Nathan watched Vicky pack her stuff into the large suitcases
on the bed. He had returned from the police station three hours ago and two
hours later, Vicky was pounding at his door and when he opened it, she
wordlessly walked into the house, got into the room and began picking up her
“Vicky…please don’t do this…” Nathan said with emotion.
Vicky didn’t respond, she kept throwing her things into her
“I promise…I wouldn’t have done this if she hadn’t seduced
me but she did and I admit that I was weak for a moment but I soon realized
myself. I wanted to tell you the truth but I was too scared to try.”
Vicky still didn’t respond.

“I’m on my knees Vic…” He pleaded, falling on his knees
beside her and looking at her with tear-filled eyes. “Don’t throw our love in
the dirt.”
Vicky wiped an unseen tear from her eyes with the back of
her palm.
“I don’t know if I can ever trust you again, Nathan.” She
said as she zipped one of the bags closed.
“You trusted me before and…”
“Look where it got me!” She said loudly. “I trusted you too
much and you ended up failing me.”
“I’m not defending my actions but begging that you reconsider…we’re
married for one year…and …”
“One year! Yes, we’re married one year and you couldn’t even
wait to cheat on me.”
“In my defence I asked you to tell that girl to leave…I
told you that I didn’t want her under my roof but you claimed that I was
snobbish, you said I didn’t want to help a young woman in need…”
Vicky looked away, he was right, she thought, she had
practically shoved Peace down their throats.
“Yes…I know…but it’s not fair to me that all I wanted
was the best for us but you turned around and stabbed me at the back.” She
“I don’t want things to end this way…”
“So do I…I always imagined living with my husband and
kids, happily ever after but I guess that’s reserved for fairytales.” She said
looking at him. “Goodbye Nathan…I wish you all the best.”
Nathan opened his mouth to speak but she was already
dragging her things out through the door.
“Don’t do this to me…Vicky…please…Vicky!” He called
out as he ran after her.
Chima watched as he was handcuffed by the police, he hadn’t
been able to speak to his wife as she had been placed on sedatives. The doctor
said she wasn’t doing too well and that she had taken the news of the baby,
He had gotten to the hospital, soon after Chima had
delivered the news of the baby to him. He had turned himself to the police but
had asked that he spoke to his wife first, at least to explain things to her
only to find her asleep as the doctor had asked that no one bothers her.
“I’ll get you the best lawyer I can find…” David said to
“Thank you David…thank you.” Chima said.
The police men took Chima out of the hospital in handcuffs
while David followed them out and headed to his car. As soon as he got in, he
received a call.
“Hello…” He greeted.
“Good afternoon, I’m calling as regards your anger
management class. It starts in two days.” A female voice said.
“Oh…yes…” He answered.
“This is a reminder.” She said. “The class starts at six pm
and ends at nine and it will last for six months.”
“Sure…I’m in.” He said.
“Thank you for registering with us.” She said.
When David hung up, he placed his hand on the steering wheel
of his car and sighed. What had gone wrong? He wondered. A year ago, he’d been
with his wife and daughter but today, he was alone. A few days ago, he was
chatting with Nathan and Chima in his car and there seemed to be no care in the
world as all Chima was talking about was the women he wooed and Nathan seemed
only concerned with his wife’s attachment to his new help. All these things
seemed like they had happened years ago, and he felt like drawing back the
hands of time. He turned on the engine of his car and drove away from the
hospital premises.
David sat across his ex- parents’ in-law and his ex-wife,
they all sat there staring at one another for what seemed like an eternity.
“I’m here to ask that for joint custody of my daughter.” He
His ex-wife looked at him with a start.
“I’ve come to terms with the fact that Nnenna might never
come back to me and I’ve lost her for good.” David said to his ex-wife’s
“It’s good to know that.” Nnenna’s father said.
“Daddy!” Nnenna exclaimed.
“I want to be involved in my daughter’s life.” He said.
“So that you can beat her up the way you beat our daughter?”
Nnenna’s mother said.
“She’s my daughter, she bears my name and the only beating I’ll
ever give her will be in discipline and not for the fun of it. I’ve enrolled in
an anger management class and I am hoping to see some improvement in my
attitude.” He said in self defence.
“You enrolled in an anger management class?” Nnenna asked.
“Yes I did. It’s an expensive class but I need to learn to
control my temper.” He said. “My friend, Chima, mistakenly killed a young girl
in anger and I don’t want to have to ever do such a thing like that all in the
name of anger.”
“What?” Nnenna and her parents echoed.
“Yes…and he’s going to jail for it even though I’m going
to do my best to get him a good lawyer.”
“What happened? How did he kill her?” Nnenna asked.
“It’s a long story, and I really don’t want to talk about
it.” He said. “I just learnt that things are better settled with words rather
than with fists.”
Nnenna and her parents nodded.
“I’ll speak to my lawyer about the joint custody thing…”
He said, standing up to leave.
“Are you leaving so soon?” Nnenna asked.
“Yes…I have to do my laundry, tidy up my house and fix a
lot of other stuff because my class start in two days and I doubt that I’ll be
able to do all the chores while juggling work with learning.” He said.
As he left the house, Nnenna and her parents stared at his
retreating back. Was this a different person or had David changed? They
Chima’s lawyer did a great job but he was sentenced to ten
years in prison with hard labour. His wife got out of the hospital and taking their
kids, she relocated to Canada to be with her sister’s family. Chima received his
divorce papers in prison. Yvonne moved on with her life and soon met someone
and got married. Her affair with Chima had almost cost her, her freedom as the
police had almost arrested her for Princess’s murder, so she decided that being
a side chick to a married man wasn’t worth it and settled down instead.
David completed his anger management course for six months, received
his certificate and enrolled for another six months course, but this time, the
course title wasn’t anger management but ‘steps to becoming a true gentleman’,
he felt more fulfilled and he felt like a better man. David and Nnenna’s
marriage was finally annulled but he got to see his daughter from time to time,
Nnenna got into a new relationship with someone else while David was still
contemplating on whether to jump the dating wagon or not. He went for the
Nathan and Vicky finally came back together after being
separated for two whole months. Vicky didn’t need family and friends to
convince her to return to Nathan because the day she saw him at the supermarket
after two months of their separation, she was shocked to the roots of her hair.
He looked like a walking corpse. His hair was shaggy, his beard unshaved and he
was as skinny as a broom. Besides, there was good news! She realized that she
was pregnant and she knew she couldn’t raise their child alone so, she returned
home, vowing to talk things through with her husband before making any big
decisions. Nathan on the other hand, counted himself lucky to have been
forgiven by his wife and promised to stay faithful. Building the trust they had
in each other at the start was gradual process but soon, the barriers were
broken and they fully trusted each other again.
Forgiveness is a huge part of life, and I guess that’s what Vicky realised and decided to move on with life, holding on to love and letting go of hurt and betrayal. Chima’s biggest issue was pride, he felt he had it all and could get away with infidelity but fate had other things planned for him. I guess this is where the saying ‘pride goes before a fall’ fits in. 
Nathan was upright, he was the best husband Vicky could ask for but Peace got to him and almost ruined his life. 
David can be likened to a man with a glass pot in his hand. He smashed the pot and thought it’d be easy picking up the pieces. Yes, he learnt his lesson along the way but he lost out on the good thing he once had.
Thank you all for reading. I hope we learnt from this story. 

God bless you immensely.

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  1. awwwww i hoped Nneoma and David would get back together…..Such a pity. Glad for Vicky and Nathan. No comments on Chima, he lost all which is soooo good for him.


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