“Hahahahahahaha….you’re really funny
Chima…hahahahaha…” David laughed.
Chima’s sour look convinced him otherwise, David’s mouth
hung open and he stared at Chima in disbelief.
“It was a mistake…an honest mistake…” Chima said and
burst into tears.
“What are you talking about?”
“She came to help my wife babysit my kids for the duration
of her delivery and I recognised her because she was the neighbour of my
mistress. She threatened to blackmail me and tell my wife the truth of my
affair with her neighbour and I asked…I asked what she wanted and she said
she wanted a phone and a laptop. David I swear I bought her the lap…top and
the phone only to return to give it to her and she refused to leave my
house…I was filled with rage….with rage…and I pushed her…I shoved her
to the ground…and she hit her head on the center table and…I called her
name…I called her…I promise I did but she didn’t respond…she
….she….she…was dead….” Chima cried.
“Are you serious?” David asked incredulously.

“Does it look like I’m joking? I’m crying, man, and I don’t
cry…I hardly ever cry. So please David, please go to my house and help my
wife please…”
“No….” David said in an echo.
“No?” Chima looked at David.
“I mean, I can’t believe I spent the night in the same room
with a murderer.” David started.
“Yes, agreed, I’m a murderer but please my wife needs
help….she needs help.”
“You need to turn yourself in….and I need to…to…I need
to go.” David said walking over to pick his phone from the side of the bed.
Chima fell to his knees.
“Please…David, please help me…help me…I don’t want to
go to jail…I want everything to go back to normal.” He cried.
“Nothing can go back to normal…nothing…” David said.
“You killed a girl? My God! What if someone did that to your daughter? Do you
know you will go to jail for this?”
Chima cried loudly.
“No…It was mistake…I told you…I was angry, I was…”
“Chima, what has anger ever done to help a person? I know
that there’s no use crying over spilt milk especially now that she’s dead
but….you should have at least learnt from my mistakes that acting in anger
only messes things up.” David said heavily.
“Please go to my wife…please go and help her…” Chima
“Okay, I will….I will also have to take the day off work
today because I can’t possibly go to work after all of this. I’ll call you with
updates.” David said helpfully.
“Thank you so much…but please send a text, I only turn on
my phone at intervals.”
David nodded and walked out of the room, as soon as he did,
Chima hurried to the wardrobe to pick up his bag. He knew he needed to leave.
Vicky was in her friend, Shola’s place, she had spent the
night there as it was quite close to her house.
“Hmmm…this is serious ooo, Vicky.” Shola said to Vicky.
Vicky was lying on Shola’s sofa staring at the ground while
tears rolled down her cheeks.
“If anyone told me that Nathan will do this to me, I would
have never believed it.” Vicky said tearfully.
“Men! Men and their lustful ways! Who would have thought
that Nathan could look at any other woman least of all a dirty maid?”
“He kept saying she seduced him and…”
“Oh please leave that rubbish! All the while you were not at
home, they were both having fun on your bed….on your matrimonial bed. Don’t
be a learner.”
Vicky burst into tears.
“Take it easy my darling, men are not worth all the tears in
the world jare. He’s there making up with his new sweetheart and you’re here
crying like a baby.”
Vicky looked at her friend sharply.
“Don’t say things like that. Are you here to comfort me or
to add salt to my wounds?”
“I’m sorry my dear, I’m just telling you the obvious na…”
Shola said. “It’s better to be single than have a cheating husband ooo…”
Vicky looked at her and regretted ever coming to her house
with her problems. If she’d lodged at a hotel, she would have borne her pain in
“So what’s the next step dear?”
“What step?”
“Don’t tell me you’re going back to him because we both know
that if it were you who cheated, he’ll be the first to kick you out of his
life. Let’s learn to treat men just the way they treat women ooo…”
“I don’t intend to go back to him…she’s pregnant for him
“Oh my God! Whaaaaat? She’s pregnant? And you’ve been trying
to conceive for years?”
“For just one year. No need to exaggerate Shola…” Vicky
said drily.
“Well…he doesn’t deserve you sha…that’s my two cents.”
Shola said.
Vicky nodded as tears fell from her eyes.
Nathan had sent a text to the Human resources department of
his office to inform them that he won’t be at work for the next few days. He
was on a mission to find his wife and he’d promised himself to find her today
and bring her home. He had just washed his face, combed his hair and wore his
clothes and was about to leave the house when he heard a rap at the door.
He strode to the door and pulled it open. He was shocked to
see two policemen standing at his door.
“Good morning officers, how can I help you?”
“Mr Nathan Sosu, you’re under arrest for ….” The police
officers said.
Nathan’s ears couldn’t process the rest, he saw his
neighbour at that moment, standing behind the officers with a grim look on her
“Are you kidding me? What am I being arrested for? I am no
criminal or rapist or whatever…” Nathan shouted in protest as the police
officers dragged him away.
“You’re going to pay for taking advantage of an innocent
girl, Mr. Nathan.” His neighbour screamed at him.
“Officers, please don’t listen to her…I can explain what
happened. Stop dragging me…I want to go look for my wife…officers!” Nathan
The police officers didn’t utter a word to him as they
dragged him out of the compound to their waiting vehicle. Nathan’s neighbour
stood there watching with a smug smile on her face, as far as she was concerned
she had fought for a good cause.
To be continued tomorrow…..
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