Ego sat at home and waited impatiently for midnight, the clock
seemed to be so slow as it was still some minutes past three pm.
“What is wrong with this clock?” She asked aloud.
She heard her doorbell ring and kept staring at the clock,
the bell chimed again and she hissed, ‘where is that maid?’ she asked herself.
Soon she heard footsteps approach her room and the door opened to reveal a
distressed-looking Tina.

“Tina! You look terrible…is everything alright?” She
Tina broke down in tears and started to speak but her words
weren’t coordinated.
“Calm down T, I’ll get you some water.” Ego said and hurried
to her fridge to get a bottle of water, which she poured in a glass and handed
over to her friend.
Tina drank the water and handed Ego the glass and watched as
she walked over to drop it on the fridge top.
“Tell me what happened?” Ego asked.
“They’ve taken Bello! Alhaji’s wife took him away…” She
“What? How?”
“I had planned it all, I had packed our things, I was
prepared to leave…oh my God!” Tina cried as she told her friend all that had
happened at her son’s school.
“That’s pure wickedness!” Ego shouted.
“I feel so empty. Alhaji said I have some sort of mental
problem and I won’t get Bello back till he’s sure I’m fine. Summer vacation is
almost here and soon that woman would leave with my son, I can as well kiss my
baby goodbye.” She cried.
“No way! They can’t take him from you…no way!” Ego said.
“What do I do? I am helpless! I don’t know what to do…”
“Have you thought of visiting a shrine? Just to see if you
can get help?”
“A shrine? All because I want to get Bello back? Tell me,
what do I tell whoever is at the shrine? That my son was stolen from me by his
father? Do you know that I could be given some kind of nasty juju that can end
up destroying things for me?”
“What are you saying? That you’re so holy and cannot visit a
“Ego, shrines only help to complicate matters…I don’t need
to consult such just because I want to get my son back.”
“Then you are not ready to get him back!” Ego snapped.
“Ego, I came here for sound advice on how to get Bello back, I’m not here to talk about shrines.”
“You let that nanny go didn’t you? Even after I wisely
adviced you to get rid of her. Who knows if she’s spilled your plans to Alhaji
and his wife and that’s why they took Bello.”
“I have never murdered anyone in my entire life! Ego, what
has gotten into you? I was surprised when you suggested that we end her life. Am I God?”
“Abegi…we must do anything it takes to protect our
interests and if anyone is infringing on our rights or trying to take what
belongs to us, we cut the person off.” Ego said.
“That young woman took care of my son since he was a baby,
yes, she was spying for Hadija Fatima but that doesn’t give me the right to
take her life!” Tina said enraged.
“Then what have you come here for? What do you want to hear
from me? What’s my big idea? Listen to me Tina, I am tired of your annoying
friendship, I have wanted to tell you for days now but I couldn’t. You suck at
“Excuse me? Ego, where is this accusation coming from?” Tina
asked in surprise.
“You tried dissuading me against getting pregnant for Chief,
knowing well that you have a secure future since you have Bello.”
“What are you saying? Are you deaf? Can’t you see that Alhaji
is trying to take Bello away from me? That’s what I saw and advised you
against having a child for Chief. I don’t know Chief but he’s fought hard to make sure you don’t fall
pregnant for him and even now that you have revealed to him that you’re
pregnant, hasn’t he tried to eliminate the pregnancy? Ego, I was advising you
as a friend…” Tina said.  
“Well, I don’t need your advice, since you’re now a goody
too shoes and I’m a horrible person.” Ego said.
“What has gotten into you?”
“Nothing but I’d like you to leave.” Ego said.
Tina’s eyes widened in shock at her friend.
“Ego! Are you asking me to leave your house?”
“Yes, please leave…and never come back. Our friendship is
Tina stood up quietly and picked up her bag.
“I was only advising you as a true friend should…”
“Get out!” Ego spat.
Tina nodded and left the room, as soon as she left, Ego
walked over to shut the door.
“Good bye Tina!”
Elijah sat in the police cell, he had been questioned by
some officers and he had denied everything. Now, he didn’t understand why he
was tossed into a cell when he had answered all the questions that the officers
had asked him. He was hunched in the cell when a man unlocked the cell and
stepped in, locking the door behind him. The man wasn’t wearing a uniform but
Elijah stared at him in fear.
“You said that Layode sent you her address on her own
accord?” The man asked.
“Yes…that woman has always liked me and she has been
hoping that the two of us could get together.” Elijah said.
“Hmmm….we actually contacted the telecommunications company and they are willing to provide us with the conversations you had with Layode
on the phone.”
Elijah’s eyes widened.
“What?” He croaked.
“Yes, you heard me right.”
Elijah stared at the ground, contemplating on what new lies to concoct.
“You must be acting under someone’s directives…can you
tell me who?”
“Me? No way ooo…I have told you the truth.” Elijah said in
a shaky voice.
The man slapped him twice on the cheek and Elijah saw stars.
“Since you don’t want to tell the truth the right way, I’ll
have you tell the truth by the time I’m done with you.”
Elijah hated pain, he began
to cry.
“I’ll tell you…please…I’ll tell you.”
“Alright, I’m all ears!” The man said.
“It’s all on my madam’s orders!” Elijah said.

To be continued tomorrow…..



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