Chief Shedrach Sese was a shrewd businessman, he was so
successful in his business prospects and was an envy to many other businessmen.
He was seated in his monstrous office that had a view facing the ocean, he
picked up his phone and stared at the message he had just sent. God knew that
Ego needed to get rid of the pregnancy but then again, was it possible? He
asked himself. He thought he had rid her of all chances of ever conceiving and
here she was, telling him that she was expecting his child.

Chief belonged to an exclusive fraternity, the kind that gave and received. It was
the major secret to his success but not many knew of it. Ego was just a pawn
and after five years, he was done with her and had to take another. When Chief joined the
fraternity, he was told in plain terms that he had to keep concubines and that
the number of concubines he had would determine how big his wealth would be. He
kept three concubines, got them luxurious houses on the island, financed their
trips abroad, bought them cars and made them comfortable but there was a catch- as he dallied with them, none of them was to ever get pregnant for him. Infact
it was an oath, a binding contract that they had signed without knowing it. Their involvement with him rid them of chances of ever
conceiving as he in turn made more money. Now, Ego was pregnant. How come? He
thought. Even if she got involved with another man she was never meant to get
pregnant. Getting pregnant meant that he could kiss one third of his wealth goodbye. 
Yes, he was due to change concubines this year as he had spent five whole years with  them and as long as he was concerned they had over-stayed their
use. This year, through the help of pimps, he had a new set of unsuspecting young girls who wanted the fine
things of life by all means possible and he was ready to give it to them, in
exchange for more fortune.
“How can she be pregnant?” He asked himself again the umpteenth
He knew he couldn’t confide in his fraternity members or
they’ll make a mountain out of a mole hill and say that he had broken the code
and had to be punished. The best way out of this was to force Ego to terminate
the pregnancy and she’d better get to it fast. 
He thought of calling her to
make his threat more pragmatic but as soon as he picked his phone, a call came in
from his daughter.
“Hey princess…”
“Hey daddy…how are you?”
“I’m at work…I hope your studying hard and staying away
from boys…”
His daughter giggled. “You bet…”
Layode stared at the card again, she was in the small
kitchen she shared with four other tenants of the small face me I face you
quarters she had moved to with her family one year ago.
“Iya Femi…how far?” Sisi Rose greeted.
Sisi Rose was a very loud talkative who was still single but
not searching as the whole men in town wanted to have a piece of her.
“I dey ooo…you don hear say tomato don cost for market?”
Layode said.
“My dear nor be small thing…I hear say na one kain pest
dey chop our tomatoes finish. Infact, everything don cost for market sef…”
Sisi Rose said.
Layode grunted and opened her pot to check her fish on fire
when Sisi Rose peeked into the pot and screamed.
“Yepka! Iya Femi! You thief fish for market?”
“Which kain question be dat one? How I go thief fish?”
“See as the fish full ya pot and I know say you nor get
money…or wait…you don get bobo?”
“Abeg stop that kain talk! What sort of nonsense is that? I
don’t blame you, it’s because we share a kitchen that’s why you can poke your
nose into something that’s none of your business!”
“Na honesty question I dey ask na…abeg nor vex.”
Layode looked at her and sighed.
“I bumped into an ex collegue and he paid for the fish…”
“See luck ooo…so una go chop belleful today….”
“You can have some fish if you want…” She offered.
“Ofcourse I want na….who nor want better thing?” Sisi Rose
smiled as she peered into the pot of fish.
Layode quickly hid the card inside her wrapper and continued
cooking. Sisi Rose took a slice of fish and began to eat.
“But come ooo…Iya Femi, you be fine woman and dat ya
husband nor fit you at all…”
Layode didn’t respond.
“You know say he tell Mosebolatan say Femi nor be im pikin.”
Layode stopped in shock and stared at Sisi Rose.
“I just dey tell you wetin I hear….” She said.
Layode still didn’t respond, she quietly brought out the
blended tomatoes and began making stew.
Zino stood outside the balcony of her house, she could see
the ground because she was at a very dangerous angle but it was the only way to
lose the dirty background that the street provided. She positioned her phone at
a good angle and took a quick shot of herself dressed in a see-through top
which boosted her cleavage. She had opened a new Instagram account and had
named herself the ‘Sexylicious Xinodee’ a name which she felt would draw
important people to her. This was going to be the first picture on her handle
as well as the display picture and she was going to make her account private in order to make people want to follow her.
“Sister Zino! You wan die?” Her neighbour, Elder John asked.
He had just walked out to the balcony for fresh air and was shocked to see
Zino, hanging on to the railing and taking a selfie.
Zino took another selfie and was satisfied, so she jumped
off the railing and onto the balcony she shared with the four tenants living
upstairs in her compound.
“What’s your business?” She spat.
Elder John stared in shock at her cleavage well-exposed by
her dressing.
“What is all this for? What is happening to you Zino?” He
“Well, in case you don’t know, I’ll
tell you. Good girls don’t get the fine things of life anymore….bad girls do!”
She spat and stalked out of the balcony, headed to her room.
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To be continued tomorrow….



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