Layode watched her husband throw tantrums around the house,
he broke chairs, scattered the center table and kicked the standing fan. All
for what? The fact that she had presented before him, a well-cooked and rich
“You have started again abi? You have started dating these
big boys! Don’t deny it because I see the way they look at you when you whine
your waist around the streets.” Stephen threw at her.

“What are you talking about? Will you eat the food or not?”
“I won’t eat it! I gave you three hundred naira for food and
look at the contents of my stew ehn….it is worth a thousand naira plus…”
“I saw a friend at the market who bought the fish for me…”
Layode said calmly, she was already tired of their incessant fights.
“You are mad! So, you are now receiving favours from men
abi? One man is not enough for you right?” He screamed.
“I don’t know what you are talking about. God knows I have
been faithful to you since…”
“Since when? Since after shagging your boss and letting him
get you pregnant for that…bastard?” He raved.
“How dare you call my son a bastard! You are the bastard in
this house you idiot!” She shouted.
“You dare insult me because I insulted your former man
friend? How dare you?” Stephen shouted.
Layode took in deep breath and moved over to sit on a small seat and continued eating her food. Her children were there eating slowly
and looking at their parents.
Stephen walked over to her and kicked her
plate of food and it fell to the ground.
“Stephen!” She shouted.
He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her close to him so
that she could feel his breath.
“This is the first and the last time you’d ever bring
another man’s food into this house! Am I clear?” He spat.
Layode lifted her knee and kicked him in the groin and he
yelped, falling to the ground in the process. 
She had had it, after seven years
of being together and three years of being married, she was officially fed up.
She rushed to the wardrobe and began pulling out her clothes and dropping them
on the bed.
“Where do you think you’re going? Layode!” Her husband
shouted, still reeling from the impact of her knee to his groin.
Layode didn’t speak, she just threw in her clothes into a
bag and threw in her kids clothes and dragged the bag towards the door.
“Femi…stop eating, take your sister’s hand…” She said to
her son.
Her husband stood up and ran to grab his daughter.
“Where do you think you’re going? To your sugar daddy’s
house abi? You can go but not with my daughter.”
“Give me my daughter now!” Layode shouted, dragging her
daughter by the leg.
The girl began to cry loudly as she watched her parents
fight over her.
“She is my daughter…you can take your son with you…”
Stephen shouted.
Layode struggled to take her daughter but Stephen was far
too strong for her, he pushed her to the bed and taking the little girl, he
opened the door and hurried out of the house.
“No! Stephen! Bring back my daughter! Stephen! Nooooo….”
She cried.
Femi stood at the corner of the room eating his fish. Layode
wiped her tears with the back of her palms and picked up the bags.
“Come Femi…let’s go…” She said.
“What of my sister?” He asked.
“Don’t worry….I’ll come back for her.” Layode assured.
He nodded and followed his mother.
“So, I am going to pay him a visit tomorrow and guess where?”
Zino said excitedly.
“Where?” Evie’s non-enthusiastic voice asked.
“Banana Island!” Zino said in excitement.
“Zino, are you sure you want to do this?”
“Do what?”
“Be the mistress of a man you know nothing about and have his child?”
“Wait, you are jumping the gun. The first thing here is that
being his mistress comes with a full package which includes a house on the Island,
trips all around the world and designer things.”
Evie’s breathing could be heard down the phone line.
“This sounds too good to be true…”
“What’s too good to be true…this is reality and lots of
girls are living it…don’t be a dummy.” Zino chided.
“I just hope you’re making the right decision.”
“Yes I am…anyway, I am going to pay you back the twenty
thousand today, once I’ve seen Chief.” Zino said.
“Tell me how it goes, okay…”
“You bet I will…”
“Please Zino, stay out of trouble. This new turf that you’re
about to step into is filled with snakes and vipers…you need to be careful.”
“I will…” Zino sang out.
“Have you thought of the fact that he might have a mistress
that he recently ended a relationship with? You remember the saying that hell
hath no fury than a woman scorned, right?”
“Abegi…which kain talk be dat…it’s the national cake
na…if there’s been lots of women before me, at least they are living the life
now…so, why bother?”
“Okay ooo…I have to get back to work…” Evie said.
“You mean slave trade? You need to wake up and smell the
coffee….in this generation, beautiful women don’t need to work to make money
and pay the bills. All we need to do is, use what we have to get what we want!
I am so grateful for social media for helping me put myself out there…” Zino
“I have work to do…I’ll call you later…” Evie said dismissively.
Zino smiled as soon as she hung up the call. She stared at
her reflection on the cracked mirror in her room and said aloud.

“Zino darling…say goodbye to poverty.”
To be continued tomorrow…



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