Hey Guys,

Baby Mama Drama came to an end last week and I know I’m supposed to start a new daily series as the only one going up is the one for the PAYR option. For questions like this; ‘does it mean that the daily series is going to be strictly PAYR? The answer is No. PAYR is a thriller series that I have up both on this site and Okadabooks for those who want to read extra stories and those who want to support my writing. The PAYR is open to those who want something really thrilling and who won’t mind paying to read episodes and that’s why I put it up for as low as thirty naira.

I also want to use this medium to appreciate those who have been buying the episodes on Okadabooks.com, words cannot express how I feel when I see your notifications and this goes a long way to show that my writing is really appreciated. God bless you so much. Thank you! E-hugs! *Now I can finally publish my book, as I have supporters, Yay!*

Now, to our daily series, I have actually run out of ideas of what to write and someone suggested that I do a Baby Mama Drama season 2. So, I’ll throw the question to everyone, ‘who wants a second season of any of the thrillers that have gone up previously on the site? If you want something fresh and new, just drop a comment stating your want at the comment box but if you want a second season of any of the former seasons under the thrillers section, please indicate. I’ll do a count on Saturday night and the highest votes win. If I am able to get your votes in by Saturday, I’ll start a new daily series on Tuesday but remember that the daily series is up only during weekdays.

I hope you’re enjoying the holidays? Well, there’s no ram meat so…we’re just enjoying the holiday here at my end.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday dears.


  1. Thanks for making our opinions count, we love what you do..
    God will give you greater wisdom and inspiration.
    I'd prefer something new, whatever comes to your mind will be welcomed.
    Thanks soooooo much Ada..

  2. i remember the story that got my attention to your blog.Can you do that? The story was featured on bellanaija, a story about a sister who went ahead to Mary her fiance despite the fact her fiance is in love with her sister and both eloped afterwards

    • Yes I remember, it was the Kambili story. I put it up with two other stories for a vote and the Runaway Bride story won so I did that one instead.
      Thank you for the suggestion. Maybe I'll do that after BMD season 2 rounds up.


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