“I need you to leave my house. Forget whatever happened and
just go or else I’ll lose my temper.”
“I will go!” Peace said to Nathan. “But I have to tell my
madam bye bye…she be good to me.”
“Do whatever you want but you have to leave my house today
but in the meantime I need you out of my room. Go out now!” Nathan said.
He watched her leave the room and he looked at the breakfast
she had brought him in dismay, his actions suddenly hit him squarely in the
face. After one year of marriage and vowing to stay by Vicky’s side through
thick and thin, he had strayed and not to the beautiful women at his office or
those whom he met during his day to day activities but to his help. A young woman
who didn’t measure to his wife in looks, carriage, education or charisma. He
buried his face in his palms and groaned in frustration. The door opened and
Peace peeked in.
“You call me back?”
“Get out!” Nathan screamed.

Peace disappeared through the door and Nathan scratched his
head furiously, thinking of what to do.
“The flesh…the flesh…” He said repeatedly as he beat his
head with his fists.
He quickly wore his shirt and his baggy shorts and was out
of the room and soon out of his flat. He needed to think. As soon as he stepped
out, he saw his neighbour, Peace’s former madam; she was walking towards her
car with her child on her arm.
“Good morning…” He managed to greet.
The woman didn’t respond but kept walking. Nathan recalled
that his wife had complained that their neighbour had stopped responding to her
greeting so he greeted her again and this time, it was loud.
“Good morning neighbour!”
She turned on him like a wild cat.
“Keep your greetings to yourself!” She spat.
“Excuse me?” He started.
“You men are all the same.” She spat.
“You couldn’t send her away could you? You had to leave her
under your roof huh?” The woman said walking up to meet him.
“Excuse me?”
“Why are you pretending as though you don’t know what I’m
talking about?”
Nathan stared at her in confusion.
“What are you talking about?” He asked.
“Your wife isn’t enough for you so you pretend you need help
around the house and harbour the maid to help scratch that itch huh…”
“I’m sorry but I don’t understand you.” Nathan said again.
“You understand me perfectly. I sent Peace out of my house
because I knew she was on to my husband. I don’t know if she ever got to him
because I never caught them in the act but I knew she came with a motive the
day I came home to see her skimpily dressed and parading about while my husband
was at home. I see her parade around with her clingy outfits around your house
but you and your wife seem not to mind so, it’s obvious that you’ve already
started sampling those goods.” The woman said.
“I…we…” Nathan stammered, not knowing what to say.
“I have been meaning to send that tramp out of my house long
ago but my husband refused, he kept making excuses and blah blah blah till I
was lucky and found a way to get rid of her the day she almost burnt my house
down and I was luckier because my husband wasn’t in town when I sent her away.
It’s a pity that my neighbours who couldn’t mind their business, took her in.”
“What did you expect us to do? She lay on the floor of our
balcony in the middle of the night and my wife was moved to compassion.”
“I hope your wife still has compassion in her when that girl
steals you from her.” The woman said.
“Steals me?” Nathan asked incredulously.
He opened his mouth to respond but the gate opened and Vicky
drove into the compound with his car.
“Hmmm…I see your wife left you alone with the help. How convenient!”
The woman said and positioning her son properly on her waist, she made her way
to the car.
Vicky stepped out of the car and walked over to meet her
“I’m glad you look better honey.” Vicky said with a huge smile.
“Yes I am…but there’s something we have to trash out.”
Nathan said.
“I saw you speak with our grumpy neighbour? What was she
telling you? Did she tell you the reason she’s not been responding to my
greetings? That woman is such a hypocrite!” Vicky spat.
“We need to send Peace away.” Nathan said quickly.
“What is it with you? Today, you want her to stay and
tomorrow, you want her gone. Make up your mind already!” His wife said sounding
“It’s just that our neighbour feels bad that she sent her
away and we took her in.” Nathan said quickly.
“What? Excuse me? That wicked woman sent the girl out into
the streets and we saved her. What’s her problem? Can’t she mind her business?”
“Look Vicky, like I said earlier when you asked that we take
Peace into our home, I don’t want any trouble with the neighbours and for what?
A girl we know nothing about?” Nathan started.
“If you think I’m sending Peace away because her madam wants
us to do just that then think again!” Vicky said walking away.
Nathan reached out to pull his wife back towards him.
“If you value our marriage you’ll send her away.” He said in
a calm but firm voice.
Vicky stopped short and stared at him.
“If I value our marriage? Nathan! Don’t tell me you’re using
our marriage as leverage for that woman’s stupidity. I’m so disappointed in
you!” Vicky said and stormed off into the house.
Nathan shut his eyes tight, when he opened them, he saw Peace
standing at the balcony and staring at him.
“Chima! Chima!” His wife called out.
Chima unlocked the bathroom door and stepped out like a
scared mouse.
“Honey…I’m here…” He started.
His wife stared at him for a while and asked.
“Why did you hide?”
“Me? Hide? I didn’t hide…I just stayed in the
bathroom…and err…”
“Chima, is there something you’d like to tell me?” She
“What do you mean by that?” Chima asked, sounding offended.
“First, you asked that we leave the house and that we take
the kids to my parents and when the police came, you hid in the bathroom. An
innocent mind fears no accusations. Chima, is something wrong?”
“No baby…I’m fine, nothing is happening…” He started.
His phone began to ring and he brought it out from his
pocket. The caller ID was saved as ‘5277’.
“It’s these advert people…” He said as he slipped the
phone into his pocket again.
“Okay…” She started. “I think I need to go to the
hospital, the activities of the day has left me quite breathless.”
“Okay then…”
“What do you mean by okay then? You’re driving me to the
“Sure…yea…sure…just err…lemme quickly have a bath.”
He said.
“What have you been doing in the bathroom since?”
“I was err…using the toilet.” Chima said quickly and
slammed the door shut.
He rested his back against the door and took in deep
breaths, he needed to get away from here but where? He thought of where to go.
Should he go to Nathan’s? Or visit his brother? He had no idea. He needed to
stay somewhere for a while till everything blows over. He couldn’t possibly
tell his wife what happened, if he did, he’d have to tell her the truth of his
mistress and that was a betrayal his wife wouldn’t take from him. He was a
His phone vibrated and he brought it out from his pocket. It
was a message from his mistress.
I’m at the station, and I have put down my statement. The police are asking for
you because Royalty said she saw you at the house last night. I thought you
came around early that evening only to find that I was away at a wedding and
returned home. I didn’t know you dropped by again at about seven pm. Anyway, I
just gave the police your phone number so, expect to receive a call from them
at anytime.’

Chima’s heart skipped a beat, he couldn’t allow the police
to get to him or they’ll figure out that Princess had been at his house and
also that he was dating her neighbour. As he stood in the toilet and pondered
his way out of the mess, he heard his wife’s rap at the door.
“Honey!” She called out.
“What is it?” He asked in a frantic voice.
“I just found Princess’s phone in the guest room. How could
she have left her phone behind?” His wife asked.
Chima closed his eyes in frustration, he had pushed in the
stuff he’d bought for her into her bag but in his rush he had forgotten to look
for her phone and put it into her bag.
“What?” He asked stupidly.
“This doesn’t add up…something is definitely wrong. She
couldn’t have left her phone here and packed her things and left. Do you think
that maybe someone came to the house, kidnapped her and took her to her
neighbour’s house before strangling her? This doesn’t look as though she left
on her own accord. Something is not adding up!” His wife concluded.
Chima almost threw up!


  1. Vicky is the most foolish woman I've ever met, when your husband threatens your marriage over a stupid house help, u still choose to keep the girl, its just over familiarity n she will soon regret it.


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