Hey dears,

Who’s waiting like the lady above for the Wife Material series tomorrow? It’s a very long one and I bet that it’s captivating. I think everyone has been breathing peacefully with this new episode so, I think I’m going to have to place one of the character in the freezer again or should it be the oven? lol.
Anyway, this is just an advert, a jingle, to sensitize you on what to expect tomorrow on this blog. Am I yarning too much already? Should I give y’all a spoiler?
Naaaa…I don’t think so.
Well, it’s come to my notice that people love the Wife Material more than the other stories, for me, I really don’t know which I prefer but if I am asked, my reply would be ‘the best is yet to come’.
Do wait for tomorrow dears, for it is coming (God willing)….


  1. Hiya mami, it's weird that everytime I get on this space, you got a story going and I find myself being lost….soooo I am eagerly waiting for this new story atleast I get to follow it from the beginning right?…**smiling** Fingers crossed…

    Tibs Tells Tales


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