Chima stared at his wrist watch, it was seven minutes to ten
am, he stood up from the bed and walked up
to the wardrobe to bring out his traditional attire.
“Going somewhere?” His wife asked him. 
He turned to look at her, she was standing at the doorway,
as pretty as she was five years ago when they both walked down the aisle.
“I’m going to David’s wife’s house…I guess her parents
finally want Dave to take her back.” He said.
“Really? Eh yaa…that’s good ooo…” She said walking into
the room and sitting on the bed.

“Yea…” He murmured.
“The doctor says I should be prepared for delivery at any
time.” She said.
He looked at his wife with concern.
“Really? So soon?”
“Yes….my due date is the fifteenth and that’s on Tuesday
and today is Saturday.”
“Oh…wow…okay then.” He said.
“Since there’s no one around to help me as my kid sister has
gone back to school, my good friend and colleague at the office is willing to
let her niece come stay with us.”
“Oh…do you know her really well? We don’t want anyone
teaching our kids bad habits.”
“Ofcourse not, she’s a good girl. My friend says she’s done
with her final exams and is waiting to get admission into the University. She’s eighteen.”
“That sounds fine by me.” He said.
“Having to do most of the chores at this time of my
pregnancy hasn’t been easy….the cleaning lady does her best but I still have
to chase the kids around to feed them or even get them ready for bath time.”
She said.
The doorbell rang.
“That must be her, I’ll go get the door.” His wife said as
she slowly got up from the bed and made her way out of the room.
David had given the guys a dress code, they were all
supposed to wear native and complete their attires with a cap. Chima took his
cap off the top of the wardrobe and put it on. He looked at his reflection in
the mirror and smiled. He looked good. He also made a mental note to check up
on his side babe on his way back home. He used his perfume and stepped out of
the room and headed to the sitting room. His wife was there and she was smiling
at a young girl.
“Oh…meet my husband.” His wife was saying to the girl.
The girl turned to stare at him and his heart did a dramatic
“Uncle Chima!” She said in surprise.
“You know each other?” His wife asked in surprise.
Chima blinked his eyes desperately at the girl to code. His
wife didn’t have to find out that the young girl was the neighbour of his side
chick and that everyone in that compound, knew him as his side chick’s fiancé.
He was shaken.
“I hope you know you shouldn’t talk too much.” Vicky said as
she cleaned the invisible speck from his chin.
“Yes I know, I also know that I should keep nodding while
David’s wife’s family members speak.” Nathan said with a smile.
“Good…you learn so fast.” She said.
“Seriously babe…I am not a child.”
“I just don’t want anyone quoting you at the end of the day.
You know that these kinds of issues are very delicate.”
“Yes, I know.” He said.
He was about heading towards the door when he saw Peace
walk into the sitting room, dressed in a figure hugging gown with a thigh
“Peace! You look good! Are you sure you’re not going to see
your boyfriend?” Vicky joked.
Nathan hated it whenever his wife joked with Peace, it
suddenly made it look as though they were married to one husband instead of
employer and employee. Peace smiled shyly.
“I want to beg…oga if he can drop me for road.” She said.
“What audacity?” Nathan started.
“C’mon boo…today’s her day off and she’s off to see her
family. The least we can do for her is drop her off at the junction so that she
can take a bus home. She returns tomorrow.”
“Wait…I don’t get this! I thought she said she had an
agent here and not a family.”
“My sister na househelp sir…she work in Berger.” Peace
“Whatever, but next time, get your facts right and stop
telling stories that don’t match.” He said.
“Take it easy with her na…haba!” His wife chided.
“How does she know I’m going her way? We might not be headed
towards the same direction.” Nathan said.
“Do it for me…just take her to the junction please.”
Nathan wasn’t pleased, there was something not adding up
about this girl. When she came to live with them, she’d said something about an
agent and no family and when she was asked to leave, she said she didn’t know
her way around Lagos but was waiting for her agent. Now, she was going to see
her family. Was she lying to them? He thought.
“Alright…let’s go.” He said.
Nathan walked up to the car while she followed him behind,
they got to the car and she got in at the front seat.
“What do you think you’re doing?” He spat.
“Will you go to the back seat? Do I look like your husband?”
“Ha…sorry sir.” She said as she scampered to the back
Nathan got into the driver’s seat and as he drove out of the
compound, he felt very disturbed.


    • I wish I had the power to do that but unfortunately, the character decides the direction he or she wants to take so, I'm helpless in that regard. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

      Thank you for reading Zee.

  1. Nathan doth protest too much, why do I have the feeling that he would fall for her wiles. Chima ntoor to you, but story just de start so I guess the girl will code and start extorting money from you.

  2. ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is Vicky naive or she was hypnotized. I dont understand what is happening.
    I pray Nathan stands strong in all.
    Chima , your fall is coming very soon.

  3. I am now convinced that Vicky is Jazified..
    what woman would be so blind not to see a snake waltz her way into her home.
    Nathan I hereby permit you to….
    Sir Chimero…… get ready to be played

  4. Vicky should have rules for people staying in her home, and quit the friendliness abeg. Then yes, she needs to listen to what her husband is actually saying when to comes to the help!

    • Yes ooo…very true. Helps are necessary in many homes but there needs to be a dress code. Some clothes are not to be accepted at all and I agree that she should quit the friendliness. These girls mostly come with a motive.
      Thank you for reading Fab.

  5. Such a pity some men are like Chima, these days however they don't even even pretend. Some silly girls know they are married and its fine.
    Vicky trusts too much, when you'v got a pure heart it isn't easy to see through evil unless it's glaring. She will learn.

    • Yes, some men are like Chima and even the married the better. Some girls know they are married and still go for it because of the money.
      Yes, Vicky will learn.
      Thank you for reading Mrs A.


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