Eloise stepped into
her brother’s house and slowly walked into the sitting room. She had taken some
time off to cry about everything; Chike’s betrayal, her choices in life, her
kids and in fact, everything. She knew her decision was a tough one but she had
made it all the same, she couldn’t keep counting bridges. She was about taking
the stairs when she saw Paul and Boma walk down the stairs hand in hand.

“I wish I could but
I just can’t stay here…maybe I’ll go to my friend’s place. There’s no use
hiding the truth anymore…my marriage is over. I married a liar…” Boma was
saying to Paul.

They both saw Eloise
and stopped short, staring at her questioningly.

“We didn’t see
you…the gateman said you left the house…and…” Paul said quickly, telling
her that he and her elder sister had searched everywhere for her to no avail.

“I needed a ‘me’
time.” Eloise said quietly. “I see that the nanny came to check up on Junior.”
Eloise said drily.

“Paul, could you
excuse us for a moment?” Boma said to Paul.

“I hope you know you’re
not going anywhere and that you’re going to stay in this house tonight.” Paul

Boma nodded silently
and gave him a weak smile, she was tired of arguing. As soon as Paul went back
upstairs. Boma walked up to Eloise and said.

“Hey, my name is
Boma and I’m your nephew’s mother.” She said holding out her hand to Eloise.
Eloise looked at her
and was taken aback for a brief second. Was this some sort of a joke? She
thought but then, curiosity got the best of her and she said.

“Hello, my name is
Eloise, I have two beautiful kids and it’s really nice to meet you.” She said.
The two ladies
smiled at each other and walked to the sitting room, they had a lot to talk


Chike was asleep
when he heard the doorbell, he had slept so late last night as he’d stayed up
waiting for his wife’s return. Where was she? He asked himself. He’ll give her
a piece of his mind when she returns and he’ll threaten her never to lie to him
again. How dare she hide the fact that she had a child from him? Yes, he had
his secret life and kids that he’d hid from her but that wasn’t the point,
right? He was so sure that she’ll grovel at his feet begging for forgiveness
and he’d have to threaten her with a divorce.

The door bell rung
again and he dragged himself out of bed and walked out of the room. Soon he was
opening the door to his wife.

“Where have you
been?” He asked.

“Out.” She said.

“To see your son?
Something you hid from me?”

“Get out of my sight

“How dare you? Do
you know I could annul this marriage now? Do you know what it means to lie to your

“Well, go ahead
then…” She said and pushing him aside, she walked into the house.

“What did you say?
Go ahead?’

“Yes! Go ahead!
Annul the marriage…it’s one week today so…” She said with hands on her

Chike raised his
hands and began to clap; he clapped long and hard and soon started laughing.

“Do you want me to
beg you? Do you really want to hear me beg you?” He asked mockingly.
“What do you mean by

“Well, if you want
to go, good riddance to bad rubbish. I shouldn’t have married you but I did
anyway. The only regret I have is that we have wasted so much money on a
wedding that we shouldn’t have had in the first place. I am actually quite
relieved because do you know what? I have a woman and two kids so, all I have
to do is, go to her, pop the question she’s been waiting to hear all her life
and marry her.” Chike said with a smirk.

There was a loud
knock at the door and without waiting for someone to open the door, Eloise
walked in.

“My darling! My
love….” Chike said hurrying up to Eloise. “I was just telling my ex-wife
about you.” He said, stressing the ‘ex’.

“Really?” Eloise
said sounding surprised.

“Yes my darling and
that’s why I want to do this, in her presence so that she’ll know who my heart
has ached for all along.” Chike said falling on his knees before Eloise. “Baby,
let’s get married. Let’s be together forever….” He said.

Eloise raised her
hand and gave him two slaps on his cheeks. Chike was stunned.

“You’re a moron!”
Eloise said to him and turning to regard Boma, she said. “I’m waiting dear,
please go upstairs and pack your things. I’ll help you take them to the car.”

Chike rubbed his
cheeks and turned to look at his wife and then at Eloise.

“Whaaat is

“You can’t eat your
cake and have it Chike. I am divorcing you.” Boma said and hurried off to the
room to pack her things.

“Eloise! Don’t tell
me you’re taking sides with her. Honey, we have two daughters, we love each
other, we have a life in the States. I am ready to leave everything I have here
right now and join you there with the girls. Listen, I’ve made up my mind and I’m
relocating for good…let’s be a family. Don’t take Boma’s side, she stole me
from you.” He said.

“She stole you? Are
you some sort of a wrist-watch or a shirt that can be stolen? Chike, face it,
you’ve lost it all. You’ve lost your wife, you’ve lost me and the girls, so I
wish you luck in picking up the pieces of your life.”

“What are you saying?
Even if I’ve lost you, those girls are my daughters and I can fight for

“With what? They
bear my surname and not yours as you gave me a cock and bull story of how you
intended to change their names to yours when we get married. There’s a
recording of you denying them at the church.” She said. “Surprised? Don’t be
darling, you had a wedding and hired a photographer and camera men, of course
they have footage of the whole scenario and guess what? I have that footage as
I got it just this morning from the camera guys.” She lied. “I’ll make sure to
show the kids when they grow up just in case you come to spit rubbish about
loving them all their lives.”

Chike’s mouth
dropped open. He fell on his knees and begged.

please I beg of you…don’t do this to me, they are my children…even if you
want to leave me, don’t cut them off from me, I’m their daddy and I love

“It’s a pity that
you thought that being your baby mama meant being powerless and defenceless,
you kept leading me on to believing that we had a life and future together even
after I’d given you two girls. You went on to get married to another woman, not
even telling her about your past life and you led me on to believe that you still
loved me and we’d end up together. I don’t know what you used on me but I
assure you that the scale has fallen off my eyes. I have the upper hand now, I
will not hide my head in shame over being a single mother but I will bring my
girls up to be good, honest and truthful unlike their father. And I have
promised myself that I will not make such mistake as I made with you again. I
am definitely wiser now!” She said.

Boma emerged with
her suitcases and Eloise walked over to help her with them. Chike ran to Boma
in tears.

“Boma darling, I was
joking when I said I wanted a divorce. I want us to work this out as a family.
I promise to accept your son. Where is he? I want to give him a hug on your
behalf…” Chike said as he followed Boma who was heading out the door and
pulling her suitcase behind her.

“I’ll have my lawyer
speak to you from now on. Goodbye Chike.” Boma said.

“Same here, if you
want to speak to your daughters, get a lawyer and get ready for a battle in
court because I’d sooner be dead than let you get close to those girls with
your lies.” Eloise.

Chike watched in
shock as the two women in his life walked away, it all felt like a dream and he
blinked rapidly, hoping he’d wake up.


Paul ditched his
plans for eternal bachelorhood and married Boma after one year of her separation
from Chike.

Eloise moved back to
the States with her daughters and continued her life.

Chike wished he
could take back the hands of time and right his wrongs but if wishes were
horses, beggars would ride.

The End

The truth is bitter but
it’s best to get it out and be done with it. I hope you enjoyed this series, it
was short but I think I prefer it this way. Thank you all for reading and let’s
hope a new one comes soon.

God bless you guys



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