Nathan and his wife ate dinner at their small dining area
which was attached to the sitting room.
“I still don’t like the idea.” His wife said.
“Well, I’m his friend and since he’s asked me to, then I’ll
have to accompany him.” Nathan said.
Peace walked into the dining area with two bottles of cold
water, she was dressed in a very short dress and Nathan wondered if she
possessed any clothing that was past her knees.
“That doesn’t mean you have to. C’mon honey, David beat his
wife and that was what destroyed their marriage. Now, he wants her back and he
wants you to go and beg her with him. That doesn’t sound right.” She said.

It’s been three weeks since Peace officially started living
with them, her madam had stopped greeting Nathan as she used to and he was
getting disturbed about the new found hostility from his neighbour.
“Look, I’ll just go there with him, sit down and watch him
speak besides, I’m going with Chima too so…I’m not the only one accompanying
him.” Nathan said.
“What if after he begs her and she comes back to him and
suddenly, he starts beating her again? What will you do? Do you know she’ll
blame you? I’m sure David is taking you there with him to give her some kind of
reassurance that he’s a changed person.”
“Look dear, David and I have come a long way. We don’t only
work in the same company but he’s my direct manager and also a very nice one
too. He’s helping me with my promotion and I owe him for most of my bonuses.
This is the least I can do for him. The very least.” Nathan said sounding a
little upset.
Peace placed the bottles of water of the table and began
tearing the seals open, she wasted so much time in her task that Nathan wanted
to scream.
“I wonder what Chima has got to do with all this? Why did
you drag him into it?” Vicky asked.
“Chima and I have been friends from our university years and even though he got married long before me, we’ve still
been able to remain friends. I introduced him to David years ago and they
clicked and David really wants him to come to his wife’s parent’s house. The
divorce is not finalised yet and he still sees a light at the end of their
marriage tunnel. C’mon babe…I don’t know why you’re making such fuss over
this.” Nathan said.
“Well…it’s okay, it’s just that I visited David’s wife
when his blows landed her in the hospital. That man is a monster.”
“I’m not trying to be on his side but I know David, and I
know that sometimes, men do things that they don’t want to do. I don’t think
you’ll understand but it takes a very patient man to refrain from hitting his
wife. It takes discipline, self-control and a lot of other qualities. Once a
man lacks these things, he will find himself doing things he’s not supposed to
“Aren’t you a man? We dated for a few years and we’ve been
married for one year, have you ever hit me? Abeg, stop making excuses for him,
he’s insane.”
“I’m not making excuses for him and you shouldn’t be
comparing me with David. He’s a different person and I am a different person as
“Whatever! Do whatever you like!” His wife said.
Peace opened the bottle slowly and began to pour water into
his glass, as she did so, she leaned in so he could catch a glimpse of the top
of her boobs. Nathan was angry that he’d actually stared and he wanted her out of his side as quickly as possible.
“I didn’t ask you to pour my water, did I?” Nathan fired at
“I…sorry sir.” She apologised.
“Hey…don’t scream at her na…she’s doing her best.” Vicky
“She’s been standing here for too long. I wonder how long it
takes to open a bottle of water.” Nathan said.
“I sorry sir…” Peace repeated.
“Don’t worry Peace…please go to the kitchen.” Vicky said.
As soon as Peace left, Vicky faced him.
“What is wrong with you? All that girl has done since she
came to this house is to please us and you’re taking out your anger on her.”
“I just don’t like the way she lingers about.”
“Lingers? You must be imagining things.” His wife said.
“We’re spending more money, now that she’s here. I have
bought beverages twice in the past three weeks. She drinks tea in the morning
and at night too…where does she think she is? Buckingham palace?”
“Hey…slow down honey…it’s not that bad.” His wife
“Anyway, how did the visit to the doctor, go?” He asked
swiftly changing the topic.
Vicky didn’t look too happy, she looked away.
“What happened?” He asked.
“I got your semen analysis result.” She said.
“Really? You didn’t tell me….I even forgot to ask about
it. So, what’s up with the result?”
“Everything is fine with you, in fact, you can impregnate a
woman in menopause.” Vicky said sadly. “It’s apparent that the fault is from
me. Although the doctor says he’ll run more tests on me.”
Nathan thought he heard a slight shuffle behind the door
leading to the sitting room, he looked at the doorway.
“Who’s there?” He called out.
“Who’s where?” Vicky asked.
“I thought I heard something from the door. It was as though
someone was there.”
“There’s no one there jo…” Vicky said sadly.
“Don’t worry about the results okay, we’ll keep visiting the
doctors and keep working hard at getting pregnant.”
Vicky picked her food and said.
“The doctor mentioned IVF as an option.”
Nathan’s eyes widened.
“What? IVF? In this economy?” He almost screamed. “Not a
As the couple spoke while they ate dinner, Peace leaned in
against the door and took in all they were saying.


  1. I dont know if Vicky is blind or not but Peace is bad news oooh.She should better borrow some sense while her hubby is still sane.

  2. Women should be sensitive. Vicky is unknowingly digging the grave of her marriage by throwing her husband's observation to the wind.Thanks Adaeze for writing


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