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Boma stared at the woman
who was standing at the door to Paul’s house and she felt a shiver run through
her spine, she knew her! She’s the marriage wrecker who had appeared at her
church wedding with Chike.
“My God! It’s you!” Boma
Eloise looked at the woman
who’d taken the man she loved and the father of her children. She stepped
outside, shut the door behind her and took three steps towards the woman till
their noses almost touched.

“You!” Eloise said in a
voice dripping with venom.
“You didn’t have to wait so long right?
You’ve hardly left the church where you blackmailed my husband and now, you’re here to
blackmail Paul right?”
“Is that what you think?”
Eloise asked in spite. “You think I blackmailed Chike?”
“Go dig your claws
elsewhere you good for nothing pig, my husband told me all about you and how
you chased him from pillar to post in the United States and wanted him to be
all yours.”
Eloise raised her hand to
give her a slap but Boma caught it mid-air.

“Don’t you dare!” Boma
The door opened and Paul
stared at both women, his sister’s hand was in the air while Boma held it
firmly in her grip.
“What’s going on here?”
Paul asked in surprise.
The two ladies quickly
comported themselves, Eloise didn’t want her brother to know anything about
Chike or he might cause more trouble than there already was. Boma didn’t want Paul to know that Eloise had tried to wreck her marriage for fear that he’d
laugh at her.
“Nothing…I was just about
to leave.” Eloise said.
“Yea…she was just leaving.”
Boma said.
“Well, Eloise I see you’ve
met Boma, she’s Junior’s new nanny.” Paul said to his sister.
Eloise’s eyes widened in surprise but she didn’t say anything instead, she smiled stiffly. She
really wanted to badly damage Boma’s face.
“Oh…” Eloise said with a
smirk. So she was a nanny, what happened to her rich family that Chike had
bragged about? She thought.
Boma rolled her eyes, she could tell that Eloise was
smirking at her role as Junior’s nanny.
“Boma, meet Eloise, my
little sister.” Paul said.
Boma’s eyes widened like
“What? Your sis…sister?” Boma asked in a
strangled voice.
“Is there anything the matter?
Do you two know each other?”
“No…I’ve never met her
before.” Boma denied.
“Me neither, I don’t know
her.” Eloise said.
“Okay then, have a nice day Eloise…” Paul said to his sister.
He turned to
go inside the house and Boma followed him behind. Eloise quickly dragged her by her
shirt and Boma found herself facing Eloise again.
“This is just the beginning
mademoiselle…we’ll meet again.” Eloise threatened.
“I’m not afraid of you…”
“Does your husband know you’re
a nanny? That’s not what he told me or is this part of your social service
Boma’s eyes widened.
“Stay away from Chike…I’m
warning you.”
“Ha! The guy’s mine…we have
a life together.”
“If you like yourself, you’d
be smart to keep our meeting to yourself. Let’s fight this battle woman to woman.” Boma said stiffly.
“What are you really doing here? Who are you?” Eloise asked in disgust.
“Your worst nightmare!”
Boma spat and sauntered into the house.
Eloise watched the door
slam shut and took deep breaths, the devil had just found her way into her
lair and she there’s hell to pay.
 “Junior, say hello to your new nanny.” Paul
said to his son.
“Hi…” His son said.
“I didn’t know you had a
younger sister.” Boma chirped in.
“Yea…I do, I actually have
two.” Paul said, walking over seat at the table.
“She lives in Nigeria?”
Boma asked.
“You sound interested in my
family. Any particular reason?” Paul asked.
“No…nothing I just wonder
where she was all the while we were…”
Boma looked away and sat
down at the table.
“Eloise has been in the
United States, schooling and now, she has a job there.”
“You forgot to add stalking
people’s husbands to the list.” Boma said under her breath.
“What did you say?”
“Nothing…” Boma said
“In the meantime, I’ve
moved your nanny duties to four times a week.” Paul said.
“What? Four times? We
agreed on twice weekly. How dare you make this decision without consulting me?”
“My son’s nanny has to
quickly travel for a month so…there’s really no one else…that leaves us with
you.” Paul said drinking a cup of tea.
“No way! I won’t do it! I’m
newly married.”
“Calm down tiger, I could
just end this for you by meeting up with your husband and telling him our
little secret.”
Junior looked at his father
and new nanny, he was soaking the words in.
“You won’t dare.” Boma said
with a catch in her voice.
“Try me…” Paul said.
Boma sat at the table and
stared at the plate before her. This wasn’t good, she thought, if Eloise was
Paul’s sister, then, she could also know the truth about her and seeing the way
she spoke possessively about her husband, she could tell that the secret would
get to Chike in no time.
“Does your sister know?”
She blurted.
“Know what?” Paul asked.
“The …truth…”
“No one, except you and I.”
Paul said with a smile.
“I’ll make it five times a
week if you can keep it that way forever.” Boma said, wondering what possessed her
to make such promise.
“That’s the spirit.” Paul
said with a bigger smile.
Cherish and her sister sat
in the taxi with their mother, she wondered where they were headed.
“I’ll take you with me to Uncle
Paul’s house to spend the night then you can return to my sister’s house
“We didn’t see you this
morning and Cherub was worried.” Cherish said.
“Now, I’m here and I’m
sorry for leaving you guys like that during the night.”
“Apologies accepted.”
Cherish said.
Cherub was busy with her
lollipop, she wasn’t paying any attention to her mother or sister.
“Where are we going to
mom?” Cherish asked.
“It’s a surprise.” Eloise
The taxi drove them into an
estate and soon stopped at a house. Eloise and her daughter’s walked into the
house and were soon ringing the bell. Chike opened the door and beamed at his
“Hello sweetie.” He said as
he kissed Eloise then stooped low to hug his daughters. “My gorgeous cupcakes.”
Cherish stared at her
father in horror. She backed away from him.
“What’s wrong baby?” Chike
“I wanna to go back to
auntie’s house, mom.” Cherish said.
“What? Don’t be silly dear,
say hello to daddy.”
“No! I wanna go back to
auntie’s house now!” She said stomping her foot.
Cherub was already toddling
about the house.
“Don’t make me spank you
Cherish! Say hello to daddy now!”
“No way!” Cherish screamed
and ran off to hide behind the car in the compound.
Chike looked at Eloise.
“What is wrong with her? Is
anything the matter?” Chike asked.
“I don’t know, she loves
you so much and yet, she’s acting so strange.” Eloise said.
“Go inside the house, I’ll
go talk to her.” Chike said as he headed towards the where Cherish had gone to
He saw Cherish standing
beside the car, her arms folded over her chest and a stubborn pout on her lips.
“Hey Cher…”
Cherish looked away.
“Don’t you want to say
hello to daddy?”
“You’re not my daddy.”
Cherish said.
“You know I am…and I love
you to bits.”
“Nope you’re not and I want
to go to auntie’s house.”
“Look at me baby…” He said
reaching out to hold her arm.
“Don’t touch me! You are
the one who told everybody that you didn’t know us.” She said accusingly. “It
was you! I saw you in the church and you said that we are not your children. The daddy I know wouldn’t do that, the daddy I know loves me and Cherub.”
“No…that was make-believe,
I was acting a drama, it wasn’t real.” Chike lied. “That woman with me was an actress and we were just doing a small feature film. I’m still daddy and you’re
still my chocolate cupcake.”
“I still wanna go to my
aunt’s place. I don’t wanna stay here anymore.” Cherish said with tears in her
“Alright, I’ll tell mom to
take you home but first of all, I have ice cream in the fridge. You can eat all
of them if you want.” He said with a smile.
Cherish nodded and followed
him into the house but she was smart, she knew something was different and that
this daddy was not the same as her daddy in the States, try as he may, she
refused to be convinced otherwise.
Eloise was disturbed after
seeing Boma at her brother’s place. ‘She’s a nanny?’ she kept repeating to
herself. As she watched Chike play with his kids, she watched him. Was he lying
to her as her sister had said?
“Babe…” She called.
“Yes darling…” Chike
answered while tickling his second daughter.
“Where’s your wife?”
“Why do you ask? I told you
she means nothing to me.” Chike said, leaving his daughter to seat by Eloise’s
“No…it’s not that, I’m just
wondering how a newly married woman can leave her husband’s side barely days
after her wedding.”
“Well, her friend is very
sick…it’s a terminal disease of some sort.” Chike said quietly.
Eloise’s mouth hung open.
“Are you serious?” Eloise
asked, happy to find that Chike’s wife was hiding things from him.
“Yea…she’s such a kind-hearted fellow so she decided to go stay with her for the day.”
“What does she do for a
“Stop asking these questions
honey, I told you, Boma’s from a rich family and she doesn’t need to work for a
living…” He said pulling her close for a kiss.
“So, you mean, she’s at a
hospital right now?” Eloise pressed again.
“You’ve asked me that
question before, what are you getting at?”
“Nothing boo…I just wanted
to be sure that she’s far away.” Eloise said kissing him passionately.
As she locked her lips with
his, all she could think of was how exciting her revenge against Chike’s wife
would be. She stole her man and now, she would be happier stealing him back
from her. Life was sweet after all.

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To be continued…..

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  1. Apology accepted. Thanks for giving us both episodes today.
    Eloise and Boma are just too stupid. They are both going to lose more than they expected.

    Chike thinks he's got everyon fooled, but I am glad his little daughter is not.


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