Zino was lucky, she was contacted the very next day after
posting about seven ‘hot’ pictures on Instagram. She shrieked in joy! She had
been able to borrow some money from Evie with a firm promise to pay her back as
soon as she got the money.
“Hello…” Someone sent her a DM on Instagram.

“Hello…” She responded.
“You’re hot…” The person said.
She went to the person’s IG page to see if was male or
female but saw just quotes of different kinds on the page.
“Who you?” She asked.
“Megadonz!” The person replied.
“I don’t normally reply DMs.” She said, not wanting to sound
too eager.
“Well…you are lucky that I found my way into yours. I was
actually checking IG when I stumbled on your page.”
“Oh…you’re the one who requested to follow me last
night right?”
“Yes…I am. Can I have your  phone number? I have a business
proposition that you cannot refuse.”
He said.
Zino almost screamed in excitement, she jumped around her
room in frenzy and kept jumping about. She soon calmed down and sent her
In five minutes, she received a call.
Chief Shedrach was busy with the members of his ‘farm’ board
when his phone rang. He would have ignored it if it was anyone else but it was
someone of utmost importance.
“Excuse me, I have to take this call.” He said to his board
and quietly made his way to the balcony attached to the boardroom. As soon as he got to the balcony, he shit the door behind him.
“Megadonz, what’s up?”
“Sir…I have a fish to fry.” He said.
“I told you I can handle just five women…I don’t want to
exceed it…” Chief said.
“The Lagos one bailed out on me…” Megadonz said in
Megadonz was Chief’s official pimp as every five years, he
had a job of presenting chief with girls as mistresses. He was very careful too as Chief never had more than one girl in a state.
“What do you mean that she bailed out! I saw her and I had
already arranged that she gets a beautiful place on the Island.” Chief said.
“Well, I found out that she has a sugar daddy and he’s one
of your enemies…you can’t have her as your concubine.” Megadonz said. “Besides, she already has a beautiful place on the island, courtesy of her sugar daddy.”
“What? She’s dallying with my enemy? How dare she?”
“Well..thank God I found out and on time too…”
“You have a new one?”
“Where did you find her?”
“Instagram….wait…before you say anything, I must tell
you that this girl looks desperate. She’s obviously poor and struggling. She
looks clean too…I don’t think she’s ever had anything with any of these big
policitians…” Megadonz said.
“Why Instagram? You know I hate social media!”
“Well, your girlfriends are all on social media. However,
the former Lagos one was on Instagram too but she’s too smart. She didn’t even put up the
pictures of the yacht on IG, and that was how I knew she’s a pro. If it’s
other girls, they would rush to do that…”
“Okay then…I’ll see her and we’ll take it from there but
note that this is the last time you get me girls from social media, if you can’t
be proactive enough to look for girls then forget it.”
“I am sorry Chief, I did this because the other girl had to
go and I had already rounded up four ladies in different states.”
“What’s this one’s name?” Chief asked.
“Zino…her name is Zino!”
Ego drove to the salon to make her hair and get her
pedicures done, she turned off her engine and strode into the salon, ignoring
the greeting of the security men at the entrance of the salon.
“Good afternoon madam Ego…” One of the hairdressers
“I need my hair done in less than an hour…who can make
that happen?” Ego asked.
“I can…” Another hairdresser said, rushing off to meet
“I want the exclusive lounge please…” Ego said, thinking
of her bank account.
“Sure…:” The hairdresser said as she led her to the
exclusive section.
At the exclusive section, a young lady sat, eating chips
while her hair was done and making a loud video call to someone with her tablet. The call was on speaker phone as Ego could hear everything they said. She wanted to
protest that it was an exclusive lounge and she didn’t need the noise but the lady mentioned a name and Ego froze her in her tracks.
“Chief Shedrach seems to be a very generous man, you should
have stayed longer and tasted from the two pots.” The female voice on the line
“And have Air Marshal skin me alive abi? I spent the weekend
at his boathouse and it was fun…so much fun…” The lady said.
Ego saw red, ‘so this is the useless b***h Chief spent the
last weekend with’, she thought. She angrily stormed up to the lady and dragged
her tablet from her, smashing it to the ground.
“Whaat…” The lady said in shock.
“It’s funny how we meet ‘wanted’ people in the most unlikely
places!” Ego shouted.
“What are you talking about? Who the heck are you?” The lady
asked in chagrin. “You just smashed my tablet!”
“I am Ego, Chief Shedrach’s only woman!”
“How’s that my business!”
“It is your business because you’ve been with my man and I
do not share!” Ego screamed.
“Excuse me?”
“Yes! You heard me! He is my man and you’re not going to
come in from Lala-land and whisk him away.” Ego shouted.
“Listen to me and listen good, yes I spent the weekend with
Chief Shedrach but I have a bigger fish to fry so I left him. Just so you to know, if I hooked my claws on him, there’s no way in this world that
you’d get him back. Fortunately, I let him go…so run along now…” The lady
“How dare you?”
“You are very stupid to place your hopes on a man who’s married and has a long line of mistresses! Take my advice and take what you can when you can and leave!” The lady said.
Ego stared at her in anger and turned around to leave the
room. The door of the exclusive suite was open as hairdressers crowded the door
in a bid to see what was going on.
“Get out of my way!” Ego screamed at them and stormed out of the salon.
As soon as she got to her car, she dialled Tina’s number.
“Hello Tina, I saw the dirty thing that spent the weekend
with Chief…can you imagine how ugly she is? Anyway, I’m calling to ask that
you help me arrange the man that has to get me pregnant for Chief. I need to
trap that useless Chief before he gets away!”

To be continued…..



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