Layode had just boarded the bus when her phone rang, it was a
number she didn’t recognise but she answered it all the same.
“Layode, it’s Henry, get back to the office now!” He said.
Layode wondered why the boss wanted her back all of a sudden
and she alighted from the bus which still boarding passengers. Minutes later, she arrived
at the boss’s office and walked towards the elevator, she saw Elijah standing
at the secretary’s post, he was staring at her with an unreadable expression in
his eyes.

Layode’s heart beat so fast, ‘have they found my son?’ she
asked herself as she waited for the elevator to take her to the seventh floor
which was where Henry’s office was situated. She was ushered into the boss’s
office by his personal assistant and as soon as the door was shut behind her,
she asked.
“Have the police found my son?”
Henry looked at her.
“I just had to take one look at his picture and I realised that
you have been telling the truth.” He said.
Layode looked at him, she was sad that her son hadn’t been
found yet but she replied him all the same.
“I started working as your personal assistant right from my
third year in the University because I was on a part-time programme and I worked for
you till I got married. Within that time, we dated and you got to know me for
who I really am. So, you answer the question, have I always been a liar?”
Henry shook his head.
“You are one of the most truthful persons I’ve ever met.”
“I wonder why you could have pushed my claims aside as
though I was crazy or a gold digger who wanted money. I raised Femi from birth and he’s four years old. My husband, Stephen knows that he is not
his and it’s because of this truth that he and I have been having issues as he
wants me to return Femi to his father. We finally had an argument where he hit
me and I decided to take my kids and leave, I have two children, the second is
his but he refused to let me have her. So, I took my son and went to my
cousin’s, before all these happened, I had met Elijah who told me that you had reopened
your company and that you’re doing well. He found out about the child and told
me to tell you about him, I refused to at first but due to his persistence, I
decided to pay you a visit, there I met your wife and afterwards, I met you as I
was leaving the premises.” She said.
“I am sorry for all you’ve been going through.”
“All I want, is that you help me find my son. You are
influential and you have friends within the police, just help me find him and I
promise that I’ll disappear from your life.”
“No, please don’t say that, I want you to work for me, just
like the old times.”
“No, I have thought of it and it’s in the past, I can’t work
for you anymore because we might go back to the life we used to live. It is not
fair on the people who love us. I dated you back then because I wanted money to
help train my fiance in school, he knew that was what I was doing but suddenly
turned against me once he had gotten his certificate. Look at my life, it’s in
shambles. If I’d never dated you or even had a child for you, somehow, Stephen
would still have graduated and who knows? We might never have ended up together
because I would have seen him for who he truly is and he wouldn’t have felt so
indebted to me to have married me.”
“I understand and I am sorry.”
“Can you help me find my son? That’s all I want right now.”
“I’ll ask my PA to clear my schedule so that we can go to the
station together.” He said.
Layode nodded and sat down on  a sofa in the office, praying that Femi would be found.
Elijah pranced about the office premises, he had flashed his
madam’s phone countless times but she wasn’t returning his calls.
“Gbege! Katakata don burst!” He kept repeating to himself. “I
have to tell the madam that it seems that the boss has realised that he has a
child by that woman.”
“Oga Elijah…please can I borrow your phone for a call?”
One of the cleaners he liked asked.
Elijah looked at his phone and wanted to refuse.
“Abeg na…nor be just one minute?” The cleaner cajoled.
“Na because I like you ooo…” Elijah said with a smile.
He handed her the phone and at that instant, he saw the boss
and Layode leave the building, the boss was looking for him as his eyes scanned
the premises.
“Sir!” Elijah shouted, running and leaving his phone in the
hands of the girl.
Elijah ran up to meet the boss.
“Take us to the police station quick!” He said.
“Yes sir…” Elijah ran, hurrying off to the car and driving it
to where the boss and Layode stood.
As soon as the boss and Layode entered the car, Elijah realised that he had left his phone with the cleaner.
As Elijah drove out of the compound, the cleaner ended her
call and a call came in, the caller ID was Madam.
Femi was asleep, he had been heavily drugged so he could
hardly keep his eyes open. The gang smoked cigarettes, weed and smoke filled
the air.
“This boy is slowing us down o. We have an operation for
tonight and we can’t leave him here.” One of the gang members said.
“We have to get money from him because we weren’t well paid
for his kidnap. Besides, why should we kill him just like that? If we can’t get money from his mother, we’ll look for ways to sell
him. Shebi dem dey sell pikin for our country? Abeg, anything that would give
us money.” Another member said.
Femi tossed about in his sleep, he was hungry and his
stomach growled.

To be continued tomorrow.


  1. Layode's integrity is still of utmost importance to her….I like that.

    What is going on btw Elijah and Oga's wife?

    Thank God, tomorrow is almost here. I can't wait to read what happens next to Tina and Co. Well done!


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