Yes, it’s my birthday today and I’m so glad to be alive. I
have no idea of what to write under this post but well…I can’t keep calm.
There’s this special feeling on birthdays and I’m sure that you feel it too, it’s
almost like the world has placed you at its center. I’ve stopped lamenting that
my birthday comes at the first month of the New Year instead I’m grateful that
I was born on this day. People born on the 11th of January are
strong willed, talented, loving, kind and sincere. So to all my birthday mates
all over the world, Happy Birthday to you.

Here are eleven things I’m thankful for on this day:
*I’m grateful for life because I won’t celebrate this day if
wasn’t alive and well.
*I’m grateful for true friends, and all those who sincerely
love me and never forget my birthdays.
*I’m grateful for talent because whenever I close my eyes to
sleep at night, I’m content that I must have made someone smile with my
*I’m grateful for my family and for those who support me and
my dreams.
*I’m grateful for good books I read, for the Bible most
especially, for the opportunity to grow closer in my walk with God.
*I know this might sound cheesy but I’m grateful for
interesting TV series that take my mind off things.
*I’m grateful for you, yes…YOU my blog readers. It’s not
easy to sit and read the long epistle that I write everyday but you do it and
I’m super thankful. I am also thankful for the comments you leave in the
comments section, and I promise to leave a reply once my site is worked on.
*I’m grateful for me. Sometimes I look at the mirror and say
‘Lord, who am I that you decided to create me?’ I love myself and I’m glad that
I’m God’s child.
*I’m grateful for the New Year, and I’m sure that I’ll get
my billions this year…*don’t laugh*
*I’m grateful for my blog friends; those I met through this
blog and bloggers who have become my friends.
*Last but not least, I’m grateful for my sister, Nekky, I
talk about her too much and yes, that’s because she’s special….and before I
get knocked on the head, I’m thankful for my other siblings too…
It’s going to be my best year yet! I can see it!


Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Happy birthday Adaeze, age gracefully dear. The Lord will continue to strengthen you from strength to strength. Have fun today.

  2. happy birthday Ada, may our good Lord continue to bless & keep you amen, may He continue to strengthen you in all that is good you do and also always be in your going out & coming in amen, wishing you a love filled birthday cheers.

  3. Happy birthday Sweetheart. I understand the feeling of the birthday coming so early and gone before you know it, but we give thanks anyway. May this be the beginning of greater things for you. Your gift will make room for you before kings and not mere men. Have a great day.

  4. Happy brithday, Adaeze. I wish you long life, health, peace and prosperity.

    Not only have you made me smile through your stories, you've made me smile through your birthday post today. My smile kept going on as I read through the 11 things you're thankful for.

    May joy never cease from your abode. Happy celebration!

  5. Enter your comment…happy birthday girl, you always make me happy with your epistles everyday, may God bless you and keep you for us amen.


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