Should she go home and see if Chike had heard any news about her? Should she stay
here till the end of day? She brought out her phone to call her husband, at
least to be certain that everything was alright and that the stalker woman
hadn’t found a way to contact him and tell him rubbish about her.
Boma stared at her son, he
was fixing a puzzle and wasn’t even looking at her. Paul had gone to work and
he’d left her to figure out the duties of a nanny.  Boma’s heart ached, she found that she wanted
the little boy to smile at her but he didn’t, he was engrossed and caught up in
his own world.
“Do you…want anything?” She
asked him.
He didn’t look up at her,
instead, he shook his head and continued fixing his puzzle.
Boma looked at his room
again and was impressed, Paul was a good father, the boy had everything he
needed, he was also very respectful and well-brought up even though he was a
bit edgy and standoffish, something she was sure was instilled into him by his
father especially as there was no mother’s touch. She watched him fix his puzzle and her heart ached,
he was such a sweet and handsome young boy.

What had possessed her to deny him
in the first place? She thought. She remembered how she had hidden the pregnancy for the
first five months from her friends and family and how Paul had arranged for her
to travel to a different location to have her baby. She recalled how she’d handed
her baby over to Paul and had cut off all ties with him. Now, as she stared at
him while he played, she knew he felt no love for her and she blamed herself
for it.

She dialed Chike’s phone
number and heard it ring till it finally stopped ringing. She called it again
and her heart beat fast, ‘has he heard something?’ she thought in a panic and
dialed the number again. This time he picked.
“Honey!” He greeted,
sounding like he was trying to catch his breath.
She could hear shrieks of
children’s laughter at the background.
“Chike! Where are you? Why
can I hear kids’ laughter at the background?”
“I…err…I accompanied Felix
to the Water Park with his kids…he begged me so I had to accept.” He said.
“How’s…how’s your friend?”
“Oh my friend? She’s
fine…she’s here…lying on the bed and hooked to machines.” Boma lied turning to
stare at her son still fixing his puzzles.
“I wish her speedy
recovery…” He said.
“Yea…sure…thank you.” She
said in gratitude. “Babe…”
“You won’t mind if I return
this evening, would you?”
“Of course not…” He said.
“The doctor says that my
presence is helping her a lot and that I should increase my visits to at least
four times a week.”
“Sure…that sounds fine.”
“Really? You’re not angry
about that?”
“No, you need to be there
for your friend and honestly, I have a lot of business stuff to do as well.”
“I thought you said you
took a break so that we could spend time together …”
“Yea…I did but as it seems,
new businesses have come up and I have to be involved.” He said.
She was about to respond
when she heard a loud shriek from a child who shouted ‘Daddy come see!’
“I thought Felix’s children
are under two years of age and can’t really talk…”
“I’ll talk to you later,
take good care of your friend.” Chike said and hung up.
Eloise looked at the phone
in worry, was her husband lying to her? There was only one way to find out, she
thought as she pushed the phone into her pocket and walked up to Junior and
“I’m going home for a
bit…I’ll be right back!”
Eloise wandered around
Chike’s matrimonial home and entered the bedroom he shared with his wife.
“Hmmm…sweet…” She said
spitefully as she walked over to sit at the edge of the bed. “I wonder what
side she sleeps on? I wonder what side they make love…” She started then chided
herself. “Oh stop it! Stop it Eloise! You’re only going to hurt yourself with
these thoughts. She’s not worth it, is she?” She said as she lay on the bed and
pictured herself lying in Chike’s arms and being referred to as his wife.
She took her phone out from
her pocket and took a selfie while lying on the bed, then stood up and took a
selfie right beside the window, and in the bathroom and in front of the
dressing mirror. She opened the wardrobe and took a selfie with Boma’s clothes.
“She’s a cheap gal, look at
all these very cheap clothing.” She said as she quickly stopped taking pictures
and slipped the phone into the pocket of her trouser. 
She was grabbing the bull
by the horns because from the looks of it, Chike had feelings for his wife and
he was trying so desperately to hide the fact from her. She wondered how Boma’s
face would be when she shows her the selfies she’d taken in her house. If Chike
hasn’t told his wife the truth about her and the kids, she was going to do it.
“Hey…what are you doing in
here?” Chike asked, stepping into the room.
“I was exploring and I
found myself in here. Any problem?” She asked.
“No…not at all.” Chike
Eloise walked over to him and
pulled him towards her.
“Love me boo…make me yours
over and over again…” She said seductively.
“Yea…” He said and kissed
her lips.
She slowly led him towards
the bed but he wouldn’t budge.
“Hey mister, not
“You know I am, but there
are lots of room in this house that we can use.”
“No…I wanna use this room…”
Eloise said.
“You know we can’t…” Chike
“Why not?” Eloise spat in
“Calm down Eloise…let’s not
complicate things.”
“Have you been deceiving me?”
“What? Why would you say
that?” Chike asked.
“If you haven’t then let’s
get to it on this bed…” She insisted.
Chike looked at her and
looked at the bed.
“I errr…” He started.
“You respect your marital
bed huh? That’s the point right? You respect your marriage to that woman, you
respect her a whole lot more than you’ll ever respect me…” Eloise said with
tears in her eyes.
“Please…Eloise please…that’s
not what you think.” He said.
Eloise ran out of the room and the doorbell rang.
Boma stood outside her
house pressing her bell over and over again. She hadn’t taken her keys and
according to the gate man, Oga was around.
The door opened and Chike
looked at her.
“Where are your keys?” He
“Back from the park
already?” She asked walking into the house and looking around.
“Is anything the matter?
Boma, are you okay?” Chike asked.
“I just came home…to…” She
said as she sprinted up the stairs to their bedroom.
Boma walked from room to
room, opening and closing them and when she was finally satisfied that no one
else was in the house, she turned to face her husband.
“What’s all this about?”
“Nothing…I’m just checking
my house or isn’t it my house too?”
“Ofcourse it is. Are you
suspecting me of something?” Chike asked.
“No honey, I’m not.” She
“I thought you said you had
to spend the whole day at the hospital.” He said.
“I took a quick break
because I’ll be there tomorrow…” She smiled.
“You missed me huh…” He
said as he pulled her into his arms.
Eloise was very angry, she
was pissed over Chike’s attitude. Fancy that! He couldn’t make love to her on
his bed because he had respect for that pig of a wife. They had been arguing
when the doorbell rang and Chike had gone to answer it. Eloise went downstairs
and gathered her kids and headed towards the door. At the door was the gate man who came to inform his Oga that the generator repairer was around. Eloise had
taken that opportunity and left the house with her kids.
As she alighted from the
taxi at the gate to her brother’s place, she was so mad. Chike had so much
explaining to do as regards what happened in his house. How can he claim that
he’d divorce his wife in no time and still respect her and their union at the same
She stepped into the house
with her kids and Junior came running up to meet them.
“Cherish!” He said with a
“Where is your nanny?” Eloise
asked, ready to show that woman the stuff she’s made of.
“She…went home.” Junior
“When? I thought she’s your
nanny and should stay with you the whole day.”
“Well, that was the
arrangement but she called somebody while she was here and she told me she had
to leave.” Junior said innocently.
“Junior darling, I have a
question for you but you mustn’t tell daddy…” Eloise smiled as she stooped low
to be at eye level with him.
Junior nodded.
“When did she become your
nanny? Has she been your nanny for long?”
Junior shook his head.
“She just started today.”
Junior said.
Eloise’s eyes widened.
Could it mean, that Boma was one of her brother’s women? How could she accept a
nanny job after getting married to a wealthy man? Something didn’t add up, she
thought. Paul was hiding something and Boma was too and she bet on her life
that Chike knew nothing about it. He’d mentioned that his wife went to see a
sick friend and that’s it. Eloise knew she had to set up Chike’s wife and make
sure she falls into her trap. Instincts told her that Boma had something going
on with Paul.
“Really? That’s cool…she’s
cool huh?”
Junior shrugged.
“So, will she be back
tomorrow?” Eloise pressed.
“Yea…daddy says he knows
her secret and that if she doesn’t come as often as she should, he’ll tell her
husband.” Junior said and turned to smile at Cherish.
Eloise was stunned, she
watched the kids run off to play and her eyes stood wide as saucers.
“There’s a secret? Whatever
could it be?”
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To be continued
on Monday….



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