Zino looked at the food in her plate and hissed, the food
vendor hadn’t even bothered adding meat to it.
“Aunty…” She called out.
The food vendor gave her a hostile look. “Wetin?” She asked.
“You nor add meat?”

“How much food you buy?” The food vendor asked.
“Hundred naira nor be money again?” Zino fired back.
“So, rice wey get dodo for inside and beans nor pass hundred
naira? I just soffri for you sake of say you be customer.” The food vendor
Zino hissed and stared at the food, it stared back at her in
pity. One mind told her to get up and leave the food untouched but her sense of
reason warned her that there was nothing but clean pots in her small one
bedroom house. She was tired of life. She had tried everything, from working as
a receptionist with her OND certificate to teaching in a small primary school establishment where the
proprietress made sure she taught till her voice was almost gone. She had
even tried dating some so-called big men but after having sex with her, they
repaid her with some miserly money and a plate of pepper soup and drinks at
the local hangout. She was tired. She looked at her phone and could barely see
the display icons on the screen- the screen had cracked badly some days ago while she was at
her friend’s place doing some kind of aproko-and her friend’s neighbour had raised a false
alarm of ‘Fire!’ She had tossed her phone over the balcony and had followed
suit, almost jumping down the railing when she realized that it was a false
“Poverty is evil!” She murmured as she quietly ate the rice
which had no taste.
She was currently jobless and her rent was about to expire,
she needed to do something quick in order to make money and something told her
that she needed a means of survival that wouldn’t necessarily need her to work so hard. She
thought of what would happen to her if her landlord kicked her out of the
house. She would have no choice but to return to her village and camp with her
parents till she thought of something better to do but that wasn’t the best
solution as her parents were like leeches- they knew how to suck a person dry.  
She knew that they would be so happy to see her because in their minds, they
won’t have to provide for anything till she leaves, they would burden her with
money for foodstuff, money for Phcn bills, and many more and right now, she was
dead broke. Her account balance had one thousand two hundred and twenty five
naira and she desperately wished that she could withdraw the two hundred and
twenty five naira as the minimum balance as stated by the bank was one thousand
She opened her phone and sighed aloud, she had no internet
access and in this day and age, one without internet access was like a hermit. She had no data to read exciting gossip blogs, no data to
stalk people on Instagram even though her Instagram profile was quite boring as she
had no exciting pictures and just twenty followers, and no data to chat. Life
She was still eating when the food vendor decided to be
generous with her television set. She walked over to the television which was
seated on a built-in stand on the wall and began to do ‘shakara’ with the
remote control. She flipped the channel to news then later moved to sports and
finally stopped at entertainment. Zino released a pent-up breath as soon as
Wizkid’s picture appeared on the television, the food vendor turned up the
volume of the television set and Zino arched her ears to listen.
music artiste Wizkid is a proud daddy! He shows off his son, in this
amazingly cute photos. We think they look so much alike….but some others say
that the little cuteness looks like his mother. Wizkid is such a doting dad…”
The reporter’s voice over
sailed through the air waves.
The money machine chime sounded in Zino’s ears.
Here was an answer to her problems.
“Wait oo…the celebrity pays for his son’s upkeep right?
And since the boy doesn’t live with him, the money goes into his momsy’s
account right? Here’s an answer to my prayers! This is it! Zino, you are going
to be rich! Your pastor said it in midweek service, this year is your year! It
is time to shine!” She said aloud to herself.
She didn’t bother finishing the food but stood up abruptly
and headed towards the door of the canteen.
“Zino! You nor chop am finish?” The food vendor asked.
“E nor sweet…” Zino said as she nearly skipped out through the door.

To be continued….
Goodnews for new blog visitors! I will be doing a post of the links of all my back stories for all seasons soon, hopefully before the end of this week.



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