Zino was determined .She looked at the empty pots on her
kitchen counter and sighed. She refused to let poverty daunt her so she quickly
made a phone call.
“Hello Evie…” She said into the receiver.
Evie was her long time friend and confidante, she was based
in Enugu and worked for an Energy company.
“What’s up? I haven’t heard from you in a while, how are you

“My dear, life is tough ooo….how is Enugu?”
“Enugu is fine. You know I’ve always said that you can
relocate to Enugu if things in Lagos gets tougher. I have a two roomed
apartment and I don’t mind sharing it with you.” Evie said.
“Abegi leave that thing jare…I’m not ready to work for
peanuts anymore.”
“What do you mean by that? How do you expect to survive? I
was the one who gave you money to pay your electricity bills last month and if
I’m not wrong, your rent is almost due.”
“Yes…I know but I have a new strategy of making money that’s
why I’m calling.”
Evie let out a deep sigh and said.
“What’s the plan?”
“I need twenty thousand naira from you and this time, I
promise to pay you back once I get what I’m looking for.”
“Hmmm…are you okay in the head? You sound as though you’re
“Do you have the twenty thousand naira to give me or not?”
“Calm down, I will give you…I just hope you know what you’re
doing.” Her friend asked.
“Sure…don’t you trust me? I always know what I’m doing.”
“I’ll send you the money before the end of tomorrow and
please take care of yourself and look for a good job.”
“Sure…I will, thank you dear.” Zino said and hung up.
As soon as she hung up the call, she heaved a deep breath
and brought out a notepad and a pen. She quickly wrote.

Step One- Create a new Instagram profile

Step Two- Register with a sexy name

Step Three- Search for prospective rich men and
follow them

Step Four- Send DMs…
Ego knelt behind Chief on the bed, he was making a phone call while she
massaged his back.
“Yes, the two hundred million naira…exactly!” he said into
the phone.
Ego’s ears pricked at the mention of money.
“Do a quick wire and I’ll get the alert.” He said and hung
Ego snaked her hands round his body and said into his ear.
“Hmmm…new deal?”
“I don’t mix business with pleasure…” He said looking at
her warily.
“C’mon Chief, it’s me, Ego! You are talking as though I’m a
stranger.” Ego said slightly rubbing his sides.
“I have to go…I need to get some things ready for a
“But Chief, you’ve hardly stayed an hour and we’ve not
even…” She trailed off as she traced her fingers down his navel.
Chief pushed her hand away and picked up his shirt which he wore
“Some other time…” He said curtly.
“My house rent expires in a few months.” Ego said.
“I thought you’d want to renew it.”
“Am I the only man in your life?” He asked.
“Excuse me? Chief! How can you say that to me?”
“I know ladies like you and I know that you shuffle men…”
“What are you talking about Chief? You asked that I become
your exclusive mistress five years ago and I’ve never looked at any other man
since then.” She lied.
“Well, in order words, I am telling you to look at other men.”
He said and stood up from the bed.
Ego’s heart thumped in her chest as she watched Chief leave
her room, she recalled how difficult it had been for her to literally beg him
to come to see her.
“Are you tossing me away?” She asked in a broken voice.
“Don’t sound like a broken record, you are a beautiful woman
and many men would want you. I’m not saying that I am no more interested, I’m
only saying that you can entertain others.” He said at the door.
Ego needed to do something to make him stay, she quickly
“I called you here to tell you something important.”
“You have told me what you want, money. And I don’t have it.”
“No, it’s not that, I am pregnant. I am carrying your baby,
Chief.” Ego said.
Chief looked at her in surprise, Ego stared at him, daring
him to turn his back on her.

To be continued on Monday…..



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