“I’m going to be in Nigeria for a while.”
“What? Why? For how long?” Her sister asked.
“I…can’t say right now, I just want to be with family, you
know.” Eloise said.
Her sister stared at her suspiciously.

“You were out all day yesterday, where did you go?” Sis
“Well…errrmm…I err…went to see a friend. An old friend.”
Eloise said.
“What old friend? Your old and closest friend is Steph and
she’s in Jamaica.”
“C’mon sis, am I a prisoner in this house? Give me a break
haba!” Eloise said.
Her sister raised her hands in surrender.
“Whatever! Fine! Do it your way…” She said.
“I’ll be in my room, I have to speak with a friend via
Skype.” Eloise said and walked away.
Paul looked at his phone and thought of calling her but he
couldn’t, he thought. She was a now a married woman but she is the mother of
his child, isn’t she? Doesn’t he deserve to have some of her time? As far as he
was concerned, she had two families and the first was with their son. He
thought to himself as he dialed her number.
“Hello…” She sounded sleepy.
“Wake up sleepy head…” He said.
“What? Why are you calling me? Do you want to get me into
trouble?” Boma asked in a panic.
“Shhh…calm down, you can tell your meddling husband that I’m
an old friend.” He said.
“What do you want?” She spat.
“A few minutes of your time…” He said.
“What? No way!” She said.
“I have your secret remember?” He said.
“Are you threatening me?” She asked in horror.
“Let’s say I’m reminding you to behave yourself or I could
end your marriage in a snap.” He said as he snapped his fingers.
“Paul please, whatever game you’re playing….please don’t do
anything you and I would regret.” She said.
“I’m not regretting anything, I guess the only person who
has secrets that could blow up in her face is you.” He said. “The last time I
checked, my son lives under my roof and the world knows that I am his father,
unlike you who’ve decided to sweep his existence under the rug.”
“Please Paul, I’m begging you…please…my marriage is still
young and I don’t want it to crash.” She cried.
“Of course it won’t, that’s if you play by my rules.” He
He could hear her breathing uneasily down the line.
“What do you want?” She asked.
“You…” He said.
“What? You know I can’t do that, I am happily married. There
can never be an ‘us’ never!”
“Calm down dear. I don’t remember saying I wanted sex. God
knows there are lots of women out there who would jump at my call.” He said and
paused. “I want you to be here for our son, he’s growing up without a mother
figure.” He said.
“I thought you have sisters, let them be the mother…” She
“There’s no negotiation in this matter, Boma, you either
accept my terms or I’ll make public, that secret of yours you’ve spent so many
years trying to hide.” He said.
“Oh my God…” She said.
“I want you to come around to the house twice every week
till I tell you to stop.”
“What house?” She asked in panic.
“My house.” He said.
“I can’t…I mean, I can but I have to sneak out of the house
without my husband’s knowledge.” She said.
“What is he? A house husband? Doesn’t he go to work? How
would he know where you’ve been?” He asked.
“Well, he works and he’s not always around but I could make
up something. I’m not working yet so I can make out time.” She stammered.
“Smart girl. So, why don’t we start from today? Come to my
place, I’ll send you the address….and we’ll take it up from there.” He said.
“You don’t live in your other residence anymore?” She asked
with a voice filled with fear.
“No…I moved out. So, what do you say? Are you coming or
“You’re placing me at a very tight corner.” She said
“I have no choice, I need you to bond with your son,
something you’ve refused to do these past few years.” He said.
“Okay, fine but if I do this, do you promise with all your
heart to keep my secret?”
“I cross my heart dear.” He said and hung up.
As soon as he hung up, he smiled, life was fun after all, he
Boma was frantic, she jumped off her bed and ran into the
bathroom, she quickly removed her clothing and turned on the shower. The blast
of cold water hit her squarely on the face and she wanted to scream. Why was
Paul doing this to her? She thought. Chike shouldn’t know about this especially
after the debacle that had happened at their church wedding where he swore that
he had no children and they had both promised each other to be honest and
truthful in their marriage. If only she had the courage to tell him that she
had a child long ago but she couldn’t risk that, not now and not ever. If Chike’s
family heard that she had child already, there was no telling of what would
happen to her marriage.
“Honey…” Chike called out as he pushed open the bathroom
She turned off the shower and quickly took her towel.
“Can I join you?” He asked as he began to strip.
“No…please…not now, I have to get somewhere.” She said in a
shaky voice.
“Boma! Are you alright? You sound petrified.” He said.
“My friend just took ill and she was rushed to the hospital…I
have to go and see her.” She lied.
“Are you for real? What happened to make her fall sick like
that?” He asked in concern.
“I really don’t know.” She said as she stepped out of the
“Can I drop you off? I would like to see her too.” He said.
“No!” She said with a start. “She says she wants to see me,
only me.” She said.
“That’s kinda queer…is she dying or something?”
“Do you know what Chike? What do you want for dinner? I want
to make us something special.” She said.
“Chike? Is that the name we agreed that you’d call me? We
are barely three days in our marriage and you’re already calling out my name as
though we’ve lived thirty years together.”
“Oh, I’m sorry sugar…it totally skipped my mind.” She said.
Chike pulled her to himself for a hug.
“Look at me angel, we’re still new to marriage and we’ll
make a lot of errors on the way. Let’s avoid putting so much pressure on
ourselves.” He said with a smile.
“Yes…true…” She said and kissed him.
She quickly broke the kiss and hurried out of the bathroom
to wear her clothes.
Boma was speaking to Jumai via Skype.
“The weather is a bit warmer now.” Jumai was saying.
“At least it’s warm there, it’s hot here.” Eloise said
“So tell me…spill…how was your day out with Chike yesterday?”
Eloise smiled and said.
“He married her just because of his family, can you imagine
that? He loves me…it’s me he loves.” Boma said with a giggle.
“Are you for real? I hate arrangee marriages, I’m
sure he did that all because of a business deal of some sort. Nigerian parents
never cease to amaze me.” Jumai said.
“Well, the good news is, he’s divorcing her in two years.”
“Two years? That’s a long time…I thought you’d say three
“Three months?”
“Listen Eloise, Chike is yours. Why let him waste time with
another woman and for two years? That’s 2018!” She said.
Eloise sighed and stared at her friend through the screen.
“What do I do? That’s the time frame he painted to me.”
Eloise said.
“Be smart, grab the bull by the horns! What are you waiting
for? Are you waiting till you grow grey hair? Are you giving her a chance to
get pregnant?”
“Chike said that he won’t let her get pregnant.” Eloise
Jumai threw back her head and laughed like a maniac.
“When you had Cherub, did Chike want you to get pregnant?”
Jumai asked.
Eloise slowly shook her head.
“Wasn’t it because you wanted him to propose that’s why you
decided to give pregnancy another shot?”
Elosie nodded.
“We women are smart and we know how to play men right where
we want them to be. Are you going to stop Chike from having sex with his wife?
Do you think that while he’s at it he’ll use protection? Do you think he’ll get
a hysterectomy? Be wise woman! You’re so naïve.” Jumai said.
“I never thought of all this…”
“My dear, you need to be upgraded from baby mama to wife and
you need to play your cards right.” Jumai said.
“What do you want me to do? Please tell me…”
“I know something you can do to help tie Chike to your side
like never before.” Jumai said in a whisper.
“What…please tell me…”
“They call her Mama Delta and by the time she helps you snag
your man, there’s no turning back!” Jumai said.

To be continued tomorrow….


  1. So Eloise has decided to not confide in the one person that would tell her the truth – her sister.

    I can only imagine the shock when Paul finds out that his son's mother is the one married to the guy who abandoned his sister and her children.
    It's saddening th extent some ladies go all in a bid to get married.


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