Layode stood before the big house and hesitated before
knocking at the gate. She had been outside the gate for the past ten minutes,
wondering if this was the best option. Her husband hated Femi and didn’t want
him, she was broke and needed money, she couldn’t fend for her son on her own, not with
this harsh economy.

Other things plagued her mind like ‘what if the boss wanted
to keep Femi to himself? What if he fought for custody? Or what if he refused
to acknowledge him as his son? She was torn between going in or staying out.
The gate opened and Elijah peeked his head.

“I received your text message some minutes ago and it stated
that you were at the estate gate. I was beginning to wonder if you are at the
right estate or if you’d lost your way.” He said with a smile.
“I…I…have been here for a while now, but I’m finding it
difficult, making up my mind.” She said shakily.
“You’re here now, aren’t you? C’mon in…I’ll show you into
the house.” He said.
Layode followed him into the posh but very neat compound.
The cars parked outside were about five and the lawns of the house were neatly
mowed. Elijah ushered her into the large sitting room and she sat down. The
pictures on the wall stared her in the face, the first was a large framed
picture of the boss and his wife and the second picture was a painting of a
young girl of about eleven years old, she bore close resemblance to Femi and it
was understandable since she looked so much like her dad. Elijah disappeared
and soon, she heard the sound of footsteps, the footsteps didn’t resound like a
typical male’s but a female’s.
A woman walked into the sitting room, she was dressed in a
gym outfit, a bag was slung over her shoulders and she was so beautiful.
Layode instantly stood up when she saw the woman, recognising her as the boss’s wife.
“Good morning ma…” She greeted.
“What can I do for you?” She asked.
Layode was confused, Elijah had told her that the madam of
the house wasn’t at home, what was happening? She thought.
“I ….err…I…used to work for the boss and…”
“And you got pregnant for him? Is that your story?” She
asked icily.
“I am sorry that I came here madam, I shouldn’t have come.”
Layode apologised.
“Yes, you should have kept your trashy self outside this
house….” The woman said rudely.
“I am sorry ma, I should take my leave.” Layode said.
“Not yet. I have somethings to tell you.” The woman said.
“Listen to me and listen good, you are not the first woman to come here under
false pretences and you won’t be the last. You are a gold-digger, a hungry
urchin and a lowlife so I understand that you want to make money off my husband.”
The woman said, bringing out her cheque book from her bag and tearing off a
slip. “Here’s one hundred thousand naira, take it and do not ever come back.”
She said throwing it at her.
“I am sorry but even though the economy is tough, I am no
gold-digger and I don’t appreciate you referring to me as one.” Layode said and
stormed out angrily.
She left the house and was just about to leave the gate when
the gate was pulled open and a black car drove into the compound. She stood at
the side, waiting for the car to pass so that she could take her leave when the
car halted and the boss alighted.
“Layode! Is this you?” He asked walking over to give her a hug.
She nodded quietly.
“How are you? How have you been? What are you doing here?”
He asked.
“I errr…I met Elijah and he said that this is your house.
He said you’ve started a new company and…”
“Did you come here to ask that I help you with a job?”
“Yes, anything will do sir…” Layode said, intentionally skipping the story of Femi.
“Here’s my card…give me a call first thing on Monday…”
He said to her, pulling out his card from his pocket and handing it over to
At that moment, the boss’s wife walked out of the house and
walked up to them. She stared at Layode icily.
“Babe…this is one of my former staff, she is so
hardworking and diligent…” He said to his wife.
“What do I care?” His wife replied and quickly said. “I
thought you’d spend the whole morning at the meeting with the contractors?”
“No…I actually had a headache and needed to come back
home.” He said to her. “Lizzy called, she’s coming home for the summer.” He
said to her of his child.
“Can’t she go to her mom’s relatives? She doesn’t need to
come here…” His wife said.
“You know she didn’t come last holiday because you said you said you were travelling and since I was away at that time, she couldn’t stay at home alone. Let
her come home this hols….okay?” He cajoled.
“And you, what are you still doing here? Haven’t you been dismissed?”
She snapped at Layode.
Layode nodded quickly and left the house and as she headed
towards the gate, she heard the boss say to her.
“You don’t have to be rude.”
“You draw everyone to yourself, Henry, that’s why they
always take you for granted.” His wife spat in return.
As Layode walked down to the estate gate, she wondered where on earth Elijah was.
Ego had the information she needed from Chief’s P.A, Chief’s new mistress’s name was Zino and from all indications she was a JJC. Chief had just
approved a heavy sum of money for her wardrobe and for a brand new car for her
as well as a driver. Ego was bitter.
“I fit do juju for dis gial ooo…” She said aloud.
Tina was sprawled on the floor of her sitting room watching
“What do you mean by juju?” Tina asked.
“Abegi…nor dey form like say you nor dey put hand for
juju…” Ego said.
“Yes, but it was a long time ago and the juju I did back
then was to help me snag Alhaji and not destroy someone’s life.” Tina said.
“I want to destroy this girl. Can you imagine? She just
stole Chief from me just like that.” Ego said in anger.
“Well, we don’t know if she’ll last…you know there’s
something about you…”
“That’s history, there’s nothing about me anymore…” Ego
said perching on the arm of a chair. “I have to call Chief.”
“Are you serious? After that stunt you pulled? My dear,
borrow sense abeg.” Tina said.
“I have to call him and explain to him that I really love
him and that I want us to be a family that’s why I want to keep this baby. I
need to convince him that a baby would do our relationship a world of good.”
Ego said.
“Are you forgetting something?” Tina asked. “There’s no
“We’ve arranged a meeting with the specialist for tomorrow
and I can get a sperm donor….that’s really not a problem.”
“Well, you’ve pretty much figured it out…” Tina said
“I can’t run away from my problems anymore, I have to face
them so, I’m going back to the house tomorrow…I’m not going to run anymore.”
Ego said. “Now, lemme call Chief.”
Tina nodded and watched her friend take her phone and walk
towards the bedroom to make a call.
Ego stepped into the room and dialled Chief’s number, it
rang but he didn’t answer. She dialled the number again and this time he
“Hello Chief…” She said.
“How dare you call my phone?” He growled.
“Chief I love you…and I really want us to be happy
together and…”
“Don’t you ever call this number again, I’ve cut you off.”
Chief said and the line went dead.
Ego stared at the phone, her mouth was wide open in shock.
What was happening? How did Chief’s feeling suddenly change towards her. She
needed to do something about the new girl Zino or she might lose all chances of
having Chief once again, she growled in anger and slammed her fists against the

To be continued tomorrow….  



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