“You are what?” Vicky said in complete shock.
“Yes…I get belle.” Peace said giving her stomach a soft
“I can’t believe…this…” Vicky said shakily.
“Believe am.” Peace started.
Vicky took a step backward but suddenly couldn’t feel the
ground underneath her feet, she collapsed.

“Ha! She don faint ooo…” Peace shouted jumping off the bed
and running towards Vicky’s unconscious frame.
She saw Vicky’s phone lying on the ground beside her frame
and took it, she saw Nathan’s name saved as Hubby and dialled it. It rang and
he answered.
“Hello Vicky…” Nathan slurred from the other end of the
“It is me…it is Peace.”
“You witch! What are you doing with my wife’s phone?” Nathan
screamed over the phone.
“I nor touch her, she just faint like that…” Peace
“What? My wife? Faint? I’m on my way…” Nathan said and
hung up the call.
Peace took the phone and walked over to sit on her bed, not
bothering to check up on her madam. She busily scrolled through the phone,
searching for the game section. Vicky lay on the ground as still as a wax
Nathan picked up the left leg of his shoes and began to
search for the right one frantically.
“What’s up man?” David asked sounding very tired.
“It’s my wife…it’s Vicky….the maid just called….she
said that Vicky fainted.”
“Ha! Are you sure she’s not lying to you? Look man, maybe
Vicky wants to just drag you home. Remember you told her that you wouldn’t
leave this place till that girl has left your home and it doesn’t seem as
though she’s yet to leave.” Chima said sounding a bit more clear headed.
“I need to go….I need to go….” Nathan said still looking
for his shoe.
“Calm don bro…you need to take a taxi ooo…you can’t
drive in your state.” David warned.
“Wait…what? Nathan, I thought we agreed we’d spend the
night here together. Why are you leaving me all of a sudden?” Chima said
getting off the bed.
“Are you deaf? I just told you that my wife collapsed….”
Nathan said in a panic.
“Calm down…calm down…” David started.
“I need to find my shoe…” Nathan said. “In fact, I don’t
need the shoe…I’ll go home on bare feet.” Nathan said as he made to dash out
of the room.
“Hey wait! I’ve seen it…” Chima said not sounding too
The two men watched Nathan wear his shoes and leave the
“Don’t forget to leave your car here…and take a taxi.”
David called after him.
As soon as he left, David slumped on the chair and looked at
“Don’t tell me you’re leaving too…” Chima said.
“That reminds me, you called Nathan and I claiming that
you’re in a huge dilemma and at the end of it all, we ended up burdening you
with our own problems. What’s wrong Chima?” David asked.
Chima stared at David for a while, he wasn’t sure he wanted
to let out his secret to anyone, least of all, to David.
It was almost ten thirty pm at and Chima’s wife had tucked
her children in bed and had gotten some of their things ready for them to be
taken to her sister’s place in the morning. She was so tired. Movement was a
problem to her because her feet were so swollen and her body felt so heavy. She
sighed and walked over to the sitting room and sat down on the sofa wondering
why her husband had suddenly decided to go on a business trip and leave her
alone now that their baby was almost due. She wanted to practice her breathing exercises
but thought better of it, she inched over to the center table to pick the
television remote control and her eyes caught Princess’s phone which she had
found earlier and left at the center table.
“Hmmm….I should turn this phone on ooo…” She said and
turned the phone on. “I’ll call my friend to come and pick up Princess’s phone
She had just dropped the phone by her side on the sofa when
it began to ring. She looked at the caller ID and it was ‘auntie Yvonne’.
“Why is this auntie Yvonne calling Princess’s phone? Doesn’t
she know she’s dead?” She asked aloud as she picked the call.
“Hello…” She greeted.
“Hello…I wasn’t expecting to get any answer… who are you
please?” The female voice at the end of the line answered.
“I have Princess’s phone…she was in my house…before she
left.” Chima’s wife said quickly.
“I am her neighbour and her body was found in my house.”
Yvonne said and burst into tears. “I guess I just called her number just to deceive
myself that she isn’t dead. You know she’s gone right?”
“Yes. I do…she was a very pretty girl.” Chima’s wife said,
surprised that she was talking to a complete stranger with such ease.
“You mentioned she was at your house before she left…that
explains why her phone is in your place.” Yvonne said.
“Yes…I wanted to drop it off with her aunt but it’s
already late and I’m very heavy with child. I can’t possibly make the journey.”
“Oh don’t worry…I can come over to your place first thing
tomorrow morning to take the phone. I am a close friend of the family, in fact,
I live just downstairs while they live upstairs in the same house.”
“Oh really? Sure…you can come over and pick it up…I’ll
send you the address.”
“Thank you.” Yvonne said and hung up.
The taxi had hardly dropped off Nathan when he rushed out of
the car and headed into his compound. He got to his door and banged hard, the
door opened and Peace stared at him.
“What have you done to my wife you witch?” He demanded,
shoving her away from the door and storming into the house shouting at the top
of his lungs. “Vicky! Vicky!”
He found his wife lying on the ground at Peace’s bedroom
door and crouched low to shake her gently. He could smell his breath and it
smelt of alcohol.
“Vicky! My darling! Vicky please wake up!” He said.
He felt arms circle him from behind as Peace pressed her
body close to him.
“I miss you…” She purred.
“Get the hell out of my house! Leave me the hell alone!”
Nathan cursed and pushed her off him. “Vicky! Vicky!” He called out.
Vicky moaned and opened her eyes, she saw her husband
holding her and Peace standing behind him with a pissed look on her face.
“Nathan…Nathan…” Vicky said choking on a sob. “My
head…oh my head…”
“What did she do to you? Vicky!” Nathan asked cradling his
Vicky’s eyes suddenly widened and she spat.
“Get your filthy hands off me!”
“What? Why? Vicky..”
“You got her pregnant? Nathan…you…you…got her
pregnant?” Vicky said and burst into tears.
Nathan stared at his wife and turned to look at Peace in
“Me? Got who pregnant? When?” Nathan asked blinking.
“Don’t deny it! You’ve been sleeping with Peace.” Vicky
screamed at him.
“She’s not pregnant with my child…that’s ridiculous.”
Nathan said.
“How can she say that if it’s not true?” Vicky fired.
Nathan turned to look at Peace with hatred in his gaze.
“What did you tell my wife? What did you…?” He asked in
“Don’t lie…you love me…I love you…I carry belle for
you.” Peace said.
Nathan turned back to Vicky and she pulled away from him.
“You slept with her?” Vicky asked.
Nathan stared at his wife, the words were too heavy for him.
“I couldn’t have gotten her pregnant….I couldn’t have…”
He said, remembering that the only time he’d slept with her was just this
“That’s not my question Nathan! Did you or did you not sleep
with Peace?”
Nathan stared at his wife with his mouth wide open,  he wanted to tell her that Peace was lying
and that she couldn’t have gotten pregnant so suddenly after having sex with
her in the morning.
“Answer me dammit!” Vicky screamed like a mad woman.
“Yes….I did.” He said in shame.
Vicky let out a loud wail and covered her face with her

To be continued on Monday….
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