David was at the hospital, he had rushed to Chima’s house
but he had been told that a neighbour had helped Jo to the hospital. He stood
at the waiting room waiting to hear from the doctor and he wondered what was
going to happen to Chima. He scratched his head tiredly and brought out his
phone to dial Nathan’s number.
“Hello…” He said into the receiver.
“David, thank God you called….” Nathan’s voice came

“What’s up bro?” David asked.
“I am on my way to the police station, please could you help
me contact a lawyer?”
“Police station for what?” David asked in shock.
“It’s a long story but to cut it short, the maid told my
neighbour who happens to work with an NGO a cock and bull story of how I
molested her and I’m on my way to the station.”
“What?” David shouted.
“Please, stop all you’re doing now and help me get a lawyer.”
“I’m not sure I can ooo….” David said. “I’m at the
hospital with Chima’s wife…she’s in the operating room…in fact, there’s a
long story here … and if you hear the story ehn, you’ll toss your problems
out the window.”
“What happened? Mehn! Who can I call?” Nathan asked.
“Can’t you call your wife? Call Vicky na…I’m sure she’ll
help you.”
“Call Vicky ke? I can’t ooo…I’m sure she doesn’t want to
hear from me. The maid told her that she’s expecting my child and Vicky
believes her. She moved out of the house last night without waiting to listen
to my side of the story.” Nathan said.
“What? This is very complicated. Okay…I’ll see what I can
do but I can’t promise anything.”
“Please David, you’re the only one I can trust right
now…please help me…” Nathan said.
“Okay…I will…” David said.
As soon as he hung up, David made another call. When he
heard her voice, he breathed easier.
“Hello Vicky, please…Nathan needs your help, don’t hang
up.” He said.
Madam Theresa of the ‘Medi Foundation For Women And Girls’
looked at Peace with a small smile, she had seen cases like these before and
when Mrs Franka had brought in the young girl with the claim that she had been
raped by her boss, she was determined to get to the root of it.
“What’s your name my dear?” Madam Theresa asked.
“Peace ma…”
“Your full name.”
“Peace Michael…”
“How old were you when you started working for the first
“When I was errr…nine years old ma.”
“How old are you now?” Madam Theresa asked.
“Fifteen years old ma.” Peace said.
“How long have you worked in Lagos?”
“Since 2003 ma.”
“So you were nine years old when you started working in
Lagos.” Madam Theresa asked with a smile.
“Yes ma…nine years ma.”
“That means you’ve been working for thirteen years, here in
“Do I need to rephrase my question?”
Peace looked at her fingers and began to count rapidly, she
stopped then began counting again.
“How many years have you spent in Lagos?”
“Nine years ma…I mean errr…seven…” Peace said shakily.
“I make mistake the first time.”
“Let’s forget your age and the years you’ve spent in Lagos.
Tell me, when was the first time you saw your present boss?”
“Are you going to make this interrogation a lengthy one?”
Madam Theresa asked.
“No ma.”
“When did you see your bosses for the first time and what
made you decide to work for them?” Madam Theresa asked. “From what I heard from
Mrs. Franka, you were working with one Mrs. Abigail but you moved ship and
started working for Mr. And Mrs Nathan Sosu.”
“Yes ma but they beg me to work for them. I want to go to
meet my agent but oga Nathan tell me that I cannot go back to my agent and I
have to work for him whether I like it or not.”
“So you mean, he threatened you to work for him.”
Peace nodded.
“Why’s that?” Madam Theresa asked.
“Because he talk that he likes me.” Peace said.
“So, he saw you and told you to your face that he likes you.”
Madam Theresa stressed.
“Yes, he called me and told me in my ear then…another
time, he tell me that if I don’t sleep with him, he will send me back to
“How will he threaten you with sending you back to the
village when he knows nothing about you or where you’re from? We both agree
that you started working with them without informing your agent about it and
that you weren’t originally working for them but for Mrs. Abigail.”
Peace opened her mouth to speak but was lost. Madam Theresa’s
PA rapped at the door and walked in with a sealed envelope. Madam Theresa took
the envelope and opened it. She took out the sheet of paper within and looked
through it.
“So, tell me Peace….are you going to tell me the truth or
do you want to be locked up in jail?”
Peace was astounded at the way the tables turned so rapidly.
The woman who had once smiled at her was now frowning.
“A test was run on you and it shows you’re not pregnant,
Peace. Are you going to tell me the truth or do you want us to continue our
Peace fell to her knees.
“Madam I beg…I will talk the truth…” She said. “Oga nor
force me…” She cried.
“I hate it when people like you feel you can mess with other
people’s lives. How can you accuse an innocent man of rape? Do you know what
you’ve done to his life, his career?”
“Ma….I like my oga from very beginning…from when I live
upstairs and I want to live downstairs in his house. I like the way he live
with his wife and I want to marry him but…” She cried. “He love his wife well
well but his wife like me and she nor believe that I want to steal her husband
and…” She cried loudly.
“So you lied against him? You lied against your boss?”
Peace nodded with tears in her eyes.
“Did you or did you not sleep with him?” The woman asked.
“Na me…na me pursue am. I come home from my sister place
when I see that he sleep then…I…I find way to …to…” She began to cry.
“My good Lord! What sort of people do innocent families hire
to work for them? This means you came with a mission! You came to destroy a
home and take over the reigns as the woman of the house.”
“Ma…I beg…I promise I nor go do am again. I go beg my
madam to come back home, I go tell am everything I do to make her husband love
me…please madam, nor send me go jail…I beg…na me dey take care of my
parents wey dey village.” She cried. “Na devil cause am ma, I wanted to
marry my oga and help build house for my village people but I don change and I
nor want to do it again.”
Madam Theresa looked at her and shook her head.
“What does he want from me? I’m sure you’re aware that your
perfect friend is not as perfect as you thought.” Vicky spat into the receiver.
“Please Vicky, he was arrested by the police…” David
“He was what? Arrested? What for?” Vicky shouted.
“Do you see why he needs your help?” David said soberly. “Please
help him for old times’ sake.”
To be continued tomorrow…..
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  1. aha! thank God the truth came out o! Vicky, next time you will listen to your hubby. Women when your husband is telling you about a woman, please pay attention. They might not come out plainly to tell you their fear


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