Boma was boiling in anger. She didn’t know whether to
sit or stand but as she paced the length of the room she shared with her
husband, she wished she could commit murder and get away with it.
She heard Chike’s car drive into the driveway and soon, she
heard him hurrying upstairs into the bedroom they shared as man and wife. He
opened the door and his face had bruises and it was swollen too. His pathetic state
didn’t move her one bit, she was already upset with the revelations of the

“Babe…” He said as he was shocked to see her. “I thought
you had to go to your sick friend’s place.”
“You lied to me.” She said to him.
“What are you talking about?” Chike asked as he walked over
to the bathroom and looked at his face at the mirror. “Your husband is wounded
and you’re concerned over stupid lies?”
“Chike!” She called in a firm tone.
Chike emerged from the bathroom, he was holding a damp towel
to his head.
“What is it?” He asked. “If you don’t have anything important
to say, why don’t you come here and examine my face? I hit my face on the wall
in my friend’s house.”
“I have a son, he’s name is Junior and he’s seven…” She
Chike laughed and looked at her again and laughed.
“What are you talking about?”
“I’m telling you the truth, I have a son and he is the one I’ve
been going to see all these while. I was lying to you when I said I had a sick
“You’re kidding.”
“No…I’m not.”
“How dare you cover up something this big from me?”
“The same way you covered up the fact that you have two
daughters with Eloise.” Boma shouted.
“How…how did you know her name?” Chike asked in surprise.
“Cherish and Cherub…they are your kids names right?”
“Don’t test me Chike. You’re a liar and you know it. You
have a secret family and kept it from me. What did you intend to do? Tell me
the truth when we are like fifteen years in marriage or keep the truth from me?”
“What are you talking about? How did you know the kids
names? How did you gather this much information?”
“My son’s father is Eloise’s brother.” Boma said.
Chike’s eyes widened and he growled as he ran to his wife
and placed his hands on her neck and squeezed.
“You planned all this with him huh? You made him beat me up?
The two of you are lovers! You’re a whore!” Chike spat. “No wonder he was so
angry…so bitter…”
“Let go of me! You’re hurting me Chike! Let go of me!” Boma
cried, struggling to free herself.
“I did you a favour by marrying you, I brought you out of
the dirt, I picked you up from the ground.” He screamed as he squeezed her neck
Boma struggled to breathe, her air supply was almost being
cut off and she desperately wanted to free herself from him. With all the strength
in her, she raised her leg and hit him in the groin. Chike growled and fell to
the ground. Boma struggled to catch her breath and when she did, she said.
“This marriage is over! It’s not up to a week but I’m done!
I’m not going to live a fake life anymore. I am not going to deny my son
because I want to keep you. God knows you’re not worth it. I am leaving you for
good.” She screamed as she picked up her purse and phone and ran out through
the door.
Chike got up to his feet and chased her downstairs but she
was too quick. Boma quickly got into her car, horned madly at the gate man who
opened the gate and drove away.
Eloise wondered what they were doing at her sister’s house.
“Bro…why are we here? Don’t you want us to go to your
place?” She asked Paul.
“Yea…we’ll go but I wanted us to see Sis first.” He said.
The kids were sleepy so they alighted and trudged lazily
into the house. As soon as Paul and Eloise walked in, Sis sauntered to meet
“Good evening Sis.” Eloise greeted.
“Eloise…how are you?” Sis asked.
“Fine…I hope you didn’t miss me much.” Eloise said.
“Sit down Eloise.” Paul said stiffly.
Pamela, Eloise’s sister’s daughter came to take the kids
upstairs and Eloise sat down and stared at her two eldest siblings.
“Look at me Eloise.” Paul said.
Eloise looked at her brother, she didn’t understand his
“You’re in, over your head.” Paul said.
“Even after all I told you. How could you go after that man?”
Sis asked.
“If this is about Chike, please I do not want to hear
anything!” Eloise said standing up.
“Sit down!” Paul said in anger.
Eloise sat down.
“Chike is Boma’s husband, how long have you known?” He
Eloise looked at him and looked away.
“How were you able to find out?” She asked.
“Stop asking stupid questions. How long have you known that
Chike is Boma’s husband and why didn’t you tell me?” Paul asked.
“Who’s Boma?” Sis asked.
“One useless tramp that pretends she’s a nanny.” Eloise
“Boma and I come a long way and the fact that she decided to
be Junior’s nanny is something we agreed on.” Paul said.
Eloise’s eyes widened.
“Is she Junior’s mother?” Eloise asked.
“Don’t stray from the question, Eloise. You knew from the
day you saw Boma that she was the one who married the father of your children
and you said nothing to me?”
“I know how your temper is and I didn’t want you to kill
him.” Eloise said emotionally.
“So much for hiding his identity because I knew him
immediately I saw him, I only pretended at the park so that you won’t get all
defensive with him. All the while we were at the park I kept wondering how
foolish you are. I also kept marvelling at his foolishness as well. He lied to
his wife that the kids are not his and he’s satisfied in living a lie.”
“Well, he’s divorcing her in two years. Boma is from a wealthy
family and her dad is linked to the family so they had to marry in order to
satisfy their parents’ wishes. Chike doesn’t love her and he can’t wait to
divorce her.”
“What?” Paul asked incredulously. “Boma, from a rich family?
Do you mean the Boma I know or the Boma I do not know?”
“That’s what Chike told me…”
“And you believe him?” Paul asked.
When his sister nodded, he said.
“I’ll quickly paint Boma’s family scenario for you. Boma is
a hard worker and she’s not from a rich home. Her parents don’t even live in
the city. What are you talking about?”
Eloise stared at her brother and felt instantly humiliated.
“He was lying to…me?”
“Duh! Of course he was. He was lying to you to keep you by
his side. That man wants the both of you and he can’t give up one for the other
instead he keeps roping you guys in with his lies.” Paul said.
Eloise broke down in tears.
“I won’t tell you what to do but you have two kids who look
up to you. Your first daughter is old enough to remember how her dad denied her
at the church. I wonder how you at your age cannot advise yourself.” Paul said.
When Paul returned home that evening, he was tired. His son
was staying at his sister’s and Eloise was nowhere to be seen, according to the gate man, she had left the house and walked down the road. Paul and his sister
concluded that she might have gone out to think.
He opened the door to the house and saw Boma seated in his
sitting room, she was asleep.
“Boma…” He said shaking her awake.
She woke up and looked at him.
“I’m sorry, I came to…to…” She started, and then burst
into tears. “I’m such a horrible person, I denied my child all because of a
man…I don’t deserve to be forgiven.”
Paul held out his hands to her and she hugged him, crying
“I’m sorry…” He said.
“No, I’m sorry and I’m stupid too…I should have known. I
guess this is what greed has done to me. I have never wanted humble beginnings
and I’ve gone after wealthy men…” She cried.
“You can’t blame yourself….” Paul said.
“This morning, when I saw your sister’s kids, the truth hit
me. I wish I’d known earlier. Chike doesn’t deserve me…” She cried.
“No he doesn’t…that’s why I punched him in the face.” Paul
said breaking the hug and looking at her.
“You did? You mean you were the one who gave him the
Paul rolled up his sleeves and showed her his muscle. Boma
smiled despite her situation.

To be continued tomorrow….



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