Layode wrote her statement at the police station, she had
answered a barrage of questions and was already beginning to feel tired and
dizzy. She hadn’t slept in days, not since her son got missing. She sat on one
of the benches in the police station waiting for Henry to be done with the DPO.
He soon emerged from the office within and walked up to meet her.
“You look pale…” He said. “Perhaps you should go home and get some rest.”
She shook her head stubbornly.
“I won’t leave till I’m sure they’ve found my son.” She
“Let’s leave them to do their job, they don’t have a lead
yet but they are on it.”
Layode started to cry.
“I am scared that something bad might happen to him, Femi is
a brave little boy but he gets so scared too…” She said.
Henry sat down beside her.
“Let’s go somewhere for lunch.” He
“I’m not hungry…”
“When was the last time you ate?” He asked.
She looked at him and looked away, she couldn’t remember
when last she ate.
“You look like you need some food and a lot of rest.” He
“Don’t you understand? I can’t rest or eat till I’ve found
“That’s a stupid move, what if he’s found and you’ve died of
starvation? C’mon, don’t be stubborn.”
She looked at him and sniffed, then she nodded.
“Okay…” She said.
They both stood up and headed out towards the car. Elijah
was roaming about the premises, he looked worried.
“Sir…” He said as soon as he saw them.
“We need to get to a good restaurant around here…” Henry
Elijah nodded, his hands shook uncontrollably, he had tried
looking for a phone booth around the police station but to no avail as the vendors
only sold recharge cards and he didn’t have his phone with him.
“Yes…sir…” Elijah said.
“Are you okay? Elijah, you look unnerved.” Henry said worriedly.
“I’m…fine…sir..” Elijah stammered.
Layode looked at Elijah and saw that he couldn’t meet her
gaze, suddenly something in her snapped and everything started coming back to her. Elijah’s lies to her that she’d meet the boss at his house, and
later, his calls to inform her that the boss had instructed him to bring her to
the office.
“Elijah…you called me and told me that the boss asked you
to bring me to his office this morning and I sent you my home address.” She said then
addressing Henry, she asked. “Did you ask Elijah to come and pick me up at my
residence this morning?”
“No I didn’t…” Henry said.
“Me? Told you what? When? What are you talking about?”
Elijah asked with a hint of fear in his eyes.
Layode angrily brought out her phone and opened the text
message box, she handed the phone over to Henry.
“I sent Elijah my home address on Saturday because he told
me that I should send it to him so that he can come and pick me up on Monday. If
you never instructed him to pick me up from my home, who did? And why is it
that shortly after I had sent him the text message, my son disappeared?”
Henry’s eyes widened as he stared at Elijah. Elijah had fear
and apprehension written in his eyes as he stared at his boss and Layode.
Tina packed her son’s clothes into a duffel bag and
zipped it close. She had sent the nanny away against Ego’s judgement.
Did Ego really think she’d commit murder? She couldn’t kill the nanny for
eavesdropping or for being a mole all along. All she did was let her go and she
had made her swear to keep her mouth shut.
She had spent the night hatching her plan to escape with her
son and her plan was going to work, she was sure of it.
Bello had left for school that morning and as soon as she
had dropped him off, she had made some phone calls to some of her cousin in
Calabar, who was willing to have her come and stay with her family for a few days.
She had enough money in her bank account, she had enough cash on her and she
had planned to drop her car off at Ego’s place then have a private car service
drive her and Bello to Ibadan and from there, she’ll take a flight to Port Harcourt,
lodge at a hotel there for the night and after that, take a flight to Calabar and stay
with her cousins. She would have taken a straight flight from Lagos to her
destination but she was scared that Chief might trace her through the airlines
and somehow find his way to them.
She discreetly took the bags she’d packed downstairs and
opening her car door, she placed the bags in the booth and shut the door. She
was dressed casually in a jeans trouser and a denim top which she paired with
comfortable sandals. She used a turban to cover her hair and didn’t wear any
makeup or earrings.
She got into her car, kicked the ignition to life and drove
out of the estate, heading to her son’s school. His school dismissed pupils at
one thirty pm and she didn’t want to be late.
In less than fifteen minutes, she reached her son’s school,
parked her car and headed towards the school compound. The bell rung loudly for
end of school and she sighed in relief. The gate man opened the gate and she
stepped in.
“You’re waiting for Bello, am I correct?” A child minder
“Yes…” She smiled.
“He should be out of his class soon.” The child minder said.
Tina nodded and waited, she glanced at her wristwatch and
looked up to see Bello hurrying towards the gate. She smiled but froze when she
saw a woman follow him behind, it was none other than Hadija Fatima.
Bello hurried to meet her.
“Big mommy is taking me for ice cream.” He said.
“I don’t think that’s going to happen, we’re going home.”
She said.
Hadija Fatima walked up to them.
“Tina…” She said.
“Good afternoon Hadija. I hope you are well?”
“I am taking my son to the ice cream place.” Hadija said.
“He just told me and I don’t want him to go to the ice cream
place.” Tina said stiffly, angry that Hadjia had referred to Bello as her son.
“It’s not in your place to give me permission to be with
Bello or not.”
“I am his mother.” Tina said in anger.
“I am his father’s legal wife, married by law…” She
“Well, your marriage to alhaji has nothing to do with my
son.” Tina said.
Hadjia didn’t reply, she turned to Bello and said.
“Come my darling, let’s go for ice cream.”
Bello smiled and took her hand, Tina grabbed her son’s other
“I said no!” Tina screamed drawing the attention of some
parents who had come to pick their kids.
A bulky man walked up to them, he was Hadjia Fatima’s body
guard, he whisked Bello up in his arms and strode off with him.
“Did you just say no to me?” Hadija Fatima hissed.
Tina hurried after the bodyguard who had Bello in his arms and was already out of the school gate and headed towards the car.
“Give me my son! Give him back to me!” She screamed.
Hadjia’s bodyguard opened the door of the car and placed the
boy inside and shut the door, while Hadjia Fatima entered the car. Tina watched
helplessly as the bodyguard joined in and they zoomed off.
She walked over to her car and started to cry, her plan was
slowly falling apart. As soon as she stepped into her car, her phone rang, it
was Alhaji.
“How dare you insult my wife and disrespect her?” Alhaji
screamed at her.
“I didn’t insult her besides she took my son!”
“Hadija has been telling me that you are emotionally imbalanced
but I never believed it.” He said.
“What do you mean by that?”
“I mean that you won’t be allowed to be close to Bello again
until you prove otherwise!” He said and hung up.

To be continued tomorrow….


  1. kai this Tina is a major slacker…if it was my son, we would have made that journey to Ibadan the previous day after school so nobody suspects till its too late…dis story is so so captivating


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