Eloise stood outside the
door of her brother’s house and rapped impatiently, a housekeeper opened the
“Good evening ma…” She
started, not knowing who she was.
“I’m Paul’s sister…” Eloise
said impatiently. “Besides would I be in here if the security hadn’t let me in
from the gate?”
“I…errr…” The housekeeper
started still standing at the door.

“Let her in Rosemary, she’s
my sister.” Paul said walking over to the door and flashing her a smile.
“Mtcheeww…thank God you
intervened on time, I would have knocked her teeth out because I’m not so happy
right now.” Eloise said.
“Sis called me to tell me
you’re in a kind of sour mood. Come on in, didn’t you bring the kids?”
“Naaa…Sis and her family
are so besotted with them and so are the kids, I couldn’t separate them from
them now that they are bonding.”
Eloise walked into her
brother’s spacious house and soon settled on the sofa in the sitting room.
“Rosemary would make a room
available for you soon.” Paul said looking at her with kind eyes.
“Look at your house! Look
at the beauty of this place. Why aren’t you married?” Eloise asked.
“I’m battling some internal
demons and when I’m done, I’ll err…settle.” Paul said.
Eloise threw back her head
and laughed despite the mood she was in. Paul had a way of cracking her up.
“How’s my nephew?”
“He’s asleep.” Paul said.
The housekeeper walked over
to them and said.
“The room is ready ma…” She
“I’ll be off to bed now…see
you in the morning.” Eloise said standing from the sofa.
“Sis said that you are
still in love with the father of your kids and that even though you know he’s
married you still haven’t left him.” Paul said. “If my memory serves me
correctly, you were a mess on Saturday when he disgraced you at the church.”
“Bro, please stay off my
business. It’s my life and I’ll live it my way. Coming here is my way of
cutting Sis off my plans and my life so, if you intend to fill in her shoes,
tell me now so that I’ll leave.”
Paul raised his hands as
though to say ‘I’m minding my business’.
“Good.” Eloise said and
hurried upstairs.
Chike opened his eyes to
see his wife getting dressed.
“Up so early? Where are you
headed?” He asked.
“My friend…the one that’s
sick…I err…have to see her…and spend most of the day with her.”
He sat up and stared at
“Well, she’s lonely, she’s
sick and she needs company.”
“I thought you said that
she’s about to die…isn’t that what you said?”
“Well, the disease is quite
serious but I doubt she’s going to die.”
“Can I come with you? Can I
see her too?”
“Naaa…she’s wary of
strangers…she’ll freak out if she saw you.”
“Huh? What kind of sickness
is that?”
Boma shrugged and wore her
sandals and picked up her bag.
“I made breakfast and I’m
sorry we can’t eat it together. Have a great day at work today.” 
She said as
she hurried to give him a kiss and rush out through the door.
Chike looked at the closed
door and sighed. He picked up his phone and made a call to Eloise. She picked
on first ring.
“Hey babe…”
“Hey sugar, missing me?”
She asked.
“You know I miss you all
the time.” He said.
“You know what? I want to
see the kids today.” He said.
“See the kids? They are at
my sister’s place…and I left there last night. She found that I was back with you
and didn’t approve.”
“What? Why?”
“She believes you’re deceiving
“Excuse me? Does she know
me well enough to conclude about me?”
“Let’s forget about that.”
“I really want to see my
babies…” He said. “I miss them so much.”
“I can arrange that, I’ll
go shower, then go pick them up from my sister’s house and we’ll meet up with
you wherever you want.”
“Cool. Why don’t you meet
up with me at my house.”
“Your house?”
“What of that silly wife of
“Oh…she’s out the whole day
and besides I run the show here.” He said.
“Okay…cool.” Eloise said. “Besides, I’d love to see my future house…”
“Yea…it’s our future house once I get wife out of the picture and out of my life.”
“I love you Chike…”
“I love you Eloise…”
As soon as Chike hung up
the phone he got up from the bed and headed into the bathroom.
Eloise was on her way out,
her nephew was eating his breakfast and she teased him a little on his missing
front teeth.
“It’s not funny.” He said
with a smile.
“I bet a kangaroo can hop
in through those front teeth of yours.”
He giggled.
“Where are Cherish and
Cherub? You didn’t come with them?” He asked, sounding lonely.
“I’m sorry honey, I was
supposed to come with them but when I came last night, they were asleep and I
didn’t want to wake them.”
He didn’t look happy.
“Do you know what? I’m
going to pick them up today from big auntie’s place and they can sleep over
here.” She promised.
He looked happier.
Paul walked into the dining
room and looked at her.
“You look nice…where are
you off to?”
“I’m going to pick up the
kids…we’re going somewhere.” She said.
“I don’t mean to pry but I
hope you’re not going to meet that man.”
“Oh please bro, stop this!
I’m not a child and this is my life.” She said.
“I hope you’re ready to
handle the heartbreak when it comes.” He said.
She didn’t reply and left
the dining room. She had just reached the door when she heard the doorbell
ring. She opened it to stare at a young lady, who looked so achingly familiar.

They both stared at each other
and the world froze for a moment.
To be continued tomorrow…



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