How do you spot a true friend? Is true friendship written on the face? What makes someone a true friend and a sincere one at that?

In our first season of Blackmail, Amaka did something terribly wrong to Soluzo. They had been friends for years and upon hearing the news of her wedding, Amaka looked for means to destroy her friend’s union. 
If you read the season, you know how it ended. Amaka ended up badly. 
Do you know that most times, we are never able to see the true colours of our friends till something happens? Do you also know that many friends are the reasons for their friends downfall and are still friends with the so-called friends till date? 
Let’s picture this scenario, Amaka is Soluzo’s ride or die chick and suddenly, they go to the club and meet Odili. Amaka fancies Odili first but he chooses Soluzo over her. Soon enough, they take their relationship seriously and soon wedding bells ring. Prior to meeting Odili, the two friends might have weathered whatever storm together as single birds and perhaps if Amaka had been the first to meet someone, she might have never thought of fighting against her friend through diabolical means.
Nosa had the same problem with Uyi who he considered his brother due to their rough start-up in life but at the end of the day, Uyi almost ended Nosa’s life.
Can we really see the signs before we are betrayed by friends? Should we rather stay on our own and have our family members as friends?
I was pondering deeply about this topic so, I googled it to see if there are tips to identifying true friendships. Here’s what wikihow had to say:
1.True friends offer supportive comments and encouragement. Real friends make you feel needed, confident, and happy. Everyone needs a little positive energy here and there, and true friends have it in spades. Even when they disagree with you (“that hat looks like it came from a dead opossum”) they still support you the best they can (“but at least you’re rocking it!”).
2.Though your friend doesn’t have to always cheer you on, if your friend is a good friend, then they should be your fan and should always root for you to succeed. (This goes a long way to say that every jealous friend, is no friend at all. If you find out that your friend has begun making comparisons between the two of you, please find your way.)
3. True friends listen to you. Sometimes all you need is for someone to shut up and listen. True friends know how to close their mouths and open their ears, as long as you can do the same from time to time. They make eye contact when talking, remember what you’ve told them, and ask thoughtful questions. Notice who does most of the talking. In an ideal friendship, both friends should roughly share the same amount. If you feel like you are always the one listening to your friend’s problems, then you’re not getting your fair share of the friendship.
4.True friends keep away from the rumor mill. If your so-called friend is a big gossip, then it’s likely that your friend is gossiping about you when you’re not around. Everyone loves some juicy gossip from time to time. But if you feel like your friend is always gossiping about someone or talking trash, chances are your “friend” will do the same as soon as your back is turned. Here are some ways to know if your friend’s gossiping is out of control.
5.True friends don’t have other motives for becoming your pal. This soul-searching is particularly hard to do, but it’s important. Take the time to reflect on why your friend might want to hang out with you. More likely than not, you’re just good friends, and the rest of the “benefits” just happen naturally. There are some classic reasons why a fake friend might find you, but usually you’ll see a few of the other warnings signs if they aren’t true friends. Still, be on the lookout for those hoping to latch on to your; Popularity, Wealth, Charm, Beauty and so on. (This is to say that a person becomes your friend because of you and not what you have or what you can offer him or her.)
I guess that most importantly, we should pray about every of our friendships and ask for discernment in order to know good from bad and right from wrong!
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  1. Well, one can never be too sure…as you said, we have to pray about our friendships, 'cause as my mum would say, 'Ôchi âbughï ütô'



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