“Good for nothing man! Piece of shit!” Layode shouted as
she banged her fist on the door frame.
“Go to hell! Miserable woman! Idiot!” Stephen shouted back.
“Come and carry them ooo…come and carry your children with
you since you can’t pay common school fees!” Layode lashed out.
“I will take my child and yes, I said…my child. The only
child I have is Sarah and that’s all!”

“You’re mad!” Layode shouted.
“Do you think I’m stupid? Do you think I don’t know that
Femi is not my blood? Look at him!” 
Stephen shouted, pointing at the four year
old boy who was watching his parents argue, a scene he’s seen too many times.
“He is the carbon copy of your former boss. You were gbenshing him na…”
“Thunder fire you dia! I was doing it to be promoted and
also to see you through school, if I knew and pocketed the money I spent on
your education, I won’t be suffering in the name of love. You are useless.”
“That is your cup of tea! That child is not my own…he is a
bastard! Take him to his father, I can’t have him stay with us any longer.”
“You can’t separate me from my son, God forbid it. I carried
him for nine months while you were pretending to be studying at the
university for a degree, a degree I paid for with my sweat. I saw myself through that pregnancy.”
“You are speaking Spalacia! Send that boy to his father and
stop harassing me for his school fees.”
“Look at you! Stephen, you are a poor excuse of a man. You
have no sense. How has paying Femi’s school fees affected Sarah’s school fees?
You haven’t paid hers ooo….you haven’t ooo..”
“I will pay…”
“When will you pay…oloshi oluburuku! When?” Layode
shouted, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt.
He releases himself from er grip and pushes her to the ground,
Stephen leaves the house and slams the door. Layode begins to weep, she hated
how life had turned her situation around. Since her company folded three years
ago, she had searched the nooks and crannies of the city for a job to no avail.
Femi, her son walked over to her and gave her a reassuring
hug and she began to cry again, she knew that what Stephen was saying was the
truth, Femi was not his but her former boss’s but since his company folded, he
had left the town and no one had heard of him again. She wished she had told
him of Femi’s existence but she was too in-love with her stupid husband and
filled with hope that he would accept the child as his.
Now, it was obvious that he was never going to do that and
with his loud shouts that she should return the boy to his father, she was
afraid that one day, he might do something to harm her son.

To be continued….



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