Zino stood before the mighty building and couldn’t believe
her legs were shaking. Megadonz had kept his end of the bargain and here she
was, at the point of her destiny. She took a shaky step forward and walked into
the reception. A lady was seated there and she was so eager to attend to her.
“Hello madam…” The lady greeted.

“Good day, I’m Zino…I’m here to see…” She started.
“Chief Shedrach is expecting you. Fifth floor please…” The
lady said with all sweetness as she beckoned to a man in uniform to lead her
Zino’s breath was in her throat, the staff of the building
were too well-dressed and looked so sophisticated, she looked like a pauper
amongst them in her not too expensive clothing and shoes. 
She scratched her
weave and wished she had styled her natural hair instead
of wearing the same weave she had re-used over and over.
She was soon ushered to another receptionist desk and soon,
she was at the door of Chief’s office.
‘Should I turn back? I am not used to this! Is this the
right decision?’
She asked herself as she swallowed her saliva in apprehension.
The door opened and she stepped into the largest and most
beautiful office she had ever seen. The walls were coated in gold, the floors
gleamed in gold as well, the ceilings were mirrors and the lights the office
were blinding, if Zino had not come into the office on her own accord she might
have said that she’d died and gone to heaven.
“Zino…” A lanky man smiled at her as he walked towards her
with arms outstretched.
“Errr…good afternoon?” She said.
“How are you? My name is Shedrach but everyone calls me
Chief.” He said reaching out to hug her.
Zino was speechless, weren’t all chiefs fat? Or maybe a bit
bulky? This one looked like an athlete rather than a very successful business
“Please come and seat with me.” He said leading her to an exquisite
sofa to sit.
As soon as Zino’s back touched the sofa, she felt like
crying. The sofa was so soft and plush that she wanted to lie on it and sleep
for eternity.
“You’re office is…” She started, not knowing the word to
“Haha…I get that comment every time but don’t worry, soon you’ll have everything that life can offer and you’d get used to
it. The apartment that I already have furnished for you has everything in it.
The world is yours, Zino.”
“Just…just like that? What’s the catch?” Zino asked with a trembling voice.
“All you need to be is a woman.” He laughed heartily. “Women
under-estimate their powers you know. Many think they have come to serve the
human race by giving birth to so many children while others think they’ve come
to serve men, only very few know their worth and that’s a fact.” He said, flashing gleaming white teeth.
It was at the tip of Zino’s tongue to ask if he’d ever eaten
anything in his entire life as his teeth was so white but she held herself
“You’ll have to run some tests though. I have a good clinic
where you’ll get tested. I need all tests done on you from HIV to all STD’s.”
He said.
Zino began calculating, she had just had unprotected sex
with Megadonz and Sesan. Who knew the kinds of diseases they carried about? Chief noticed her facial expression and quickly said.
“Don’t worry, I’m not counting your sins. You are a very
pretty lady and I’m sure you’ve been having fun. But, once the tests are out
and there’s any trace of infections, you’ll be treated before, we sign
the dotted lines…” He smiled.
“Sign?” She croaked.
“Yes, you are meant to sign that you are exclusively mine. I
do not share Zino…not at all. We’ll draw up a contract for five years then if
all goes well, we’ll extend it.”
Zino mentally calculated how old she’ll be at the end of the
contract. She was twenty-seven now, which meant that she’ll be thirty-two by
the time the five years period lapsed.
“Okay then…” She smiled.
“I am so glad that we found each other…” He said to her
with a smile. “Now, why don’t we seal our deal with a kiss…”
Zino smiled and inched closer to kiss him.
Ego paced Tina’s bedroom, Tina was still in tears as she couldn’t
believe all that had happened yesterday with her son.
“Stop crying will you? We have to think of a solution ooo…”
Ego said.
“Look at me! Ego, look at me! Bello is all I have….if they
take him away from me, I have nothing! Nothing at all! At first I started
dating Alhaji because of money and then, I got pregnant and felt that the world
was mine and that I had everything. But now, honestly speaking, I’d rather damn
the money and have my son. He is worth more than everything.” She sniffed. “You
know what? I don’t think you should get pregnant for Chief! On second thoughts,
don’t do it…it’s not worth the stress…”
“What are you saying?” Ego shouted. “Is it because of this
small scare that you’re already speaking Spanish? Listen to me my friend, they
can never take your child. He is yours and same thing goes for me when I
eventually pass of the child I’m going to have on Chief!”
“But…Ego….is this all worth it? Do you know that last
night, I was thinking of running away with Bello?”
“Running to where? Do you want hunger to kill you? Nigeria is hard ooo.”
“We’ll manage abeg! There are a lot of people out there who do not rely on anyone but they still feed.”
“How can you think of that? Bello is already used to a kind of life and he can never settle for less.”
“Bello is suddenly acting strangely. Do you know what he
told me this morning before leaving for school? He asked that he spends the
midterm week with Hadjia Fatima as she’s travelling to Abuja with some of his
sisters for their cousin’s traditional marriage. I see the look in his eyes
whenever he looks at me. I am slowly losing my boy!”
“Don’t be ridiculous! You are not losing him! He is just
growing up and wants to be part of a larger family circle. Stop saying this!”
Ego started. “With the rate at which you’re going, I doubt that you’d be able
to accompany me to the fertility clinic.”
Tina looked at her friend quietly. “Don’t worry, we’ll go. I
called my doctor friend and he recommended a very good place in Ikeja…” She
Ego looked at her and walking up to her, she gave her a
reassuring hug.
Elijah waited outside the salon for his madam to finish up
with her beauty treatment. Once she was done, he opened the car door and let
her in. He drove out of the salon and as soon as he reached the road he asked.
“Where are we headed madam?”
“Home…I need to sleep.” She said.
He looked at her through the review mirror, she was so
beautiful, her skin was almost translucent and she smelt so good all the time.
His oga was a lucky bastard, he thought. His had everything in life, a good
company, money, a beautiful wife, and even though they didn’t have any children,
he knew his oga didn’t bother as he already had a grown-up daughter from another woman.
“Madam…” He called.
“Yes Elijah…”
“Well…there’s this girl…a lady that used to work with us
back then when we ran the Tepunko group of companies.”
She looked up and stared at him through the review mirror.
“What about her?” She asked.
“I saw her recently in the market place…do you remember the
day Oga sent me to get fish because he wanted fish stew?”
“Yes…I do…”
“Well, the lady had an affair with Oga back in the day, and
she has a child for him.”
His madam glared at him through the review mirror and
quickly said.
“Park the car…”
He drove the car to the side of the road and parked.
“What did you say?” She asked again.
“Well…she’s been disturbing me that she wants to bring her
child to oga but I thought I had to tell you first. You see, she’s very
poor…I think she also needs money too…” Elijah gossiped.
“Are you in contact with her?”
“Yes…I am…”
“On no account should you lead her to my husband. Bring her
to me instead.” She said. “Now, start the car, let’s go home.”
Elijah nodded and kicking the engine of the car to life, he

To be continued tomorrow…..



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