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Eloise was leafing through a magazine when her sister walked
up to sit beside her.
“Didn’t you go to work?” Eloise asked.
“I did but I came home because I was having a bit of a
headache.” Her sister said.
“Oh, sorry…I hope you took some pain relievers.”
“Yes…I did.” Her sister said. She looked at
Eloise for some seconds and bit her lip.
Eloise knew her sister too well and read her like a book,
she knew when she was up to something and biting her lips was one of the numerous signs.
“I really want to commend you for your maturity in handling
the father of your kids. You are a real woman and I’m proud of you.” Her sister
“Stop saying that…I didn’t do anything.” Eloise said
“Yes you did…you knew he wasn’t good for you after
humiliating you and the kids in front of the guests at his church wedding.” Her
sister said. “What stupid and ignorant man does that? Do you know that he needs to apologize in public to you and the kids before you ever let him come near them again?”
“Well…I really don’t want to talk about that now.” Eloise
“ I’m sorry I’m brought it up. However,
there’s a light at the end of the tunnel as there’s someone I’d like you to
meet. He’s a charming guy, a single fella and a very interesting one too.”
“Sis! Did you set me up on a date?”
“Well…kinda but it’s not like it’s a proper date. He wanted
to hang out casually with someone and I spoke of you and he’s been dying to
meet you.” Her sister said.
“Sis, I’m not ready to go into the dating field…”
“I know and I’m not pressuring you to, all I’m asking is
that you go out, have fun and come back home fulfilled.”
Eloise breathed deeply.
“I really have no choice in this matter do I?” She asked her
Her sister shook her head quietly.
“Why do you always do this?” Eloise fired.
“I don’t always do this…” Her sister defended herself.
“Yes you do! You always try to meddle in my business
especially as regards relationships.”
“I didn’t meddle in yours and Chike’s and look what
happened! I wish I meddled in it, at least you’d be married now and not….”
“And not what?” Eloise asked with tears in her eyes. “A baby
mama? Guess what sister, whether you like it or not, that’s what I am and
believe me when I say that I’m trying to change my situation.”
“I don’t see you trying to change anything, all I see you
doing is keeping calm and pretending as though nothing happened between you and
the father of your kids.”
“You advised me to keep calm, and I’m taking your advice.”
Eloise fired.
“Don’t speak to me in such tone young lady!”
“I’m sorry sis…” Eloise said, standing to leave.
“He’ll be here at seven…please be ready.”
Eloise rolled her eyes, she wasn’t ready to date any other
man, her heart and soul belonged to no one but Chike.
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“Slow down babe….what do you have to tell me?” Chike asked his wife with a smile.
His phone rang and he quickly answered.
“Hello Jibo…what’s up?” He started.
Boma’s heart beat frantically as she waited for her husband
to finish his call so that she could tell him the truth. She had rehearsed
everything in her head, how she’ll start with the confession and how she’ll
finally end it. She was still thinking of this when Chike said.
“Are you serious? That’s unpardonable! How can she have a
child and not tell you about it and now, you’re less than two months to your
wedding? How did you find out?” He said and paused to listen. “Listen to me
buddy, that woman is a trickster, if she could hide that from you from the
beginning of your relationship, she doesn’t deserve you. My advice is, end it.”
He said.
All colour drained from Boma’s face as she stared at her
husband in horror. When he hung up the call, he drew her close to him and
smiled at her.
“What did you want to say honey?”
“Errr… I wanted errr…nothing.” Boma said.
“You’re shaky, are you alright?”
“Yes…I’m fine, I’m actually very okay…I am just a little
“You said you wanted to tell me something. Have you changed your mind|? What did you want to say?”
“No…nothing, I just wanted to tell you that I really hate the
colour of the living room sofa. It gives me the creeps.” She lied.
Chike looked at the expensive sofa that graced his living
“Are you sure about this?” He asked. “You hate the sofa?”
“Yea…positive….I hate it.” Boma said quickly. “But you don’t
need to change it, I just needed to get the truth off my chest.” She said.
“Owkay…” Chike stressed as he stared at her as though she
had gone nuts. “Is there anything else I need to know about my furniture?”
“No. I have to rush to the toilet.” She said and ran off.
By the time she got to the bedroom, she was breathing so
fast she was sure she would lose her breath completely. She quickly made a call
to Paul.
“Hey mama.” Paul greeted in his usual causal tone.
“I’ll do it but just for three months and after that, I’m
done. Just don’t tell my husband.” She said in a sob.
“Deal.” Paul said and hung up.
As soon as he hung up the call, she rushed into the bathroom
to cry, she couldn’t believe she’d just walked into a trap set for her downfall.
Eloise wasn’t smiling and yes, the guy was charming and
his name was Andrew.
“Are you having fun?” He asked.
He had taken her to a rooftop which had a bar and a restaurant,
it was a beautiful place and she could tell he was trying so hard to impress
“I’m sorry, what did you say?” She asked.
“I’m asking if you are having fun.” He said.
“Oh yes but I have to be home on time to tuck my kids to
bed. I have two kids, do you know that?”
“Yes I do…Cherish and Cherub, I believe.” He said.
“They have a father too and he’s present in their lives.”
She said.
“I don’t doubt that.” He said.
“What do you really want, Andrew?” She asked.
“I just want to hang out and have fun.” He said.
Eloise rolled her eyes, she really wanted to go home and
call Chike before she slept, she needed to hear him reassure her that she was
his only love. As though a case of telepathy, her phone rang and it was Chike.
“Excuse me…” She mouthed at Andrew and walked away to the
far side of the bar.
“Where are you? There’s music in the background.” Chike
asked over the phone.
“Yes…I’m with someone my sister introduced to me.”
“What?” Chike asked, sounding upset.
“Don’t worry babe, he’s not material, I mean…I don’t have
eyes for him, I just went out with him because my sister insisted.” Eloise
“That’s no excuse! You should have told her that you aren’t interested.”
“Listen Chike, no one at home knows that we are back
together so I have to play low key.” She said.
“That’s none of my business! I don’t want you with any other
man and that’s it.” He said.
“You’re sounding like a spoilt little boy.” She said.
“I want you to leave that place…I don’t want to think of you
with another man.” Chike said.
Eloise was happy that he was jealous and she said.
“Okay, I’ll give him a quick excuse and be out of here as
soon as I can.”
“I don’t want you out as soon as you can, I want you out of
there now!” Chike demanded and hung up the phone on her.
Eloise hurried back to meet Andrew and said.
“I’m having a runny tummy. I need to leave now.”
“But we just got here…” Andrew started.
“Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear me correctly? I have a runny
tummy and I need to go.”
“Okay…sure…no problem, I’ll errm….drop you off at home.”
Andrew said.
“Thank you.” Eloise said and walked ahead of him as she headed
to the elevator.

To be continued tomorrow… 


    • It's really not hard to be this gullible especially when one is in love and the heart's involved. The head tries to tell the truth but the heart tenderly refuses to believe.
      Thank you for reading Zee.


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