Eloise caressed the sharp table knife in her hand and as she
did her mind flew to Chike and all the sweet nothings he’d filled her ears with
during their early dating days. She really wanted to plunge this knife into his
belly or somewhere that hurt or maybe she’d plunge it into his testicles and
watch him cry and beg for mercy.

The quick hands that took the knife away from her hand
jolted her back to the present.
“Eloise…I hope you’re not thinking of what I think you are.”
Her eldest sister asked.
Eloise looked up at her sister and hugged her tight, it was her first time seeing her since she arrived. Her sister whom her siblings fondly called Sis, was the Managing Director of their family’s company and she
was the mother she knew.
Being the last of four siblings, Eloise was the baby of the
family and her siblings always put her needs first. Their parents had been
very successful as they were business partners, who hadn’t hesitated to write
their will long before they left the world. 
When they died almost twenty years
ago, with their mom dying first then two months after, their dad followed -as he
couldn’t live without his wife- they had left everything in the hands of their
first daughter and her immediate younger
brother Paul. Eloise and Clementina were the youngest as their elder ones were
about ten to twelve years older than they were back then. Her sister was
married but it didn’t deter her from managing her parents business alongside
her brother and everything went on well as though the two owners weren’t gone
at all. 

Eloise’s eldest siblings first move was to send their younger ones out of the country to
school and while Eloise went to the U.S, Clementina was shipped off to Australia. With the help of the trust funds their parents had set up for them,
paying their school fees and supporting them in school had been no problem, coupled with the fact that their uncles and aunts were very supportive as well. 
Unlike Eloise, Clementina was
different, she wasn’t really the relationship type and she’d rather spend years pursuing different courses than invest in a relationship. Her longest
relationship was with a Labrador, a dog that was more than family to her.
“Shhhh….don’t think about anything right now.” Her sister
soothed as she hugged her tight.
“I hate him with all my heart…I hate him sis…” Eloise
cried. “I wished I’d listened to you when you warned me to use protection with him. I stupidly trusted him and now, he’s abandoned me with two kids and is off marrying another woman. I thought he’d come back and we’ll be man and wife but look at me sis. He’s abandoned me with two little girls and I don’t know how many men would happily father kids that are not biologically theirs.”
“It’s okay baby, everything will be fine.” Her sister said.
“No! It can never be alright! Ever! He broke my heart, he
tore it in shreds, he abandoned his children. I can never forgive him for what
he’s done.”
“What are you going to do now?” Her sister asked, sitting beside
“I’m crashing that wedding tomorrow. I was able to get the
details of the church and the reception. I’m going to appear at the wedding
tomorrow and I’m going to set everything right.”
“Will that make you feel better?” Her sister asked.”Will that right the wrong?”
Eloise nodded, tears welled up in her eyes.
“Do you want my opinion?” Her sister asked.
Eloise shook her head, she knew her sister was the
definition of common sense and no matter how sweet her plan seemed, she had a
way of making it sound bitter.
“I’ll tell you anyway, besides, I am the mother you know.”
Her sister said. “My advice is that you leave him. Let him go! He was never for
you or if he was, there’s nothing on earth that would take him away from you
much more his kids. Focus on raising your kids,  you know you can count on me to help you if the burden with them is too much.”
“No…no sis, I need the whole world to know the truth. He’s
living a fake life here in Nigeria when there’s reality in the United States.
How long has he deceived that little woman of his? I’m sure she knows nothing
about the kids and that’s why she’s going ahead with the wedding.”
“What if she does know about the kids? What if he told her
about it all? Listen to me Eloise, I am not saying that you shouldn’t confront
him but I’d rather you do when your head is clear…”
Eloise looked at her sister and looked away.
“Come here, I’ve missed you sissy!” Her sister smiled,
pulling her towards her for a big hug.
“How’s brother Paul? Are you guys still quarrelling over decisions
at the company?”
“That loaf head is so stubborn!” Her sister said, as her
countenance changed.
“Hahahaha…you and our brother can never be on the same
page as regards business.” Eloise laughed despite her situation.
“Abeg jo…leave that brother of yours who has vowed to
remain an eternal bachelor. Let’s go and see my beautiful nieces….” Her
sister said standing up from the chair.
“Ken, Janet and Peggy are playing with them in the guest
room.” Eloise smiled and spoke of her sister’s kids. “How’s his son though? Have you been able to figure out
who his mother is?”
Her sister shrugged.
“For where? I guess the girl did him a huge favour by dropping the boy with him and disappearing or maybe he paid someone to get pregnant for him and leave the baby with him. The worst thing is, Paul keeps hiring
nannies for that boy as though he’s some kind of a robot. The poor boy is
almost six and doesn’t even know which nanny would stay with him the longest.”
“You could try bringing him here for a change…” Eloise
“And make things easy for Paul? Naaaa…I want him to
understand how important it is for him to have a woman by his side.”
Eloise smiled wryly and followed her out of the dining room.
Boma was drinking and dancing with her girlfriends as her
heart pounded nervously in her chest. She was finally getting married after years of searching for the perfect man. Boma wasn’t perfect as there were lots of loop holes in her life but who cares? How many girls had perfect slates? Some even have made bigger mistakes than she had ever made in the twenty six years of her life.
As she danced, she remembered the nights she’d left the hostel at school and had gotten into different men’s cars for the weekend. There was this man whom she really liked even though he was much older than she was and in all the men she’d ever been with, he had a soft spot in her heart but unfortunately, he wasn’t the
settling type.
Boma kept dancing as she remembered the years she hustled in school to be one of the big girls who changed outfits and wore the best things but knowing fully well that she had to pay the price. She had gone ahead to date different men irrespective of age, she got away with escapades and lived the life of a millionaires’s daughter while her father worked hard as a struggling mechanic back at home. 
Boma loved wealth as many girls her age and she loved comfort too, she’d never dated a man who had less than two cars before and now that she was marrying the first and only son of a titled man, she was elated that riches can never depart from her home ever.
Now as she danced, she remembered the man whom she had given the greatest gift. The last time she’d spoken to him or even seen him was six years ago when she handed him what bound them together.
 As though their mind were in sync, her phone rang and Anjola ran towards her waving
the phone in her hand.
“About to wed….your phone is ringing…oooo” She sang and Boma
could tell she was almost drunk.
She took the phone from Anjola and stared at the caller ID, taking a quick excuse from her girlfriends, she disappeared into the
“Hey…” He greeted.
“Paul…how long has it been? Five years? Six?” She
“I got your invite. It’s touching of you to invite me to
your wedding. It’s tomorrow right?” He asked.
“Yes…” She said and a long pause followed. “Are you bringing him with you?” She asked, biting her
lower lip.
“You mean, our son?”
Boma panicked.
“Be quiet Paul, no one should ever know that I had a
child….okay…no one. If that gets out, it can ruin me.” She whispered.
“Calm down babe, your secret is safe with me.” He said.
“I just feel that he
should be at his mother’s wedding.”
“There, you just called yourself his mother, and it didn’t
sound so bad, did it?”
“I’m getting married to the love of my life and ….” She
started and suddenly broke off. “Why did you call?”
“I just called to wish you the very best in your life with
your husband and that if you ever want out, you know where to find me.” He
said. “Even though I never want to get married, we could have some fun together, just like old times.”
“You wish! I’ll never…ever have any cause to leave my
marriage. Never!” She said.
“Never?” He chuckled.
“Good night Paul…”
“Goodnight angel.” Paul’s voice floated down the line.
As soon as she dropped the call, she stared at her reflection
in the mirror and said to herself.
“I’m not an evil person for denying my own child and I swear that no one would ever know I had him! My secret is safe with me till my dying day.”
She opened the door of the toilet, plastered a smile on her
face and joined the party. Anjola handed her a bottle of champagne and she
raised the bottle to her mouth, taking a long drink as her friends cheered.
“Boma! Boma! Boma!”

To be continued tomorrow.


  1. hmmm, the suspense is heating up. But this story reminds of a particular sombori, baby mama abroad, big wedding, hmmm, 'but if i start to talk', wicked grin, hehehe.


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