It was on Monday morning that Layode received a phone call
from her son.
“Femi! Where are you?” She screamed and cried at the same
She felt a sudden joy burst through her heart at the sound
of his voice. She hadn’t been able to sleep since he got missing.
“I’m…” He started but the phone was taken away from him.

“He’s with us, if you want your little boy back, we need
twenty million naira cash. I’ll communicate to you on how to send the money.” A male voice said.
“What? Twenty what? I have nothing! Not a pin to my name! I
am as poor as a church mouse…” Layode cried.
“I do not care how you get the money but if you want your
son back, bring the money.” He said. “I give you till tomorrow at noon to get
the money.” He hung up.
Layode sat on the small chair in the sitting room of Rhema’s
house and wept. Rhema walked up to her and asked her what the problem was and
she told her everything.
“What? That’s a huge sum!” Rhema said.
“I want my son back…I can’t let him die in the hands of
heartless people.” Layode cried.
“What do we do now?” Rhema asked, glancing at the time.
“Aren’t you supposed to be at your former boss’s office?”
Layode glanced at the time, it was seven am, Rhema was
dressed for work.
“I don’t think I can go there…” She said.
“He’s Femi’s father right? Maybe you should tell him the
truth when you get to his office.” Rhema said..
Layode wiped her tears and nodded.
Zino opened her eyes to see Evie at the foot of her bed.
“Wakey wakey!” Evie said.
“Hey…you’re ready to go?” She asked.
“Yes, my flight leaves in two hours….” Evie said.
“I wish you could stay longer…I miss you already.” Zino
“Well, you are already settled with your new Chief so…”
Evie said. “By the way, where is he? He didn’t come to visit you this weekend.”
“He hasn’t even come here at all since I signed the contract. He
travelled to the states for his daughter’s graduation and he actually said that
I’d have to take some medical tests but I haven’t taken them yet.” Zino
“Na wah for all these ‘made men’ they have everything, a
wife, kids but they aren’t satisfied.” Evie said.
“Well, he’s my luck. Besides, I am warming up to get
pregnant for him so that my wealth can be guaranteed.” Zino smiled.
“Be careful, you don’t know this man so well and you don’t
want to do what might piss him off.”
“When did having children piss people off? Abeg jare…I can
take good care of myself. I’m just waiting for him to return so that we can
kick it off…” She smiled.
“Okay then, I have to go now. Is your driver taking me to
the airport?”
“You bet…” Zino smiled, got up from the bed and hurried
over to hug her friend. “Thank you so much for coming and please promise that
you’ll come visiting some other time.”
“Sure, I definitely will.” Evie smiled and hugged her back.
Zino accompanied her friend downstairs and watched her get
into the car. As the car left the compound, she waved.
Ego was asleep when she heard her doorbell chime, she wore
her robe and hurried over to see who was at the door. It was Simon, Chief’s
“Simon! I didn’t hear from you through the weekend.” Ego
said, ushering him in.
“Did you do anything to Chief to make him hate you so much?”
Simon asked, stepping into the house.
“What do you mean by that?”
Simon handed her a paper and she took it from him. In the
paper, Chief had taken away so many rights from her.
“What? He’s ended my club membership?” She screamed.
“Yes and he wants me to take the G-wagon and Porsche, they
were bought in his name.” Simon said.
“What? Not my cars! Not my cars too…” Ego shouted.
“I am sorry but all Chief has to do is declare those cars
missing and you could get arrested.”
“What? I have been driving those cars for the past three
years and…” She paused. “Wait a minute, he wants to transfer them to her
right? To that Zino girl!”
“Please don’t call her name aloud, I don’t want Chief
knowing that I was the one who told you about her and even gave you her house
“Look at me Simon, what does that girl have that I don’t
have?” She said as she pirouetted.
Simon looked away, he didn’t want to be caught sampling
Chief’s goods.
“I don’t know but all I know is that Chief wants to rip you
“Even at the expense of his unborn child?” Ego screamed.
“His child? Are you pregnant?”
“Yes!” Ego flung.
“Did you tell him?”
“Ofcourse I did and he wants me to abort the child.”
“Why don’t you? He doesn’t want the kid so…”
“Why would I do that? I am pregnant for him and he has to
face his fatherly duties…whether he likes it or not!” Ego said.
“Listen to me Ego, if he doesn’t want a child, I suggest that you get rid of the pregnancy and see if you can find your way into his heart again.”
“That’s rubbish! I’m having his child whether he likes it or not!”
“Well, I have some men outside, they are waiting for the keys to
the cars.” Simon started.
“No way! No freaking way! You hear me?”
“Don’t step on the lion’s tail, Ego.”
“Oh please! To hell with him! Tell him I said that!” Ego
shouted and pushing Simon towards the door, she opened it and shoved him out.
“Good riddance to bad rubbish!” She said.
She ran upstairs to her room and taking the keys of the
cars, she placed them in a box and taking her phone, she dialled Tina’s number.
“Tina babe…” Ego breathed.
“You sound low…are you okay?” Ego asked.
“Bello is not home yet and I’m worried. It’s a Monday
morning and he has to be at school.”
“Okay, we’ll discuss it when I get to your place. There are
some keys I want you to help keep for me…” She started.
Layode stood before Henry Peters office and sighed, she had
been ushered straight to his office from the reception and as she stood at the
door, her nerves failed her.
“Come on in…” His rich voice ushered from inside the office.
She pushed the door open and stepped in, taking small steps,
one at a time.
“Good morning boss…” She greeted.
The boss stood up from his chair and walked up to her to
give her a hug.
“How are you Layode?”
She wanted to respond but as soon as she opened her mouth,
she burst into tears.
“What is it? Layode!”
“It’s my son…he was …kidnapped…” She started.
“What? Are you serious?”
“That’s not all sir, he’s ….your son too…” She said.
She waited for the words to sink in and slowly, the boss’s
eyes widened in surprise as he stared at her questioningly.

To be continued on Monday…..



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