“Tina! Tina!” Ego shouted as she ran up the stairs of Tina’s
Tina was in her son’s bedroom with her son who was staring
at her as though he didn’t want to be there with her.
“Bello…how are you?” Ego asked.
The boy didn’t reply.
“Tina, are you okay?” Ego asked silently as she stared at
Tina whose eyes were red rimmed.
“You don’t call me mommy anymore, is that what your dad and his wives told you
to do?” Tina asked her son.
Bello shrugged and said nothing.
“You are my everything…you are my all and I can’t think of
what could ever keep us apart. Please baby, tell me if there’s something I need
to know.” Tina said to her son.
“I just don’t like staying away from daddy…everyone in my
class has their daddies living with them and I don’t…”
“No that’s not true. Chike’s father doesn’t live with him,
Eniola’s dad too and Alfred…you’re lying to me, that’s not the reason.” Tina stressed.
Ego sat down on a chair and let mother and son talk without
interruption any from her.
“Well, I just don’t like to stay away from the main house,
that place is more fun than here and I only get to go visit every other
weekend and I miss big mummy alot too.”
“Big mummy? You mean, Hadija Fatima?”
Bello nodded his head.
“You’re already late for school, so why don’t we go some
place and have fun then tomorrow you can go to school. Go downstairs and eat
something…” Tina smiled at her son.
Bello nodded and sprinted off. Tina heaved a heavy sigh and
regarded Ego.
“What’s up?” Tina asked her friend. “Bello is just coming home from his dad’s place.”
“I need a huge favour T, I need you to help me keep these
keys to my cars, can you believe that Chief wants them back to give that tramp?”
Ego said, rummaging her bag for the box with the keys.
“Ego, I really don’t think…”
“I know what you want to say and I don’t want to hear it.
You want to advice me about chief abi?”
“No…I was meaning to say that I don’t think I’ll be around
for much longer.” Tina said.
“What? Where are you going?”
“I need to take my son and leave, just as the man at the
shrine we visited warned me. I have to go.”
“You what? Go where? Do you want to leave this life of
“Is that all that you can think of? A life of luxury? Listen
to me Ego, my son is the most important thing ever and I’ll die rather than
allow that hawk take him from me.”
“She can’t…she wont…” Ego started.
“That’s not true. She doesn’t have any sons and I know she
wants mine.” Tina said.
“But Bello is Alhaji’s son, where will you take him? His
father will comb the ends of the earth in search of you and if you are found,
he’ll arrest you for kidnap. Besides, I think that taking another woman’s child is a ridiculous move.”
“I just realised that I don’t have my son’s birth
certificate and I need it if I have to take him away. I’ve thought of how to
get it and I recall that his school has a photocopy, so, I’ll go to the
school and ask that they can give it to me to quickly photocopy. With that, I’ll
go to the local government and claim that it’s missing and bribe my way in order
that they help me issue a new one.”
“How don’t you have his birth certificate? Aren’t you his
“Alhaji handled everything, I have never even seen the birth
certificate before, all I know is, that he handled everything including
enrolling his son into the school.”
“So, in order words, you can’t help me keep my keys huh?”
“No, I am sorry, I am so stressed and unnerved right now and
I can’t keep it.”
Ego stood up to leave.
“Okay then, I’ll go and look for where to hide it.” She said
and left.
Tina didn’t bother seeing her off, she was too submerged in
her thoughts.
Ego had just stepped out of Tina’s house and got into her
car. She couldn’t believe that Tina could refuse her request.
“Mtchewww…so much for friendship.” She said aloud as she
promised herself never ever to go to her friend’s place again. “Na see me
finish cause am na…nonsense!” She hissed as she started her car.
She made her way down the road and soon drove out of Tina’s
estate and joined the main road, there was a bit of traffic ahead so she
applied her brakes but they didn’t work.
“My brakes are not working?” She asked herself as she
pressed the brakes harder.
The brakes weren’t still working and she was almost close to the last cars in traffic, she saw a small road at the right hand corner of the main road and
swerved into the road, making her way down the unpaved and sandy road while
still trying to apply her brakes to no avail. The road soon thinned out into a small one
lane road, and Ego frantically tried to halt to no avail. Suddenly a big truck
appeared, driving its way down the same road that she was on. She tried
pressing the brakes again to no avail. The truck slowed down but her car sped off towards it rammed
into the front of the truck and the bonnet flew up and hit her glass. Ego’s car
air bag forced its way out and Ego rammed her head on it, losing consciousness.

To be continued tomorrow….


  1. this Ego is too greedy & lazy to make a living for herself, all she talks about is chief this chief that na wa they go soon use you make paper-soup abi chief just did hissing.

  2. How sure is Tina that her nameis on her son's birth certificate, considering Chief's influence?
    I wish Ego knew the magnitude of her predicament.
    Finger's crossed…….

  3. You are welcome. Reading you stories is always a pleasure. Well done. Did you do an online book tour on omololaopatayo.com some months back?


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