Ego sat beside the door leading to Mr. Nwabunor’s office,
after the events that unfolded weeks ago, pain and humiliation found her
running away from tutorial lessons and silently licking her wounds. But,
yesterday after a long and hard thought, she made a decision to confront him. Jamb
exam was drawing close and the tutorial lesson halls were filled to the brim
with students, most of which hadn’t been attending lectures previously.
It was some minutes before six o’clock and tutorial lessons
were rounding up for the day, Queen jotted down the last word the tutorial
teacher said and as soon as the teacher left, she packed her books into her bag
making a metal note to study carefully at home.
Queen had long distanced herself from Ego and the two girls
were never seen in each other’s company as while Queen strove to make high
grades, Ego longed for Mr. Nwabunor’s company. 
Ego waited patiently, not bothering to join the tutorial classes, After she had gone in
search of Nwabunor’s house and found him with his wife and children, she couldn’t be more dumbfounded. Avoiding tutorials and locking herself up at home without her sister’s knowledge, Ego had dwelt in
her misery while waiting for the courage of confrontation.
Ego’s position at Mr. Nwabunor’s door drew attention as Femi, one
of the boys from the tutorial class walked up to her and asked.
“Ego, what are you doing here? You haven’t attended
tutorials, these past weeks. Why?”
“Why do you ask? Is it any of your business?” Answered Ego
rudely, her voice sounding bad and tear racked.
“Sorry I bothered you…but please can I pass? You are
blocking the entrance into Mr. Nwabunor’s office.” Said Femi.
“Am I standing in your way? Please pass.” Ego hissed.
Femi roughly brushed past Ego and knocking briefly, he
pushed Mr. Nwabunor’s door open and walked into the office. Ego was in no hurry
, she patiently waited for Femi to leave and some of the tutorial students
to leave as well but since the Jamb exam was fast approaching, many still
lingered on to study.
Tired of sitting for so long beside his office, she pushed
open the door but almost bumped into Mr. Nwabunor as he was stepping out.
“I want to have a word with you.” Ego snapped, her Igbo
accent dripping like milk.
“What do you want? I don’t have time for jokes or child’s
play.” Answered Mr Nwabunor looking offended at her intrusion.
“Jokes? Child’s play? Mr. Nwabunor, when we were together,
did you call that jokes or child’s play? When you caressed my body did you call
that child’s play?” Screamed Ego, unable to control herself.’
Some students gathered around, most giggled while others
strained to listen to the cause of trouble.
Queen saw the students gather round the tutorial teachers’
offices and she too, wanted to have her scoop of the gist. Nothing could
prepare her mind to seeing Ego, looking very haggard, rattled and facing a very
irritated Nwabunor.
“You are causing a scene Ego, go home.” Said Nwabunor
“Lai… lai… no way, you must pay me back all you took from
me.” Said Ego, placing her hands on her waist and stamping her feet
“What did I take from you? Are you mad?” Screamed Mr.
Nwabunor, trying to make her look foolish.
“You owe me, Mr. Nwabunor…you owe me!” Screamed Ego, holding
onto his neck tie and crying desperately.
“Unhand me at once! I owe you nothing, silly girl.” Barked Mr. Nwabunor.
“Did you say you don’t owe me anything?”
“Yes that’s exactly what I said. I owe you nothing!”
“You owe me my virginity… you took it from me.” Screamed
She didn’t expect to be rewarded with a heavy slap from
Nwabunor, dizzy spells turned her around and she fell to the ground in a helpless heap.
Other tutors had come out from their offices as Ego and Mr. Nwabunor’s voices were loud. The tutors were shocked at the scene before their eyes, one of the tutors rushed to lead Mr. Nwabunor into an office while others
tried to revive Ego. Queen stepped in, she felt so worried for Ego who looked
as though she had been released from a war raved country. Through the aid of
the tutorial students, an unconscious Ego was rushed to a nearby clinic.
One hour later, Ego was still in the examining room while all of the students and a few other tutors who had stood around waiting for news from the doctors had long dispersed except Queen. It was almost seven pm and Queen was worried that something had gone
wrong. Five minutes later, a doctor emerged from the examining room and asked
Queen about Ego’s family and she told the doctor that she was Ego’s sister and their parents were at work. Soon enough, she was
ushered into the doctor’s office where a very confused Ego sat on the narrow
bed beside the doctor’s table.
“Ego, are you alright?” Queen asked, concerned for her
Ego stared at Queen and burst out in tears.
“Doctor, is she alright? Please tell me, what’s wrong?”
Asked Queen a bit scared.
“I wish I could speak to someone older than you are… but…”
Said the doctor.
Queen turned to regard Ego in silent confusion; ‘what was
the doctor talking about?’
“Thank you for staying with me…I …am grate…grateful…” Hiccuped Ego amidst tears.
“That’s not a problem… please doctor explain to me, what is
wrong with her?” Queen asked.
“Ego is pregnant!” Said the doctor.
Queen’s eyes widened in disbelief. ‘Pregnant?’  She murmured to herself and swallowed
nervously while supporting herself to a seat.
“Yes…and I need to talk to someone in your family,
preferably an older person. Ego is a young girl… this pregnancy is… the
pregnancy needs to be… truthfully, I can’t discuss this with you… you are not
more than eighteen years right?” Asked the doctor.
Queen nodded nervously, her hands shook hard, when she
spoke, her voices sounded strange.
“Thank you doctor…can we go home now? I will
surely tell…my… err… Oh God!” Queen exclaimed in silent fear.
“Okay… just go home and talk to your parents about this,
better still, tell them to come and see me. Don’t worry about the hospital
bill, I didn’t give her drugs or any medication…”
“Okay…that’s fine… I will tell our parents.”
Queen lied through clenched teeth.
As soon as they left the clinic, Queen expelled a long
breath, without waiting one extra second, she turned to face Ego.
“Pregnant?” Queen hissed.
“I…I….err…I don’t know what to do…” Ego burst out in fresh tears
“Pregnant?” Queen repeated.
“What do I do Queen? What do I do? I am finished!” Wailed Ego.
“I don’t know what to do either… I have never been pregnant before.” said Queen, suddenly remembering with a slight feeling of nostalgia at her almost brush with pregnancy at the hands of Tunde.
“Please… do not tell my sister… I beg you.” Ego silently
“What? Ego…you can never hide a protruding stomach? It
must show…no matter what! Besides, she’s a nurse, she’ll notice.” Queen said.
“I don’t know I can’t hide a protruding stomach but I can buy time…I’ll find a way… I promise.”
“What way? You hardly know your way around Lagos… you can’t help yourself. The best thing to do is… tell your sister.”
“She’ll kill me… I am finished…” Ego wailed more.
“Wait a minute, who impregnated you? Who?” Screamed Queen.
“It’s Mr. Nwabunor…he…”
“So it was true! Mr.Nwabunor! I didn’t want to believe it when I heard the rumor.”
“Did..did you hear of my affair with him?” Asked Ego in surprise.
“Who didn’t, forget about the rumors, we must act fast… come with me, we are going to meet him this minute and tell
him to take responsibility for this child.” Said Queen, grabbing Ego’s hand.
“What? No! He is married…with kids.” Ego whispered, trying to free her hand from Queen’s grasp.
“And what does that have to do with anything?”
“I don’t know…I am confused… Queen I am so scared… look at me! I
am a mess… I have eventually made a fool of myself.” Wailed Ego.
“Let’s go!”
“Go? Where?” Asked Ego staring at Queen with pleading eyes.
“Where else? Let’s go and meet the man who impregnated you…
he too must share your pains as well.
Ego nodded and looked at Queen, the night’s cold made her
Nwabunor had just reached his house, his wife hastily brought out his food and placed it on the dinning. His children danced happily to the musical video on television. He had just strewn his tie to the corner of the dinning room and was preparing to delve into the food feast when a knock resounded at the door!


  1. I wish more women will learn to outsmart men and if they must to at least practice safe sex. Ego should get tested for other sexually transmitted disease because a man who will cheat on his wife or who is sleeping around, may be carrying around HIV, hepatitis, syphillis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, trichomonas the list continues


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