Zino looked at herself in the mirror again and smiled, she
looked very beautiful and she was sure that Chief would love the outfit she had
chosen and also the lingerie she wore underneath. She made her way to the comfy
sitting room of her house and kept her fingers crossed. She prayed with all her
heart that Chief doesn’t use protection as he had planned so that she could pin
the pregnancy on him. She looked at the time, it was almost ten pm, she turned
on the television and was watching a talk-show programme, when she dozed off.

Ego was just around corner, she was seated in her car
waiting for the right time to pounce, she had been sitting in the car for the
past thirty minutes and she kept glancing at the time. She recalled the words
of the man who had given her the potion and sighed.
His words had been ‘at
about midnight, you have to journey to her house and pour the potion at the
front of the house. Be it the gate, the door, as long as it’s an entrance to her
house, pour it there and see what will happen.’

She stared at her wristwatch and sighed again, it was eleven
thirty pm, she had thirty minutes left.
Alhaji had pulled strings at all the local and international
airports in the country and soon, his sources had been able to track the
manifests of the airlines that had left Lagos that night. Soon, he found what
he was looking for, his son’s name was there on the manifest alongside his
mistress’s. They had left Lagos for Calabar. He made a call to his contacts at the police station and
soon, they had alerted the police headquarters at Calabar.
Bello and his mother were eating dinner in Tina’s cousin’s
house. Tina’s cousin was a young woman who lived in Calabar with her young
family, her kids were happy to see a playmate in Bello and they kept whispering
to one another, excited that they had a new play buddy.
“So, you just left Lagos like that?” Her cousin asked her.
“I really had no choice, it was either I run away or lose my
“You took a flight here huh?” Her cousin asked.
Tina nodded and took a bite of her yam.
“Then, if the Alhaji is as powerful as you say he is, you
can be traced.” She said.
“What? We are in Calabar and this place is far away from
“You took a flight and when you take flights you provide your details to the airlines. I once worked for a security company and I learnt a lot there.
You need to be in a place where no one can locate you. Right now, he’s hot on
your heels.” Her cousin stressed.
“I don’t believe it. He had no idea that I was going
anywhere…he didn’t know I was running away.” Tina said with tears in her eyes.
“I’m sure that now, he knows. I can call my contact at the
police station here in Calabar and see if anyone has filed a report for a
missing person or persons. If indeed, Bello’s father is searching for you, you need to
leave now and fast!”
Tina’s heart thumped in her chest, she hastily gulped down a
glass of water and watched nervously as her cousin dialled a number and placed
the call on speaker phone.
“Bello…could you go inside for a bit?” Tina said to her
son. “You can take your food with you.”
Bello nodded and carrying his plate of food, he headed out
of the sitting room while his second-cousins followed him behind.
The call was answered and Tina watched her cousin speak to
an officer.
“Hello Udo, how are you?” Her cousin said sweetly.
“I’m where you left me. How come you haven’t checked up on
me for weeks now?” He asked with a hint of humour in his voice.
“Hahaha…I check up on you once in a while but you hardly
do the same for me, it’s hard to believe that we were so close during our
university years.” Her cousin said into the speaker.
“Yea…we both got couldn’t sustain the closeness. What’s up?” He asked.
“Well, my uncle just came into town and he actually came in
the company of his niece. Somehow, they lost each other and he’s been trying her
number to tell her that he’s here with me but the network has been terrible.
Can you help me check if there’s been any report of a missing person or
persons? I’m sure she must have panicked and reported to the police station over his sudden disappearance.” Her cousin lied.
“Hmmm…lemme check. What’s your uncle’s name?”
“Bassey Efiok.” She lied.
Udo hummed as they heard the flip of papers and soon, he
“There’s been no report of such name here.”
“Oh good…but he’s still pestering me badly as he’s so
worried that she’s searching frantically for him. Do you know if anyone has
been reported missing today or is there a report for a wanted person?”
“Yea…we had a report for a wanted person at about eight-thirty
this evening, but it’s a female and she’s believed to be holding the child of a
prominent man or something…I think the name given here is, Tina.” He said.
Tina suddenly started breathing heavily in panic.
“Thank you so much Udo…”
“You’re welcome…” He said and hung up.
Her cousin stared at her.
“I told you so…”
“Oh my God! I have to go…we have to go…but where do we
go?” Tina cried.
“Shh….calm down, I have a plan. I know a good driver who
can drive you out of Calabar this night.”
“Where will we go?”
“You can go to my mom’s…she lives alone and she would love
to have you guys over.” Her cousin said.
Tina nodded, her maternal aunt Felice, had a heart of gold.
“Please go there, stay off social media, don’t call anyone
with your number, be prepared to stay there for the next four months till I’m
sure that your case has been abandoned by the police before you return.”
Tina stood up and rushed to hug her cousin.
“You are so smart and I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
She cried.
“What is family for?” Her cousin said. “Now, quick! Finish
your meal while I call the driver…you guys must leave here within the hour.”
She said.
Tina nodded and sat on the chair and stared at her food, her
appetite had suddenly disappeared.
Ego watched the seconds hand tick slowly till it hit the
spot, it was twelve midnight. She hurried out of her car and headed out to the
street. She crossed the road and hurried over to Zino’s house. The gate was
locked and she pulled out the bottle from her pocket and poured some contents at
the gate. She turned to go but she wasn’t satisfied, ‘what if the potion poured
at the gate didn’t work well enough?’ she thought. She knocked at the gate and
waited for the gate man to answer. A gate man pushed open the small gate  and looked at her.
“Good evening…my name is Lily and I’m here to see Zino.”
She said.
“Who you wan see?”
“Ya madam..” She smiled, still clutching the potion.
“Come tomorrow…” He said. “Night don come.”
“No, I really have to see her…” Ego said as she hoped that
he would open the gate and she would get into the compound and use the potion
on the front porch.
She was still speaking when a car zoomed up to the house and
the lights of the car beamed on her. 
Ego turned around and found herself face
to face with one of Chief’s vehicles. The back door opened and Chief alighted. 
Ego froze.

To be continued tomorrow….



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