Nathan stared at his wife’s retreating form as she left the
bedroom, he knew he had to get out of the house as fast as he could. Where was
he headed? He had no idea. He quickly wore his clothes and shoes and picking up
his wallet and car keys, he made to leave but he ran into Peace at the door.
“What are you doing here?” He spat.
“Madam tell me to come carry clothes….” She said as she
attempted entering the bedroom.
“You are banned from going into my bedroom, you hear me?
You’re banned!” He spat.
“Sir…I not understand, I want to do my job but you no
allows me…” She said openly defying him.
“Get the hell out of my sight!” Nathan spat at her.

“No sir…I want do my job sir…” She cried and suddenly
held on to his shirt.
“Let go of my shirt this instant! What is wrong with you?
Let go of my shirt!” Nathan spat in anger.
Vicky chose that moment to walk in on them and Peace quickly
fell on her knees before Nathan.
“What’s going on here?” Vicky asked in shock.
“Oga say I will go…I beg him…I beg him tire he doesn’t
agree…” Peace said as she cried bitterly.
“What? Nathan! We just spoke about this…you told me that
we’re not going to have issues like this anymore…” Vicky said accusingly.
Nathan was tongue-tied for a while, something told him to
blurt out the whole truth about the scheming girl but he just couldn’t. He
needed to speak to Vicky about his fling with Peace in private.
“Look, I don’t know what she’s playing at…” Nathan
“Oga please…na beg I dey beg you…sir…please…” Peace
begged. “I don’t have anybody sir…”
“Can you leave us alone for a moment Peace?” Vicky
Peace nodded and hurried off to her room where she began to
wail loudly and speak rapidly in her native tongue.
“What is this about Nathan?” Vicky asked.
“It’s more complicated than you think but I really need her
to leave.”
“Why?” Vicky asked pointedly with an angry facial
“I….I….” Nathan started finding the words too heavy for
“What is it? Nathan, speak up now! Why do you want that girl
out on the streets?”
“Right from the moment she stepped into this house, she’s
turned everything upside down…honestly, I want her to go.” Nathan said
“I don’t believe you.” His wife said in disappointment.
“What’s it with Peace? Has she jazzed you?” Nathan started. “Can’t
you see that she’s out to ruin this home of ours? We’ve been living in peace
till she came.”
They suddenly heard Peace’s cry in the room and soon saw her
walk up to them with a bible in her hand.
“I will swear! I will swear!” Peace said repeatedly.
“Swear for what?” Vicky asked in confusion.
“Oga talk dat I want to spoil this house but I swear today
that I bring peace…” She cried.
“Swearing is not necessary, take the bible away. Swearing on
a bible is not as easy as you make it sound. It’s actually a very serious
thing.” Vicky said in anger.
“I…” Nathan started but his phone chose that moment to
ring. It was Chima. “I have to take this call.” He said as he entered the room.
As soon as he picked the call, he spoke.
“Chima, what’s up? I was calling earlier today and…”
“Guy, I’m in mad soup…I don’t know what to do…I need to see you…” Chima said in a shaky voice.
“Calm down guy…what’s the matter?” Nathan asked.
“Please…come and stay with me…I…am almost running out
of my mind. I need to be with someone.”
“What happened? Chima! What’s going on?”
“I’m at the Premier hotels, please come…I beg of you…I’ll
be in one of the rooms in the hotel, just ask for me when you come because I
won’t be leaving my phone on.” Chima said and hung up.
Nathan closed his eyes and sighed, he too needed to get out
of his house and he was quite thankful that Chima had provided an escape. He
walked out into the passage and saw Peace still on her knees crying while Vicky
comforted her.
“I’m going out.” He said.
“We haven’t settled this issue!” His wife demanded.
“Yes we have. I don’t want her here anymore…forget her
tantrums, forget her tears.” He said as he walked away. “Just send her away!”
“You’re such a weak man Nathan! Look at you, picking at a
young defenceless girl and all these while, I thought your mother raised you
right.” Vicky spat at him.
Nathan ignored her and walked away. He wanted to turn back
and tell her the whole truth but something held him back, it was ‘privacy’ he
said to himself. ‘I need us to be alone before I can tell her what happened.’
Chima opened the door, first to David and next to Nathan. He
shut the door behind them and walked over to the table to pour the drink into
“What’s up man?” Nathan asked Chima.
“Na long torri…” Chima slurred, picking up a glass of drink
and gulping it down hastily.
“What happened? You look so different….” David noted. “Are you drunk?”
“My guy…if I tell you…if I tell you…” Chima said and
burst into tears.
Nathan was officially tired of cries, the first one he’d
heard was Peace’s now, it was Chima’s.
“What is wrong bro? Talk to us….” David started.
“Na long tori…I just gat to comot from house…” Chima
said in tears.
“I also have issues too…” Nathan said and the two men
looked at him. “We all have issues and…” He said and broke off.
“Nathan? You? Mr goody? How come?” David asked in surprise forgetting all about Chima’s woes.
“Well…I guess the devil loves a good playground from time
to time.” Nathan said.
“What happened? Is it with Vicky? Don’t tell me you guys are
seriously at eachother’s throats.” David said.
“Yes…and you were right Dave…it’s all because of that
maid.” Nathan informed.
“What happened?” Chima asked despite himself. “You slept
with her?”
“No way! Not our almost perfect Nathan…no freaking way! I
mean, Nathan isn’t like you, Chima who chases after every willing woman and he’s
not like me either…” David said in quick defence as he looked at Nathan.
Nathan’s silence stopped the two men in their tracks.
“What? Did you?” David asked with bated breath.
Nathan nodded and at that moment, if a pin had dropped, it
would have been heard miles away.



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