Chima opened his mouth and closed it again, he couldn’t
believe it. Was it real or was he dreaming?
“Do you know each other?” His wife asked.
The young girl opened her mouth and didn’t speak, she was
too stunned.
“No…of course not! I don’t know her.” Chima lied.
“But she called your name.” His wife said.
“Oh…no, I don’t know him, he looks so much like my uncle
Chima…I can’t believe the resemblance.” The girl said.
“What a coincidence! My husband’s name is also Chima.” His wife
The girl flashed him with a smile and in the pure poise of
an actress, she introduced herself.
“Good morning sir, my name is Princess.” She said.
Chima knew her name was Princess, in fact, he had bought ice
cream for her and her sisters once before.
“Oh, nice to meet you. My wife says you’re related to her

“Yes sir I am.”
“I am grateful for your help.” Chima said. “I am on my way
out now…perhaps when I get back home we could get more acquainted.”
Chima’s wife walked up to him and touched his cheek
“Darling, please try your best to make sure that couple
comes back together okay…” She turned to regard Princess. “My husband is going to patch up things with his friend and his wife. He’s such a good man and a very wonderful husband and I pray his goodness rubs off on his friend.”
“You flatter me too much love.” Chima said and made to leave. “That reminds
me, Princess, could you come to the car with me? I have some things I’d like
you to bring up to the house.”
The girl nodded and followed him, Chima flew down the stairs
and as soon as they were out of earshot, he turned to face her.
“What are you doing here?” He spat.
“So you’re married! Uncle Chima!” Princess asked accusingly.
“So freaking what? Anastasia knows that I’m married and
she’s fine with it.” He hissed as he spoke about his side chick.
“But your wife doesn’t know and I lied to cover up for you.”
She said.
“Look, my family is a decent one, a beautiful one and I will
not appreciate it if anyone tries to spoil it for me.” He said.
“How could you? Everyone at the compound thinks you guys are
getting married. Why did you deceive us that way?”
“That’s none of your business. Whatever I do has nothing to do with you and I want you to keep your mouth
shut okay. I want you to zip your lips because I don’t want my wife ever
finding out that I have a mistress on the side.”
Princess looked at him and folded her arms.
“My silence isn’t cheap.” She said.
“How much?” He spat.
Her eyes brightened and she said.
“I want an iphone, the latest one and I also want a new laptop,
today.” She said.
Chima looked at her and bit him inner lower lip.
“Fine! But that’s all I’m ever giving you.”
“Ha! Noooo…that can’t be all because you bought your side
babe a car which means you have a lot of money.”
Chima stared at her in frustrated silence.
“I will buy you the things you asked for and that’s final!
I’m off for a meeting with friends and when I get back I’ll get you want you
want. I also want you to leave my house once I give you the items you asked
“What? Why? What do I tell your wife? I’m here to help her
“Tell her that something came up.”
“What of my aunt, she’s your wife’s colleague at the
“Tell your aunt that you just didn’t want to stay anymore..”
He said. “Listen Princess, I’ll give you what you want but you have to leave my
house latest tomorrow. Am I clear?”
Princess nodded and gave him a sly smile. Chima left her and
hurried off to his car wondering where on earth this calamity was coming from.
As the men sat in Nnenna’s parent’s sitting room and waited
for her family to appear, they conversed amongst themselves. David was not himself as
he waited for his wife to emerge from inside the house. A young lady walked
into the sitting room with his daughter and he stood up to hug the child. It
was an emotional reunion because he hadn’t seen her in six months as the last
time he’d seen her was when his sister had gone to bring the little girl to
spend some time with him.
“David.” Nnenna’s mother called out as she walked into the
sitting room staring at him unflinchingly.
“Good morning ma…” David said bowing his head in respect
to his mother in-law. His friends stood up and followed suit.
Soon, the sitting room was filled with Nnenna’s relatives
and David was made to stand before everyone for a long briefing.
“We gave you our daughter and you turned her into a punching
bag. You became Mike Tyson and she became your opponent. You slapped the teeth
out of her mouth and you beat her till she bled. Tell us why we should allow
her go back to you. The divorce process is already on so, there’s no guarantee
that this marriage will work.” Nnenna’s uncle said.
“What do you have to say in your defence?” Another relative
spoke up.
“I’m sorry sir.” David said.
“You’re sorry?” Nnenna’s father asked in disgust. “Can you
imagine the proud idiot, he didn’t even bring any of his relatives, instead he
brought his friends and had them dress in traditional wears so that they’ll
look like his brothers.”
“Sir…it’s not like that…it’s not like that at all.” David started.
“Shut up! Keep quiet!” Another relative spat.
“Your family has insulted us by not coming to represent.”
Nnenna’s father spoke.
“They are ashamed of my actions that’s why they are not
here. I called them, I pleaded with them to come to no avail.” David said
A phone rang out loudly and everyone turned to look for
where the sound was coming from. Nathan quickly rummaged through his pockets,
found his phone and murmuring an excuse, he literally ran out of the sitting
room. He left the house and stood at the balcony to answer the call, it was
from his wife.
“Hey babe…”
“Nathan, where are you?” She asked.
“What sort of question is that?” He asked.
“Are you done with the meeting at David’s in-law’s place?”
“How can I be done with the meeting? Your call almost earned
David a slap in there. Why are you calling me?” He asked angrily.
“What kind of a question is that? Why are you speaking to me
in such manner?” His wife asked clearly upset.
“You know I am in an important meeting, why are you calling
“I’m calling because a woman called my phone, she said that
she’s Peace’s sister and that she hasn’t seen her since she called her and informed her that you
dropped her off at the junction.”
“What’s the meaning of that?”
“I think that Peace could be missing!” His wife said in a panic.
Nathan groaned in frustration.



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