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“Hand your phone over to me now!” Sis shouted.
Eloise stared at her sister in silence, she wanted to shout
back, she wanted to tell her that she was grown up and could handle her affairs
her own way but her tongue was tied.

“You barely spent an hour with Andrew, you came home
complaining of tummy troubles and now, you’re making calls to God knows who.”
Sister shouted in anger.
“What is the meaning of this Sis? Can’t I live my life?”
Eloise shouted.
“Hand over that phone to me…” Sis shouted.
“I’ll do no such thing! I’m not a child and I’m old enough
to hold a conversation with whoever I please.” Eloise shouted.
“Really? Are you going against my order?”
“I told you sis, I’m talking to Jumai, my friend in the
“If you’re talking to her, then I guess you should be free
enough to give me the phone.”
“I won’t.”
“I heard you say to the person at the end of the line, ‘I
love you and miss you and can’t wait to be in your arms.”
Eloise shrugged.
“What’s the big deal?”
“I won’t put up with such insolence any longer, the earlier
you start being honest with me, the better for you.”
Eloise didn’t speak.
“Are you back with that good for nothing man? Are you back
with Chike? Is he the one you have been speaking with on the phone?”
Eloise wanted to deny it but she thought, ‘what the heck?’
“Yes sis…I love him and he loves me too and nothing can
change that.”
Her sister raised her hand and gave her a resounding slap on
her cheek
“Why did you raise your hand at me?” Eloise screamed in
“You’re foolish, silly and very irresponsible. I can’t
believe you got back together with that useless man. What did he tell you? What
did he do to you? Is it jazz? Are you on drugs or something?”
“Do you know what? I have overstayed my welcome in this
house, I need to leave!”
“Leave? To where? Eloise!” Her sister shouted as she
followed her out of the balcony to the bedroom. Eloise’s children were already
asleep. Eloise pulled out their luggage and began packing her clothes.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
“I’m going to Paul’s house, at least he doesn’t poke his nose
into things that are not his concern.” Eloise said with tears in her eyes.
Her sister quietened and looked at her. She had seen Andrew
drop her off at the gate and when Eloise had gotten inside the house, she had told her of the tummy problems and she
had offered to give her some medicine to stop the bloats but her sister wasn’t
too enthusiastic to take the medicine so she let her be. She had been walking
about the house only to hear the loud laughter coming from the balcony, it was
Eloise, laughing and chatting with someone over the phone and professing
undying love to the person. She was pissed.
“Eloise…don’t do this?” Sis said.
“Don’t do what?”
“Don’t go back to him.”
“That’s impossible, he is the father of my kids…he’s my
life.” She said.
“A man who openly denied you and the kids, who left the US
and relocated here to start a family and…”
“Sis, please…he is going to marry me, his family forced him
to marry her and he’s divorcing her very soon.”
“Are you crazy? The man is married, he has a life, a wife…”
“I know you don’t want to believe this but our love has
weathered storms in the past and will continue to do so….I know he hasn’t left
his wife yet but he has promised to once he can get a divorce.”
“You are stupid, you know…
“Insult me all you want sis but you can never be in my
shoes, so you don’t know where it pinches, you are married…you have a big family. Do
you want me to be a baby mama my whole life?”
“I don’t recall choosing the baby mama life for you, you
chose it for yourself. A lot of women have men in their lives for longer than
you have and they don’t have any kids between them. Kids are like chords that
can’t be broken even if the relationship is a mess.”
“The more reason I’m grateful to my kids for being the
reason, I’m still linked with Chike even more than that so-called wife of his.”
“I’m trying to speak to you calmly because I don’t
understand why you don’t have common sense. 
Chike will only keep you as his
side chick and he’ll have sex with you whenever his wife is not up to it.” She
said. “Is he the reason you postponed your trip
back to the States?”
Eloise didn’t respond, she was still packing her things.
“I asked a question.” Her sister said.
“Chike is my life and I have no business in the States if he
is here. I need him with me and the kids over there.”
“Are you going to risk your job? Your life?”
“It’s called love and sacrifices are made all for the sake
of love.” Eloise said as she zipped up her bag. “I’ll go to Paul’s place for a
while, just to stay away from you and your matchmaking, the kids can stay here
because I’m sure that they are in good hands.” Eloise said and carried her bag
towards the door.
“Eloise!” Her sister called out.
“Yes sis…”
“I made a mistake by giving you the leverage to do whatever you wanted with your life in the States. I regret it.”
“No need for regrets Sis, you did your bit, now give me the
chance to do mine.” Eloise said and walked away.

To be continued tomorrow….


  1. Choi this Eloise oh my God some women still deh mumu like this? Hummm love ne love k, my own love no blind o na microscopic lens e put for eyes biko.

  2. Love is truly blind….I pray her move to Paul's accelerates the meeting with Boma so all can come crashing down…Im actually impatient with her, silly girl!!!


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