“Can’t I have family issues? You seem to forget that I’m married!” Boma
flung at him.
“We made a pact and you promised to look after him! How can you just
leave him like that all because of a family issue?” Paul shouted.

Boma looked at Paul and closed her eyes in frustration. Why were men so
darn difficult? She thought. He had accosted her on not informing him before
leaving the house yesterday and she’d lied she had a family issue to solve. She
wondered why he refused to believe her.
“I had a lot of things on my plate, Paul…do I need to keep reminding you
that I’m married?”
“I don’t bloody care…Junior needs you…he needs…” Paul said and stopped
when Eloise walked downstairs.
“Good morning bro…” She yawned.
Her eldest daughter walked down the stairs with her.
“Uncle Paul.” Cherish said with a smile as she hurried to hug her uncle.
“I didn’t see you yesterday.” She said.
“I’m sorry pumpkin, I had to work but guess what? We are all hanging out
this afternoon. How do you like that?” He asked.
“Cool…” She said and turned to face Boma. “Good morning.” She greeted.
Boma stared at the little girl and her heart leapt, it was as though she
was staring at a female Chike. She was confused, how didn’t she notice this
till now? She thought as she recalled seeing the little girl at the church on
her wedding day.
“Cherish, go and tell the housekeeper to make some toast for you and
your sister.” Eloise said to her daughter as she watched Boma’s colour drain as
she stared at Cherish.
“Do we have any change of clothes?” Cherish asked her mother in such
mature tone.
“Aunt Pam is stopping over this morning with a change of clothes. Don’t
worry your sweet head hun…it’s sorted.” Her mother said with a smile.
Cherish nodded, smiled and skipped away. Boma’s eyes followed the little
girl as she went.
“You guys were arguing?” Eloise asked innocently.
“No…we weren’t…I’m actually on my way to the gym.” Paul said.
“Hmmm…” Eloise said suspiciously.
“I expect that you’d stay with Junior today, and I’d appreciate it if
you could give me a heads up in case you have to leave.” Paul said.
“Leave? She has a full day today…my kids are here…plus Junior, she needs
to work for her pay.” Eloise said spitefully.
Boma wanted to wipe the smirk off Eloise’s face but she knew it was only
going to open a can of worms so she kept silent. The two women watched Paul
leave the house and as soon as he did, they turned on each other.
“Don’t try me…” Boma spat.
“Hahahaha…do I know you? I’m sorry, you must be talking to the wrong
person because you are my brother’s son’s nanny and not in my class. So much
for being born in a rich family or is that a lie you told your husband?”
“Don’t you dare bring Chike into this! God knows he doesn’t want
anything to do with you besides what do you know about me and my family
“Hahahaha…I really can’t be bothered. I’ll leave you to your conscience
though.” Eloise said as she walked to the kitchen but turned back almost
instantly. “My brother and I are taking the kids out this afternoon. I don’t
think I need to spell out your job to you…or do I?” She said and laughed more.
Boma’s hands shook in anger, she desperately wanted to wipe the smirk
off Eloise’s face. What is she up to? She thought. Something told her that
Eloise was working on something but what was it? She wondered.
Boma watched the kids play about the compound and the sinking fear in
her stomach that her husband had been lying to her all along almost made her
throw up. There was no use lying to herself. The resemblance was there as
Cherish and Cherub had Chike’s features. Cherish was her dad’s replica and even
though Cherub had her mom’s facial features, she had Chike’s eyes and chin. She
closed her eyes and wished tears would fall but it refused to. She sat there
and kept staring at the children and soon felt a sharp pain like a knife stab at
the pit of her stomach.
“Boma…are you okay?” Junior asked, as he ran up to her.
“I’m fine dear, go on and play.” She said.
“We’re all going out in a few minutes…” He said.
She nodded as she thought to herself that she couldn’t make the outing
with the family but she couldn’t give an excuse as Paul might get angry.
Soon, Paul walked out of the house and saw her seated beside the flowers
and headed towards her.
“Are you ready?” He asked.
She nodded weakly.
“Are you okay?” He asked.
She opened her mouth to speak and felt all the food she’d eaten find
their way through her mouth.
“Boma! Are you alright?” Paul asked, not minding that some of her vomit
had stained his shoes.
“I’ll be fine…I’m just a bit woozy…” She said as tears slipped down her
“No…I think you should go home.” He said.
“What about Junior, it’s still noon and my time with him is not up yet.”
She said.
“That’s not a problem…” He said. “Can you drive in your state?”
“I didn’t come with the car…” She said.
“Not to worry, just tell me the address and I’ll drop you off.” He said.
“I’ll take a cab.”
“No…” He said worriedly. “I’ll drop you off and if you’re scared that
your husband might see you in my car, I’ll drop you off blocks away from your
“Thank you…you’re too kind.” She said calmly.
“Get into the car okay…I’ll hurry up my sister. I’ll drop you off at
your place.” He said and walked away.
As she walked towards Paul’s car at that moment, she thought she’d never
felt more loved.
Eloise was smiling like the Cheshire cat, she got into the car and her
smile grew when she saw Boma at the back of the car seated with the kids.
“I can’t wait for us to get to the park.” She said in triumph as she
knew that Chike had already set out from his house as they’d just spoken over
the phone. She couldn’t wait to see the look on Chike’s face when he saw his
wife in their company and neither could she wait to see the look on Boma’s face
when the kids called Chike daddy. Eloise felt as though the world was working
in her favour.
Boma closed her eyes as she sat with the kids, she had given Paul
directions to her estate and he’d agreed to drop her off at the gate. Her
stomach still rumbled and she didn’t know why she felt so queasy.
“Are you feeling better?” Junior asked in concern.
Her heart lurched as she smiled at her son, he was such a sweet boy.
“Yes I am…thank you darling.” She said.
“Junior dear, you know she’s here to take care of you and not otherwise.
She should be caring for you and not you for her.” Eloise quickly said.
“We’re our neighbours’ keepers. Right dad?” Junior asked.
“Yes son…we are.” His father said as he drove out of the compound.
Eloise wasn’t happy with her nephew’s answer but her happiness was the
fact that today was going to be the big reveal and that Chike would see that
his wife was a big liar.
Paul drove for about thirty minutes and soon stopped at an Estate gate.
Eloise remembered the gate, it was looked the same as the one leading to Chike’s
“Is this the gate?” Paul asked, turning to look at Boma.
“Yes…thank you…” Boma said and turning to Junior she said. “I’ll see you
tomorrow hun.” 
She said as she waved to the kids.
Eloise looked at Boma frantically as her heart thumped in her chest.
“Where is she going?” She asked.
“Boma is not feeling too well…” Paul said.
“What? You can’t let her go like that…” Boma almost screamed as she
watched her plans fade into oblivion. “Who’d take care of the kids?
“She’s my employee and not yours and I get to decide if she can take
some time off or not.” Paul said, irked at his sister’s attitude.
“Why are you being such a hypocrite bro? I saw you argue with her for
leaving on time 
yesterday and today you’re letting her off by this time?”
“How dare you call me a hypocrite for showing an act of kindness? What is
the matter with you? Is there something special that Boma has to do for you at
the park?”
Boma alighted and walked into her estate. All Eloise could do was stare
in frustration as Boma made her way through the gates, she couldn’t talk back
to her brother for the fear of making him more angry. Paul turned the car and
drove away.
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Chike was waiting at the park and as soon as he saw Eloise, the kids and
her brother approach, he walked over to meet them.
“You must be Paul…” He greeted. “I’ve heard so much about you.”
Paul gave him a grim smile, it looked forced.
“Daddy…” Cherub greeted, as she hugged her dad.
“Won’t you say hello to daddy?” Chike said to Cherish.
Cherish walked over to hug him, she still couldn’t forget the episode at
the church.
“You must be Junior…you’re a big boy.” Chike said to Junior.
“Let’s err…get somewhere to seat …” Eloise said pointing at some seats
under small umbrellas.
The kids ran to play with the swings and at the bouncing castle. Chike
tried to initiate conversation with Paul but Paul started making series of
calls. Eloise masked her disappointment that Boma didn’t show up as she would
have loved to see the shock on Chike’s face when he saw his wife with them.
Paul went over to join the kids and got them ice-cream, after a long while he
walked back to Chike and Eloise who were talking intimately under the small
“Hey…you just went off to play with the kids huh…” Eloise said trying to
draw a smile from her brother.
“I want to go to the toilet…” Paul said. “Chike, do you mind joining me?”
“Sure…of course.” Chike said.
“Go on boys…have fun in the loo…” Eloise smiled as she watched the men
she loved head over to the loo area.
Chike followed Paul and they both headed towards the men’s toilet area.
The place was deserted.
“Eloise has told me a lot about you and I’m…” Chike started but felt a
strong punch at his jawline that made him stagger backwards.
Paul faced Chike and using his head, he hit him squarely on the
“Son of a bitch!” Paul growled and gave him a punch on the abdomen and
Chike fell to the ground in a groan. “You dared to make a mockery of my sister?
How dare you?” Paul growled and hit him again on the stomach.
Chike was fighting to catch his breath.
“Let this be the last time you ever set your eyes on her. I only came
here today because she refused to name you after you made her cry at your
wedding. Stay far away from her and her kids or I promise you that you’ll live
to regret it.” Paul said wiping the sweat off his face.
Chike spat out blood and saliva into the dirt and stared at Paul in
“I don’t expect to see you back at the playground either. I suggest you
go home because you seem badly injured.” Paul said, rearranging his shirt and
making sure he looked unruffled, he headed back to meet his sister.
Eloise saw Paul walking towards them, she was with the kids and they
were all having a second serving of ice cream.
“Where’s Chike?” Eloise asked.
“We went to the loo together and I think he got a call from his office
or something so he had to go.” Paul said calmly.
“Really? How come he left without telling me or saying goodbye to the
Paul shrugged and said excitedly to the kids.
“Guess who’s getting on the bouncing castle? Me!” He growled and taking
off his shoes, he jumped on the bouncing castle and the kids joined him
excitedly. Eloise brought out her phone and kept calling Chike’s phone, he wasn’t

To be continued


    • That's the story for tomorrow. Do you think he beat him up just for abandoning his sister? I don't really want to spill the beans but yes, Paul knows that Chike is Boma's hubby.


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