Tina was headed to the amusement park with her son but
decided to stop off at his school first. As soon as she parked the car, she
said to him.

“I’ll leave the air conditioning on and the car running for
you, I just want to speak to your teacher. I’ll also tell the security to stand
by the car just in case you need anything.” Tina said.

Bello nodded, he was occupied with the game on his ipad.
Tina locked the car and hurried into the school, she spoke
to the security man and headed over to the administrative office.

“Good morning…” She greeted.

“Oh hello madam…we received your call about Bello’s
abscence from school.” The headmistress said.

“Yes, he travelled with his dad and just came home this
morning…I want him to rest after the flight.” Tina said.

“That’s very fine. How can I help you madam?”

“Please I’d like a photocopy of my son’s birth certificate,
I need to register him at a karate school and I have been asked to provide his
birth certificate and I don’t seem to know where I dropped it.” She lied.

“Karate? But we offer karate classes here in school. I
didn’t know that Bello was very interested in joining Karate classes.” The
headmistress said with a smile.

“He’s not interested but I want him to join. My friend runs
a good karate programme for kids, she just started so I wanted him to give it a

“Okay then…” The headmistress said. She quickly made a
call to her secretary. “Please look for Bello’s file, take out his birth
certificate and make a photocopy. His mother just stepped into my office and
wants it….thank you.” She turned back to Tina and smiled.

“Bello has been doing very well, all thanks to the school.”
Tina said in order to pass time.

“All hands are on deck to bring out the best in our
students.” The headmistress said.

“I am very glad.” Tina smiled not knowing what else to say.

At that moment, Bello’s class teacher stepped into the

“Good morning madam.” The teacher greeted Tina.

“Hello, how are you?” Tina responded graciously.

“How’s Bello?”

“He’s fine, he’s actually in the car but he didn’t want to
come inside.”

“He’s such a good boy and his classmates love him.” The
teacher said.

“That’s good to hear.” Tina said.

“When he didn’t show up at school today, I was wondering if he’s made the big move yet.” The teacher

“What move?” Tina asked.

“Bello said that he’s moving permanently to the UK with you
after the term. He has been very excited about it.”

“What? I mean, he said that?” Tina asked in surprise.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you aren’t aware.” The teacher apologised.

“No, I am aware it’s just that his father and I asked Bello
to keep it a big secret.” Tina smiled.

The headmistress and the teacher nodded, smiling. The
secretary walked in with an envelope and handed it to the headmistress who
handed it to Tina. Tina rose up to leave.

“Thank you so much for this.” She said.

As she left the school premises she felt slighted, how could
Bello tell his classmates such rubbish? She thought. She got into the car and
drove out of the school gate, when she reached the junction, she asked her son.

“Bello…why did you lie to your classmates?”

Bello was at the back of the car still engrossed in his

“Lie? I didn’t lie to anybody.” Bello said.

“You told everyone in your class that you and I are
relocating to the UK…”

Bello didn’t respond.

“Bello! I am talking to you!” She shouted.

“You weren’t supposed to know, I was asked to keep it a
secret from you.” Bello said.

“Asked to keep the fact that you are travelling with me a
secret?” Tina asked.

“No, I’m not relocating with you but with big mummy.” Bello

Tina’s leg hit the brakes hard and she turned around to
stare at her son in shock. It was when other car horns blared behind her that
she quietly drove the car and parked at the side of the road. She picked up the
envelope with the photocopy of the birth certificate and opening it, she stared
at it. On the mother’s name section of Bello’s certificate was not her name but
Hadjia Fatima’s, she broke down in tears.


Ego blinked and opened her eyes, some good Samaritans had
brought her out of the vehicle and left her at the side of the road to regain consciousness.

“Are you okay?” A young man asked.

Ego nodded and started crying.

“Don’t cry na…you nor die…” A woman said to her.

Her mind went to her bag and its contents and she said.

“My bag…”

The young man walked over to the car where some young boys
were hovering around and opening the door, he pulled out a bag. He checked the
contents and walking up to her, he said.

“Your phones are in the bag.” He said handing it over to

“Thanks…” Ego said as she took the bag and rummaged its
contents for the box of keys. It wasn’t there.

“My box of keys…” She said.

“What keys?” The man asked.

“I had a box of keys in my bag…” She said hysterically.

“I don’t know where your keys are madam. You should thank
God that you didn’t sustain any injuries…” He said as he walked away.

Ego frantically searched her bag, crying as she looked for
the keys that she knew were gone.


“My son?” Henry Peters asked his former employee.

“Yes sir…I didn’t tell you because I thought my husband
would take him as his but ….he never did. Now, he’s been kidnapped and they’ve
asked for a ransom.” Layode cried.

“Wait…you are not making sense. How do you think I’d
believe your claims, you might be lying to me for all I know.”

“I swear sir, I am not lying. Even Elijah can bear me
witness, I came to your house to tell you the truth and met your wife who
offered me money instead and…”

“Elijah knows about this?” He asked in disbelief.

“Yes sir…he does, you can ask him, he’ll tell you
everything, how I met him at the market and how I told him about the child I
had for you.”

Henry walked over to his desk and made a quick call, he soon
hung up and said to her.

“Sit down…”

Layode sat but couldn’t stop the tears from falling down her
cheeks. Soon, the door opened and Elijah walked in.

“Sir…” Elijah started. “You called me.”

“Layode said she has a child for me, a child you know about.”
Henry asked.

“A child for you? No sir, I only know she has children for
her husband.” Elijah said.

Layode’s eyes widened in shock and disbelief.

“Elijah!” She exclaimed.

“So, she never told you of any child of hers that’s also

“Not that I know of sir, I only advised her to come and work
here again since she had no job.” Elijah said.

“You are a liar! Elijah!” Layode shouted.

“This is not a market place Layode, no shouting please.”
Henry said and addressing Elijah, he said. “You may go now.”

As Elijah left the office, Layode knew that she was in a very
complicated trap and she had no idea how to get out of it.

To be continued tomorrow….


  1. As suspected Chief played a fast one on Tina while Ego's insatiable thirst for life's comfort keeps getting the better of her.

    Layode should simply have shown her ex-boss his son's picture rather than mention Elijah's knowledge of the boy existence.
    This is a beautiful story but I wish today's episode was longer.

    • Yes, Chief played a fast one on her. Exactly what I thought ooo as regards Layode but as they say, Characters have their own ways of doing things.
      Thank you for reading.


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