Zino recounted her encounter with Megadonz, she had initially wanted
to refuse his sexual advances but when he told her that he could change her as
quickly as possible to someone else, she had given in. 
Now, on her way home in
the taxi that he had paid for, she asked herself for the first time ever if
she was making the right decision. ‘What if Megadonz wasn’t linked to any
chief? What if…’
She asked herself many questions but at the end, she sighed,
she had signed up for it, right? So, she’d better get into it and see where it
leads. She thought.

reached her house to see her landlord fuming at the entrance to the compound.
have you been young lady?” Her landlord asked. He loved to pride himself with
the fact that he could speak good English and had a major in English language
at the university.
I’m coming from is none of your business!” She spat at him.
sent a memo to all residents in this compound that before the end today,
the three thousand five hundred naira for the faeces disposal of the compound
should be paid to me.” He said.
“I can’t
pay three thousand five hundred naira sir. I am not sure that I’ve defecated up
to that amount.” Zino said.
your clothing costs more than that amount….am I right?” He spat.
you kindly leave the entrance to the house, I need to go in and have some
have shared keys of the toilet to everyone in this compound who have paid for
the faeces removal so, in case you want to defecate, you won’t have any place to
do your dirty business. Good evening!” He said as he stormed off.
shook her head in anger, first it was Megadonz and now it’s her stupid
landlord. She really needed to get out of this life fast!
stared at her phone for the umpteenth time and made the call, she bit her inner
lip as she heard the dial tone.
Elijah’s voice floated down the line.
evening, Elijah, it’s me….Layode…” She said with a small voice.
how are you?” He asked.
“I am
well…how are you?”
“I am
good ooo…just hanging out at some spot and waiting for oga to call me to drive
him home.”
have been thinking…” She said with a deep sigh.
you made a decision?”
were right, the child I was carrying back then was our boss’s but I am scared. The
boss is too powerful and I don’t him to claim my child and…”
be…he is a nice man and he’ll want to be a part of his child’s life…”
you help me reach him? Can you?” Layode asked.
“Sure I
can. Do you want me to tell him anything?”
“No! Please
no…just err…give me the company’s address and I’ll be there.”
send you the address…”
you so much Elijah, I appreciate this…”
are friends for?” Elijah said.
soon as she hung up, Rhema walked into the room and looked at her.
that Stephen on the phone?” She asked.
Layode said.
was it then?”
friend…she came looking for me at home and I told her that I travelled.” Layode
you intending to hide your break-up from your husband from people?”
for as long as I can…”
your next step? Any plans?”
recalled the telephone conversation she’d just had with Elijah and nodded.
there’s a plan and hopefully it’ll soon be executed.”

To be
continued tomorrow….



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