Layode was having a short nap, she was jolted awake by the
sound of her phone. She quickly answered.
“It’s Elijah…”
“Good afternoon…how are you?” She asked.
“I am very well. You haven’t gotten back to me since the
last time we spoke.” He said.
“I…asked for an address of the company and you promised to
send it but you haven’t yet.”

“Oh I am so sorry…I’ll send it now…” He said. “Infact do
you have a pen and paper? It’s not easy to type texts with my kind of phone.”
“Oh…sure…” She said and darted across to the other side
of the room to pick up a pen and paper.
“Okay the address is No 7A East drive, off Sharlamar
crescent….” He said.
“Is that the office” She asked.
“Well, that’s his house…not the office.”
“Elijah…I don’t want to go to his house…I wanted to visit
the boss at his office and…”
“That’s not a good idea ooo…the office could be quite
tricky because it’s the place of business. Just come to his house tomorrow
morning, he’ll be around.”
“What of his wife? I don’t want a confrontation, please…”
“What confrontation? His wife travelled and has been away
for some weeks now. So, it’s only Oga in the house….”
“Okay then, I’ll…come…”
“Will you bring the child?”
“No…I don’t think I will.”
“How then would he know you’re telling the truth?”
“I have to see him first…then we’ll talk about the child.”
She said quietly.
“Okay…he’ll be expecting you.”
“Thank you…for your help Elijah….”
She hung up the call and looked at her phone for a while.
Was she making the right decision? She asked herself. She looked around at the
room and saw Femi asleep at a corner. She
thought of her daughter, still with Stephen and wondered if she was supposed to
be focused at bringing her daughter back to her first before going ahead in
search of Femi’s father. She sighed deeply, ‘this is all too easy and it doesn’t seem genuine’ she thought.
All of a sudden, Elijah was so eager to help, she hoped it was all for the
Zino was enthralled by the yacht, she stepped into the
plush interiors and kicked off her sandals as she fell on the sofa.
“This is beautiful Chief! So beautiful!” She exclaimed.
Chief had taken her to the house he had prepared for her. It
was a fully furnished three bedroom semi-detached duplex. The estate was very
serene and cool and there was power supply 24/7. She almost died from
excitement. Another thing which gave her double joy was when he asked for her
account and transferred five hundred thousand naira into it. She received the
alert and almost fainted.
‘Me? Aziapono! A big girl? My God!’ She thought.
Chief left her briefly in the yacht to make a few calls and
she quickly took pictures of herself and uploaded on Instagram, with hastags
#YachtLife #Yacht #Ballingintheyacht #TheEmpireYacht Life was indeed beautiful.
Ego was still in Tina’s house as she was hiding from Chief
and his people. She scrolled through Instagram and stalked some pages before
going to the search engine to see if she could check some hastags. She froze
when she saw that someone had just posted a picture on Instagram with hashatg
#the EmpireYacht she hurriedly checked the page and was stunned.
There on Instagram was the picture of a young lady lounging
in Chief’s yacht.
“Arrrgggghhhh!” She screamed.
Tina was was scrolling through her phone at the other side
of the sitting room asked.
“What’s the scream for?”
“I just caught the rat!” Ego screamed. “This girl is the one
who’s rid me of everything I have.” She said rushing over to show Tina the
“She’s not even hot! Where did Chief get her from?”
“I don’t know and I don’t bloody care, all I know is, she’s
going down. No one messes with my property and gets away with it!” Ego snarled.
“Hmmm…this girl doesn’t look familiar at all ooo…” Tina
said glaring at the picture. “Are you sure this is Chief’s yacht?”
“I’ve been there countless times and it’s the only yacht that bears the name Empire.”
Ego breathed heavily.
“She’s just messed with the tiger! I’m going to do a bit of
digging and by the time I’m done with her, she’ll be begging for her miserable
life!” Ego shouted and stormed out of the sitting room.

To be continued on Monday….


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