Ego watched as Bello ate his food slowly, his mother, Tina,
had hurried off to the kitchen in a bid to get him something sweet to eat.
“B honey, have this….” Tina said as she handed her son
some ice cream.
“No…I’m not hungry…I told you…” Bello said silently.

Tina placed her palm at his forehead in worry, she watched
him push his remaining food away and stand up from the chair.
“Can I go and play my games now?” He asked.
Tina nodded slightly and the seven year old boy scampered off.
Ego sighed and said.
“I am sorry that he’s ill…when did the illness start?”
“I …I can’t say….yesterday he threw up his food…the
nanny told me that he had been skipping meals…as his lunch box is hardly ever touched at school. I took him to the hospital and
they gave him some medication….” Tina said with tears in her eyes.
“Wow…that must be tough…the poor thing…”
“I am so worried Ego, so worried. Alhaji’s wife….his first
wife paid a visit to his school a week ago and since then..”
“Wait…I don’t understand you at all…Alhaji’s wife paid a
visit to your son’s school?” Ego asked in surprise.
Ego was in Tina’s town house, a place lavishly furnished for
her comfort and her son’s as well.
“It’s complicated….Alhaji re-wrote his will and he told
me….he gave his sons more properties than his daughters and his first wife
has five daughters and no son….I am scared she must have done something…”
Tina said in worry. “The proprietress of the school is her relation.”
“What? Why would you place your son in such school then?”
“I didn’t put him there, Alhaji did because that’s where all his kids attended primary school.”
“Well…I don’t think she would have tried anything stupid. I hope the teachers didn’t let her see him…” Ego said in worry.
“I can’t say…Bello bears the same surname with her kids so, some of them might think she’s his mother.”
‘Did Bello tell you anything about her visit?”
“No he didn’t, he’s quite close to her you see…Bello used to spend some weekends in his father’s house but
when his siblings left for school in different parts of the world, the visits
had to stop. Her daughters love him very much.”
“Then, I think you’re worrying for nothing…”
“I don’t think I’m worrying for nothing ooo….this child is
my only tie to the life of comfort and his being alive means that I am insured.
Alhaji placed a lot of his properties in his name and I don’t want him to lose
it …” Tina said.
Ego stood up to hug Tina.
“It is going to be fine….there’s nothing wrong besides you’re
not Alhaji’s only baby mama…what of the Egyptian?”
“She has two daughters and they are with Alhaji….” Tina
said quietly. “Their mother just comes to visit them from time to time. Oh, I am so worried Ego, Alhaji told me that the Egyptian woman’s fate won’t be the same as mine but I am so worried that one day, something would happen that would bring my life crashing down on me.”
“It is well jare… stop making me worry…it is well…”
Her friend nodded silently, she wished she believed that
everything was well.
Layode was at her cousin’s place, a moderate flat just on
the other side of Lagos. She had been offered a room for herself and her son.
“Thank you so much Rhema, I don’t know what I’d have done if
you turned me away.”
“What are cousins for? You are safe here and if that husband
of yours comes here to make trouble, I’ll show him trouble.” Rhema said in
“Thank you so much….”
“What was the problem about? What caused your quarrel?”
Rhema asked.
Layode delved into details of her issue with her husband and
Rhema listened, when she was done, she said.
“Is it true? Is Femi your ex-boss’s son?”
Layode nodded quietly.
“He even looks so much like him…” Layode said.
“So, what are you going to do? You have to take the child to
his father seeing that you even have a contact who can link you through.”
“Ha….I can’t ooo….I can’t spoil that man’s marriage by
producing a son from nowhere.”
“Why are you suddenly sounding repentant now? You once dated
him and you knew he was married.”
“Well, it’s a long story but I know that his wife loves him
so much and they are a happy couple…if I produce a child from nowhere now, he
might want to legalize him and his wife won’t be happy with it.”
“You have a point there…” Rhema said thoughtfully.
“What do I do? Stephen doesn’t want him and even though I
can give him my father’s last name what of when he grows up and begins to ask questions.”
“Let’s think carefully about this…we have to be sure that
this is in the best interest of the child before taking any actions…” Rhema
Layode nodded in agreement.
Zino was tired, she had prepared herself, ready to see Chief
but instead she had met Megadonz an ugly looking man in a hotel. Megadonz didn’t
look as powerful as his name implied, he bore a close resemblance to hunchback
of notredame and his breath was quite offensive. 
“So, what do you do for a living?” He asked her with a pompous air.
“I used to work as a receptionist at a factory…” Zino answered, tired of his incessant questions.
“Well, you seem to have passed the test but you have one more test to pass.” He said.
“What other test?”
“You have to go through me…” He said giving her a suggestive stare.
Zino almost threw up! “What? Me? You? No way!” She said.
“Goodluck to you then…” He sneered.
“What do you mean by goodluck to me? Do you know how hard I prepared for today? How much money I spent?”
“We spend money to make money baby…”
Zino stared at him in anger, she wanted to turn back and leave this place but the greed in her was too strong.
“You should see the women I had introduced to Chief years before you….they are gorgeous and very classy and I had my taste of them all…so, you can’t be an exception…” He snickered.
Zino stood up from the chair, she had only one choice, to take a step forward towards him or a step backwards towards the door.
To be continued on Monday….


  1. I am new here. but am addicted already!!!! Thanks for your writing skills. i read these stories everytime i get a chance, couldn't ask for more interesting stories blog.


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