Mothers often get confused in front of the shelves with kids’ footwear because selecting that “one and only” pair that would be the perfect combination of quality and comfort for their kids’ feet is not an easy task.

Let’s take a look at basic principles of the selection of kids’ footwear in order to make your choice easier!
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The size

Buy footwear approximately one size bigger (1.5 centimeters). Remember that winter shoes should be worn with extra socks.
It is not just about the length of the insole, but also about the shoe width. The foot should not feel cramped, but at the same time it must be fixed in the heel part. If the shoe is too tight in the forefoot, it can lead to problems with blood circulation and joint strains, while wide shoes will not distribute muscle strain properly.


Feet can be different, and the instep may be low or high. Pay attention to the fact how the shoes stay on the instep, whether the feet are cramped or there is a large gap.


It must be natural – this is a key point in the choice: you can choose from leather, suede, and nubuck so the foot could “breathe”. Natural materials provide adequate air circulation and help evaporate moisture.


The sole should be:
●       Flexible;
●       Textured;
●       Not slippery.
Bend your shoes at the bottom – they should bend easily.

Heel Stabilizer

A perfect heel stabilizer should be closed and stiff (you should not be able to bend it, even if you make an effort), solid (no seams, solid material). Your child’s heel will be well fixed and will not turn out to the side.


The outsole at the back doesn’t have to be more than 7-10 mm higher than the outsole at the toe tip. If it is higher, it can be dangerous for developing children’s feet and spine.

Toe tip

The toe tip should be round, spacious, so as not to compress the toes, and durable enough. A rounded toe tip ensures the natural position of the fingers!

Instep raiser

This is a special pad on the inner side of the footwear (the middle part). It helps to shape a right instep arch of the foot, protecting it from becoming flat.


Now that you have checked the shoes for the necessary anatomical features, it’s time to evaluate the aesthetic appearance of the shoe. You should like everything about the shoes – from heel to toe, every rivet and bow velcro. They should be lightweight. Your child should like their color and style.
If your child asks: “Mom, can I wear these shoes right now?” after trying them on – it means that you have selected the perfect footwear for your kid!



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