“What’s your name?” The doctor asked, using his flashlight to check his eyes.
“Femi…” He muttered.
“How old are you Femi?” The doctor asked again.
“Four…” He replied.

“Good.” The doctor said then turned to face Layode and Henry. “He is going to be fine. He’s food-deprived and we detected malaria but by the time he’s rested and received medication, he’ll be as good as new.”
Layode nodded in gratitude.
“I’ll stay with him everyday….” She said.
“Ofcourse you will, you’re his mother.” The doctor said and walked out of the room.
Henry was standing close to the door but walked up towards Femi’s bed as soon as the doctor left. He was so happy that the little boy was found safe and sound and as he stared at his replica on the bed, he thought of his wife and her fate at the hands of the law.
“Who’s he?” Femi asked his mother.
“Who?” Layode asked.
“This man.” Femi asked.
“He’s…” Layode started but didn’t know whatelse to say.
“I’m your father.” Henry said.
Layode gave him a warning look but she quickly realised that there was no use hiding the truth from the boy and that if not for Henry’s help, she would never have gotten her son back.
“I have a father.” The boy said looking up at Henry.
“Then you’re a lucky chap because you have two fathers.” Henry smiled at him.
“Get some rest Femi…and stop talking.” Layode said.
Femi nodded and closed his eyes to sleep, as soon as she felt he had slept, Layode said.
“Thank you so much for helping me get him back. I am so grateful.”
“I want to be a part of his life.” Henry said.
Layode looked at her sleeping son and said.
“Well, you can…I mean, he’s your child…”
“Thank you.” Henry said quietly and continued. “Now that you are your husband are no longer together, how are you going to cope?”
“I’ve been staying with my cousin for a while now…” Layode said.
“I’ll like to get you a good accommodation and a job too.”
Layode’s eyes widened as she stared at him.
“That’s too much, I can’t accept all this from you….you helped me with my son…I can’t possibly ask for more.”
“You didn’t ask and I’m the one offering.” He said.
Layode nodded in gratitude, she really needed a job and a decent place to stay.
“Once I save up enough money from my job, can I pay you back?” She asked.
Henry smiled and held out his hand. She placed her palm into his and smiled. It was a deal.
Zino stared in despair as the doctor left her house with samples of her blood and urine. She closed her eyes in frustration and prayed with her whole heart that he never found that she was actually pregnant.
She was lying in bed three hours later when a phone call came through, it was from Megadonz.
“Hello…” She greeted.
“Zino..” He said.
“I never expected to hear from you again.” She said,
“I never expected to be making this call.” He said with a stiff voice.
“What do you mean?” Zino asked.
“Chief has given you five hours to vacate his apartment.”
“What?” Zino shouted, jumping off her sofa.
“Yes, you will have to surrender the car keys as well as everything he’s given to you. The only thing you can hold on to is the clothes he bought you as he’s even asking that you return the money he paid into your account or risk being labelled as a thief.”
“Excuse me? Are you calling the right person?” She asked.
“Yes I am…” He said drily.
“What have I done? I have been a good woman to him, I have…” She started.
“You are pregnant and the child is not Chief’s so, get your ass out of that house!” Megadonz said rudely.
Zino was angry, she screamed.
“You got me pregnant! This pregnancy is as a result of the sex we had…” She cried.
“You weren’t smart enough to use a contraceptive so, bear the consequences of your actions alone!” He said and slammed the phone.
Zino wept bitterly, she slammed her fists on the wall and after she had cried a long time, she called Chief’s number. It rang continuously but he didn’t answer, she called it again and after another series of rings, he answered.
“What do you want?” He spat.
“Chief! I can explain…I promise…I can…” She cried.
“I am sending my personal assistant over to the house. He will accompany you to the bank where you’ll transfer all the money I have given you back into my account. You are a fraud!” He said and hung up.
Zino wailed, she fell to the ground and beat herself. She couldn’t believe all that was happening.
Ego was at the hospital, she knew it was the potion that had caused her blindness and she wished she hadn’t been so pushy all along. She sat in the hospital room and waited for the doctor to come. Chief had had his driver take her to the hospital last night and he had settled all her bills. The door to the room opened and she turned her head, wishing that she could see who it was but all she saw was darkness.
“Hello Ego.” A female voice greeted.
“Yes, I am Doctor Nifemi Abayomi…I understand you were brought here last night.” She said.
Ego nodded.
“Please help me doctor…help me get my sight back.” She cried.
“Well, according to the tests we ran last night, there is no problem with your eyes..”
“Really? So I can get my sight back?”
“Well…maybe. We can’t explain your sudden loss of sight, perhaps after a while, it would advisable for you to seek further medical help.” The doctor paused. “Do you have any relatives living in this city? Family?”
Ego shook her head.
“We have to discharge you today but errr…we need to have someone come and pick you up.”
“I have a friend, her name is Tina…maybe you could call her number. I know it by heart.”
The doctor nodded, and as Ego called out the number, the doctor took it down. The doctor dialled the number but it was switched off.
“It’s switched off…do you have another number?”
“No…no…I don’t…” Ego cried.
“We need to discharge you today…” The doctor said. “Please think of another number.”
Ego sniffed back the tears, she nodded and called out her brother’s number. She hadn’t spoken to him in years, not since she started dating chief.
“That’s my brother’s number. His name is Okey.” Ego said.

Tina and her son had settled down nicely with her cousin’s mother, Tina got a job with a production company and enrolled her son into a good school. Alhaji got tired of searching for his son and gave up all hope of finding him, he took another mistress and one year later, he had a child by her. Bello grew up into a fine young boy, he was very happy and Tina was grateful to have fought so hard to keep him. She had decided that when he’s eighteen years old, she’ll recount the whole story to him and if he wants to seek out his father, he could.
Ego’s brother had come to pick her up from the hospital and she relocated to Aba where he lived. Okey was a pastor and he had been against his sister’s way of life from the outset. Soon, she became born-again, she never regained her sight but she became a better Christian.
Zino left the luxury house Chief had gifted her, as penniless as a church mouse, she returned to her former compound, falling on her knees before the landlord she had previously insulted and promising to be a good tenant if he agreed to let her stay in the compound. Luckily for her, she returned before her rent had expired so, he hadn’t rented out the house yet and her furniture were still in the house. Sesan came back for good and they sealed their union at the registry and afterwards, hosted a small reception in her compound. Zino sold all the clothes she had purchased while she was with Chief and with the money she got, she started a small business. Evie also helped her out with some money as she was sorry over Zino’s split from Chief. Zino kept the pregnancy and when she had him, everyone gasped at how much he resembled his father, Sesan.
Layode eventually got her daughter back from Stephen. He had run back to her once he found that Henry had secured a new apartment for her and that he had helped her land a job in a multinational company but Layode had filed for a divorce instead. She lived happily with her two kids in her beautiful apartment while Henry paid them visits from time to time. He showered so much love and affection on Femi and his little sister that no one could tell if she was his daughter or not. Henry’s wife smuggled a small razor into the cell, with that, she slashed her wrists and died as she couldn’t face court or the humiliation of suddenly being degraded to a cell after living the life of a queen. Elijah spent one year locked behind bars and when he finally came out, he prowled the streets as jobless as ever.

The End
The BabyMamaDRAMA season has finally ended, thank you for being a part of this enlightening series. God bless you all immensely.
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