Tina and Ego sat in the vehicle and stared at the
semi-detached duplex which looked freshly painted. The house seemed empty as no
one was outside the house.
“Are you sure that this is the right building?” Tina asked,
already bored of following Ego around town.
“Yes, I have my sources remember and I’m sure that this is
it. The tramp is in that house and she thinks she has chief under her thumb.”
Ego said still looking at the house.
“Listen to me Ego, what do you hope to achieve by going
there?” Tina asked.
“Who says I’m going in there? I’m not ready to get my hands
soiled with dirt, I’m just glad that I have an idea of where she’s
living…that’s all.” Ego said.
Tina rolled her eyes, she was weighed down by her own
problems, the words that the man told her at the shrine disturbed her and she
couldn’t wait to go home.
“How long are we going to sit out here? We haven’t even been
to the fertility clinic yet to see the doctor and we’ve wasted half the day…”
Tina said in a tired voice.
“Look! She’s coming out” Ego said, pointing at
the house.
Two ladies, Zino and her friend Evie, stepped
out of the house laughing and soon entered the car and a driver hurriedly got
in. Ego stared as the car drove past her car on the street.
“Did you see the Zino lady? She’s so ugly!” Ego
“Yes I did see her…what next?” Tina asked.
“You’re beginning to piss me off Tina! Why can’t
you stand by me through tough times?”
“I am by your side…” Tina said.
“I am just so upset…I’m so upset by this…how
I wish I could get myself another man….but Chief is so wealthy and not all
men are as generous as he is…” Ego said.
Tina was already tired of Ego’s whining, she was
about to speak when a phone call from her child’s nanny came through.
“What is it?” Tina asked the nanny.
“Madam, Bello has insisted that he has a wedding
to attend in Abuja this weekend and he’s packing his bags and insisting that he
goes for the wedding with his father’s wives. He just came home from school and
hasn’t even eaten lunch yet…”
“Don’t do anything…I am on my way.” Tina said
hastily and hung up.
Ego was still staring at the house bitterly.
“We have to go now! Bello is packing his things
to go to Abuja and I had no idea of anything…” Tina said in a panic-filled
“We still have to visit that wise woman ooo….do
you remember that woman that Tracy gave me the address to her place?” Ego said.
“Ego! What are you saying! I have to go and meet
my son! In fact, don’t bother, I’ll take a taxi. You can stay here and play
Mai-guard.” Tina said and alighted from the car.
Ego shrugged as she watched her friend hurry
down the road in search of a taxi.
“Mtchewww….as if my problems aren’t enough
already. Can you imagine? She already has a son ooo and her future is secure
and I have not even a pin to my name…” Ego lamented.
Layode was frantic, the search was taking
“He doesn’t know the area! Oh my God! What do I
do?” Layode cried.
“I am sure he must have wandered off. Everyone
on the street have already begun searching for him, I promise that he’ll be
found soon.” Rhema assured.
“Who have I offended eh? First I got separated
from my husband and daughter, now, it’s my son. What do I do? Oh what have I
done to deserve this?” She cried.
“We have searched the nook and cranny of the
street, we have even asked questions but no one saw him. The last time they saw
him was with a ball…” Rhema said.
Layode wailed and beat herself on the ground.
Zacchary looked at the small boy asleep on the
bed in his crib. His gang members smoked silently, each occupied in their own
“What next boss? This was a solo operation so…”
One of his men said.
“She wants me to finish him.” Zacchary said.
“What a pity! I wonder who must have crossed
that woman to want a child dead.” Another gang member said.
“It’s not our business to get emotionally
involved with anyone, least of all, our captives.” Zachary said.
“How much did she offer you for this job?” One
of the members asked.
“Not much…” Zacchary said.
“I hate stingy clients….we should look for
ways to make more money from this boy.” The first man said.
“Hmmm…I’ve thought of that. I am actually
thinking of calling the little boy’s mother and ask for a ransom. I am sure she
must have rich relatives…you know…” Zacchary said.
“How do you get her number?”
“I’ll ask the boy, he sounds smart….let’s see
if he can give me his mother’s number….” Zacchary said.
His members looked at him and nodded their
“Where do you think you’re going Bello?” Tina
spat at her son.
“I told you that I am going to Abuja for a
wedding. I told you some days ago…” Bello said, sounding quite upset.
“Well, Hadija Fatima didn’t inform me of her plans
to take you with her so I’m not letting you go.”

“Well, you don’t have the final say….” Bello
said rudely.
“What? Bello! How dare you talk to me that way?”
Tina shook him.
“Let me go, Tina!” Bello shouted.
Tina’s eyes widened, she stared at her son in
“What did you just call me?”
“I called you your name…” Bello said. “And my
dad is going to hear that you rough-handled me.” He said.
Tina opened her mouth to speak but shut it up
“The driver is waiting for me downstairs…”
Bello said, lifting up the small bag that he had packed and hurrying out of the
room. “Bye.”
Tina buried her face in her palms and cried.
After a while, she brought out her phone and made a call to Alhaji.
“We need to talk.” She said.
“Where is Bello? He’s supposed to be here thirty
minutes ago. We are going to miss our flight.” Alhaji shouted.
“How could you have planned a trip with my son
and not tell me about it?”
“Your son? He is my son and I make the decisions
for him whether you like it or not.” Alhaji said and hung up the call.
Tina stared at her phone and the words which
came to her mind were ‘you too Tina, what
are you waiting for? Take what you have and leave….remember the story of the
hen and the hawk….’
She quickly rushed to her room and brought down
her large box where she stored documents and began a thorough search for her
son’s birth certificate. She didn’t see it. She took her mind back to when
Bello was born, she remembered that his father handled all the papers
legalising him as his son as well as the birth certificate.
“Oh no!” She said when she realised that Bello’s
birth certificate was not with her but with his father.
To be continued tomorrow…..

New Season for Black Mail comes up on Sunday (God Willing)


  1. These ladies don't know what they are joking with……and to think they worked hard to get themselves into this mess.
    I like your style of writing. Sunday should come quick, abeg.

    • I'm sorry i do not feel sorry for them? What in life is that easy? Are they dumb? Others slave at work or a business, they should borrow brain and make themselves whilst they are baby mamas…..Why totally depend on a man? Irony is so many of them are from poor backgrounds so they should know better.
      Really enjoying this @Adaezewrites


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