Franka couldn’t believe that her husband’s alleged baby mama
had shown up in her home. She was threatened and needed to do away with
whatever it was that was threatening to destroy her home. She was in the car
driving to the gym but quickly picked up her phone and dialled someone she
 “Hello madam…” A sleazy
voice came through the line.
“A lady just left my house…some minutes ago. I want you to
trace her.” She said.
“Trace her? Who is she? I have no idea of who you want me to
trace. Do you have a picture?” He


“I wasn’t able to get a picture but I know someone who can
lead you to her….and I’ll call him right this instant.” She said.
“What do you want me to do to her?” He asked.
“I want you to find out if she has any child with her, then once
you’ve confirmed that there is indeed a child, I want you to take that child
and dump him or her somewhere.” She said in anger.
“Yes madam…I’ll do as you say.” The voice said.
“I’ll call Elijah and set up something…” She said and soon
hung up.
As soon as she dropped the phone on the passenger seat, she
hissed, “I’ll teach her who’s boss!”
Layode slumped on the sofa of Rhema’s house, she was tired
and the fact that she had trekked half the way home made her more beat.
“Where did you go?” Rhema asked, as she walked into the
sitting room and sat beside her.
Layode wanted to lie but she thought better of it.
“I went to see Femi’s father…” She started.
“Serious? Why?”
“I wanted to tell him the truth…but I couldn’t…I…”
“You went to his house to tell him that you had a child for
him? Why didn’t you tell me this before you went?” Rhema asked, sounding upset.
“I…wanted to but I felt that I’d be dragging you into a
matter that doesn’t have anything to do with you.” Layode said.
“So what happened?”
“Well, I didn’t see him…I saw his wife and I found that
she knew about it. Something tells me that Elijah told her…he sounds dodgy.”
“I don’t understand this story of yours….it has a lot of
holes but do yourself a favour and get a job and stop all contacts with that
Elijah guy. He sounds like he’s up to no good.”
Layode nodded, her phone rang at that moment, she looked at
the caller ID.
“It’s Elijah…” She said.
“Don’t pick his call. End this thing now!”
“I have to tell him that I’m disappointed in him for telling
the boss’s wife about Femi….” Layode said pleadingly.
“No…It’s best that you cut off all connections. Layode, I
am not too happy about all this and something tells me that if you push this,
you might get hurt.”
The phone rang persistently and stopped, then it began to
ring again. Layode answered the call.
“What do you want Elijah? You set the trap for me to meet
the boss’s wife, I hope you’ve achieved your goal?” She asked sounding upset.
“What goal? Layode….I looked for you everywhere in the
house but I didn’t see you…” He started.
“Really? Who told the boss’s wife that I have a child for
her husband?”
Rhema shook her head and left the sitting room.
“What? I didn’t say anything…in fact, on the day I spoke
to you, I think she eavesdropped on my phone conversation because she made some
comments…” He lied.
“I am not interested anymore…the boss asked me to come to
his office so that he’ll help me with work so, I’ll stick with that, I’d rather
have a well paying job to take care of my son than be his baby mama and depend
on him for upkeep.”
“No! You can’t say that. Do you know what? The boss has
asked that I come pick you up and bring you to his office…sometime next
“He asked me to come on Monday…”Layode said. “I don’t see
any reason why he’d want you to pick me up.”
“I’m just following his orders so I’ll come and pick you up
on Monday, please send me your house address….okay…”
Layode hesitated for a moment. “I was really angry with you
Elijah, to think that you’d betrayed me.”
“Don’t worry my dear…I’d never do that…just send me your
address and I’ll be there to come pick you up. Ah ah…dis one you’re sounding
as though you don’t know me again.” He teased.
“Okay…I will.” Layode said and hung up. Then scrolling to
the text message icon on her phone, she sent the house address.
Elijah got the house address on his phone and quickly
dialled his madam.
“Hello madam, I got her address….”
“Send the tramp’s address to me…” She said stiffly.
“I forwarded it to your phone before calling you…” He
“Good. Did you get anymore information from her?”
“Yes ma, she said she has a son…”
Franka breathed deeply and exhaled.
“Okay then….” She said.
“Ma….” He started.
“What do you want?”
“You promised me some money ma, for my daughter’s school
fees at the university…” He said.
“I have some very pressing issues to take care of, once I’m
done, I’ll send you the money.” She said.
“But ma, you’ve said this same thing for days now. I have
been your greatest ally, giving you updates on my boss’s movements but…”
“How dare you talk to me in such manner? You should be
grateful that you still have a job! A lot of people are being sacked and you’re
privileged to have a source of income.”
“I am so sorry ma…please forgive me madam…” He pleaded.
She hung up the phone.
Franka dialled a phone number and she quickly spoke as soon
as the line was answered.
“Did you see the address?” Franka asked.
“Yes, I did….” He said.
“She’s tall, dark-skinned and her name is Layode and she has
a son. Make sure you take him and I don’t want any mistakes.” She said.
“I’m on it madam….” The voice said.
As Franka hung up the call, she breathed a sigh of relief,
she didn’t need any more bastards laying claim to her husband’s fortune.
Zino couldn’t believe it! She was dazed at the beauty of the
place she was to call home, she had had her driver bring in her things from her
old place to her new one and couldn’t believe how her life had transformed. Her
phone rang and she answered excitedly.
“Evie! Guess what?”
“What…” Evie asked in a bored voice.
“I now live in a beautiful house…I can’t believe it…”
She screamed.
“I saw your payment into my account, you sent me a hundred
thousand naira.” Evie said.
“Uh huh! What are friends for?”
“How…where…what is going on?” Evie asked.
“What do you think is going on? Your friend is a rich lady,
that’s what’s going on…”
“I don’t believe this!”
“You’d better and you’d better come to Lagos too…even if
it’s for the weekend so that you can stay with me. You won’t believe what
you’re going to see, I have a driver, a car, a house, new clothes,
everything…” She giggled.
“Are you serious?”
“Please say you’ll come to Lagos…”
“I am leaving for Lagos first thing in the morning, and I’m
taking a flight, I am so inquisitive…I need to see this with my very eyes.”
Evie said.
“You’re not going to believe this! You won’t believe this!”
Zino screamed in excitement.

To be continued tomorrow….


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