David opened the door to his house and carrying his wailing child,
he walked into his sitting room and placed her on the sofa. His daughter’s face
was already beet red as she was almost running a temperature from crying
“Why are you crying? I am your daddy!” He demanded as he
stared at the little girl as though he was speaking to his age mate.
The only answer she gave him was more wails.
“What is all this? Why is life treating me this way? Yes, I
know I deserve all the insults from my in-laws but I can’t trade my baby. She’s
mine and I can’t let her call another man, ‘daddy’.”
His words were cut short by the heavy bang at the door.
“David! Open the door now!” Nnenna screamed.

His daughter heard her mother’s voice and scampered off the
chair crying as she hurried to the door. David carried the child away from the
door and took her to the room and kept her there before stepping out to the
sitting room.
“David! I have called the police and they’ll be here any
minute. Give me my child!” His wife yelled through the door.
“Yes! Please call the police and let’s start a custody
battle now!” David said hotly. His eyes scanned the sitting room and he hurried
towards the television stand, took the TV and smashed it to the ground.
“David! David!” His wife yelled pounding hard at the door. “Please!
Open up! Open the door…don’t hurt my baby please…please…” She cried.
David wasn’t listening, he was pouring out his anger on the
furniture in the house, he carried the center table and threw it at the wall
and all the while Nnenna’s screamed, her cries fell on deaf ears.
The police arrived at Chima’s house and he ran into the
bathroom and locked himself in. It wasn’t the best option but he was so scared
of the authorities and felt that he might be pressured to say something he didn’t
want to say.
Chima’s wife regarded the police officers and the man
followed them closely behind.
“Good morning…” She greeted.
“My name is Inspector Musa and this is Inspector Braimoh…”
The police officer introduced.
“You’re welcome.” Chima’s wife said.
The inspectors regarded the heavily pregnant woman and
“We’re here with the deceased’s father.” Inspector Musa said
referring to the man who stood beside them with sadness etched on his features.
“Oh…I’m deeply sorry about your daughter’s death. I wish I
knew her better …” Chima’s wife said in sympathy.
Princess’s father nodded, he looked as though at the brink
of tears.
“Can…I get you something to drink? A glass of water
perhaps?” She asked in sympathy.
“No…thanks.” Princess’s father said.
“We want to ask some questions and we’ll be on our way.”
Inspector Musa said.
“Please…ask away…” Chima’s wife said.
Inspector Braimoh walked about the sitting room, staring at
the family pictures on the wall.
“Princess walked into your home for the first time
yesterday…am I correct?” Inspector Musa asked.
“Yes sir…she came in at about ten am in the morning…”
Chima’s wife said.
“Who let her into the house?” The inspector asked.
“I did sir, she was here with me till about four pm when I
decided to step out with my kids to get ice cream and stroll for a bit. I’m due
for delivery on Tuesday, at least that’s the date I was given by my doctor, so
I need the exercises.”
“When you left the house, did you leave Princess alone?”
“Yes, I did…she’s eighteen and I believed that she could
be left here alone.” Chima’s wife said.
“Can anyone prove that you left the house at four pm?” The
inspector asked.
“Yes, my friend, Achalugo….I can give you her phone
number. We were out for hours and she dropped us back at the house at seven
thirty pm even though the rains were so heavy and we couldn’t achieve much…”
“Okay…” The inspector said. “What of your husband?”
“What about him?” Chima’s wife asked disturbed that they
wanted to drag her husband into the investigation.
“Where was he on Saturday?”
“He was at his friend’s place…he went there to settle a
case with his friend’s wife….he came home pretty late.”
“And, when he came home, he didn’t see Princess?” The
inspector asked
“No…he didn’t see her…I mean, my husband doesn’t know
her, he met her briefly at the door yesterday before he stepped out. He’s a
very busy man and I doubt he remembers her name….” She said. “We were both surprised to see that Princess wasn’t home when we both got back. I mean…we met the house open and were wondering how she would have left just like that.”
Princess’s father walked up to the family picture at the
wall and looked closely at Chima’s smiling face.
“Is this your husband?” He asked pointing at Chima.
“Yes, is anything the matter?”
“No…he looks familiar but….I’m sure I’m mistaken.”
Princess’s dad said.
“Is your husband home? Can we speak to him?” The inspector
Chima’s wife wanted to say that he was but she found herself
wanting so much to protect her husband besides, he had nothing to do with this,
she thought.
“No…he’s not…” She said hoping that Chima won’t suddenly
appear from inside the house.
“Okay then. Thank you for your answers.” The inspectors
As they left the house, Chima’s wife was worried, where was
Chima? Why didn’t he come into the sitting room and most importantly, why had
she lied that he wasn’t home?”
Nathan saw Peace in his shirt and gawked, he’d been
searching for this particular shirt of his for days now.
“What are you doing with my shirt?” He blurted.
“I like it…” She smiled at him while placing the tray of
food beside the bed.
“I have been searching for this shirt for days now

“I like the shirt…” She said with a smile as she walked over to touch him.

“Didn’t I tell you that this has to stop?” He spat.

“Stop? We cannot stop…” She said inching closer to him.
“Go away from my room! Go away now!” He said mustering the
courage he couldn’t find some hours ago. He stared at the clock, Vicky could be
home soon.
“Hmmm….I cannot go…we live in the same house.” She
“Then this has to…to end. I’ll give you money to leave
this house! I don’t want you here anymore.” He said growing more annoyed with her than ever.

Peace smiled like an innocent lamb.
“But…I nor have place to go.” She said.
“You’re not serious! You claimed you had an agent then all
of a sudden, you have a sister. Do you ever tell the truth?”
“I like you…I like you long time…” Peace revealed.
“You like me when? What are you talking about?” Nathan asked
in shock.
Peace smiled shyly and reached out to touch him, Nathan
moved a step backwards.
“I see you come back from work, I see you from upstairs, I
like you…you fine, you better pass my former oga and I want you to like me like you like your wife.”
Nathan gawked at her in surprise.
“I like you long time…” She said again.
Nathan’s mouth opened in surprise, Peace had just revealed
to him that she’s been watching him all these while. Suddenly, everything made sense; Peace had
planned her entry into his home from the beginning.


  1. ……….and Adam ate the fruit and his eyes was open….
    why do the scales suddenly fall off after the deed is done….
    Nathan just got him self into a prepaid trouble…
    Ngwa Adanne come and rescue this man abeg ooo

    Chima , yours is just a case of bad just got worse… hope this policeman is not corrupt ooooo


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