David had just driven down the street to get some eggs when
he found that the supermarket on his street hadn’t yet opened for business. He
had to drive all the way to the open market to get some eggs hoping that some
traders will at least be considerate enough to sell eggs at the market place.
It was eight am in the morning and since it was a Sunday, most of the shops
were closed, he was driving along the market road, scanning for an open shop
when he saw a familiar figure standing at a stall with a male companion who was
holding a baby girl in his arms.
“Nnenna?” His heart skipped a beat as his grinded the car to
a halt at the side of the road.
He alighted and crossed over to the other side of the road
where Nnenna was pricing some fruits with a sturdy built man by her side.
“Nnenna!” He called out.
She turned to look at him and so did the man, his daughter
was shaking a rattle toy and making incomprehensible sounds as she stared at
her father as though he were a stranger.
“Nnenna! This is it right?” David asked.

“Who’s he?” Nnenna’s companion asked her.
“My soon to be ex-husband…” Nnenna supplied.
“What? Didn’t my coming to your house and kneeling before
all your family members mean anything to you?” David asked as his temper rose.
“Who said it didn’t mean anything to me?” Nnenna asked.
“This is the first time I’m seeing you in months, and you
are acting as though I don’t matter.” David said.
“What do you expect me to do?” His wife asked him, as she
placed her hands on her hips. “Jump on you? I am at the market trying to get
fruits and you bumped into me…I didn’t expect to see you here.”
David looked at the man holding his daughter in rage.
“Give me my daughter!” He said.
“What? What daughter?” The man asked holding the little girl
“She has my blood in her veins, she bears my last name and
if I take you to court, you’ll be thrown in jail! She’s my daughter! Give her
to me now!” David said hotly.
“Calm down David, calm down…” Nnenna said calmly, as she
saw that David’s blood was boiling hot.
“I will do no such thing!” The man fired.
“Hand her over now!” David screamed and drew attention.
The little girl started to cry and stretched out her hands
towards her mother, David snatched the girl from the man and made his way to
his car with his wife and her companion at his heels.
“David! Give me back my daughter…give her back to me…”
Nnenna cried.
“No! If you think you’re going to start a picture perfect
family with that swine, I will not have my daughter mixed up in that. I’m
taking her away.” David said.
“Is that it? Is that why you’re taking her with you? Because
you’re jealous that I’ll start a life with someone else? David!” She started.
Their daughter burst into loud wails and David opened his
car door and got inside with his daughter. His wife hit her fists on the car
window while her companion held her back.
“David! Hand her back to me! David!” His wife cried.
David latched the doors of the car, placed his daughter on
the passenger seat and drove off.
Chima was shaken, he couldn’t eat, he couldn’t even properly
bathe his kids as anytime he tried to use the sponge on their body, it fell
into the tub as his hands were shaking.
“Daddy didn’t bathe us properly.” His son said to his mother
as soon as they entered the sitting room.
“Why would you say that?” His wife asked, she was seated on
the large sofa and practising breathing exercises.
“The sponge kept felling from his hand.” His son said.
“Falling and not felling…” His wife said in correction.
“Is daddy afraid of something?” His daughter asked aloud. “Because
it’s only when I’m afraid that my hand shakes.” She said holding up her little hands.
“That’s ridiculous…what can I be afraid of?” Chima asked,
trying to sound light-hearted. “A whole daddy! Afraid? That’s ridiculous!”
A phone rang and his son hurried to get the phone.
“Mummy, it’s your phone…” He said as he handed his mother
the device.
Chima watched his wife take the call and his heart thumped
in fear.
“What? My God! What?” His wife’s voice sliced the air. She
soon hung up and turned to look at him. “Princess is dead!”
“What? How…I mean…” Chima asked.
“I just received the call now from my friend, she said that
Princess apparently went to a neighbour’s house in their compound with her bags
and died there….” She started.
Chima stared at her trying to feign surprise. His wife’s
phone rang again and she answered, when she ended the call, she said.
“The police are on their way here.”
“What…what for?” Chima stammered.
“I don’t know, my friend said they have some questions for
us.” His wife said. “Life is so unpredictable, one minute we’re here and the
next minute, we’re gone.”
“But we don’t know what happened to her….she left our
house without telling us anything.” Chima said.
“What’s wrong with kids of nowadays ehn? What if she had died
in our house ehn? What kind of story would we tell the police? May God help us
ehn…” His wife said worriedly.
“Who died mommy?” Chima’s son asked.
“Go and play with Gabriella in the room…” Chima’s wife
said to their son.
They watched their children run off to their rooms and Chima
said to his wife.
“I think we need to leave here for a while.”
“Leave here? Why? What for?”
“Now that you’re about to give birth is the best time for us
to leave our house for a while. We could leave the kids at your parents’ house
while you go and stay at the hospital and…”
“No! You know I hate to stay at the hospital before my
delivery….I prefer to stay at home first before going to the hospital besides
I don’t know why we’re running. Have we done anything wrong?”
“Wrong? Ofcourse not…I just feel that all this could
disturb you.” Chima informed.
 “Disturb me how? The
girl came to stay with us and when I left to get ice cream with the kids, she
packed her bag and left. How’s that my fault? When the police gets here, I’ll
tell them all that I know.” His wife said.
Chima was frustrated, he needed his wife and kids to leave
the house just in case something disturbing came up but as it seemed, his wife
wasn’t ready to budge.
Nathan knew what he was doing was wrong but he kept telling
himself that he hadn’t been the one to seduce Peace instead, she had done the
work instead. For an hour, while his wife prayed at church, he was busy with
Peace in his bedroom and on his matrimonial bed. When they were done and she
got up to leave the room, he said.
“I shouldn’t have…this…this has to end.” He said
sounding stupid.
“End where?” She asked as though she had no clue of what he
was talking about.
“Look Peace, what we are doing has to stop.” He said
stressing his words. “I don’t know what has gotten into me but I want it to
“Stop ke? I like my oga and I not complaining.” She said in
her purr-like voice.
“I didn’t say you’re complaining, I’m just saying that…”
“No worry, your wife will not know.” Peace said giving him a
wink and disappearing through the door.
Nathan stood up from his bed and stared at the crumpled
sheets, he rubbed his face roughly with his palms and scratched his head in
confusion, he didn’t know what was going on with him and try as he might to
stop it, he found that he wanted more. Peace was suddenly like a drug and he
was addicted.
He quickly picked up his phone and called David. The phone
rang for some time and when David answered, there was a yelling baby in the
“David! I need to talk to you…are you free?” Nathan asked
taking deep breaths.
The child yelled louder so David’s screamed over the phone.
“What? I can’t hear you…I’m driving and I just took my daughter
away from that wife of mine.” David shouted.
“That means you can’t talk?” Nathan screamed louder.
“Can I call you back? I have some family issues to attend
to.” David said and ended the call.
Nathan looked at his phone again and dialled another number.
Chima was his last resort as he really had no other friends to confide in and
he really needed to talk to someone. He needed someone to assure him that he
wasn’t making the biggest mistake of his life by being powerless to Peace’s
“Chima…” He said over the phone.
“What do you want?” Chima said in a scared whisper.
“Are you okay? You sound scared.” Nathan said.
“You’re calling at a bad time, can I call you back?” Chima
said and not waiting for his reply, he hung up.
What in the world was going on with his friends? He wondered.
As he began to wear his boxer short, the door to his bedroom opened and Peace
walked in bringing in a tray of delicious toast into the room with her. She was
wearing his shirt.
Nathan stared at her in disbelief.


  1. While I'm enjoying this read, I thought it was about men overcoming challenges and not falling for them. Yes Nathan's wife goofed but he fell too quickly, we need to also hold men accountable. Next thing he will form remorse when caught and all will be well. But if the reverse the marriage will end. I would love to see a man that gets thrown into different circumstances and comes out strong.
    Guess I should remove any expectations I had and just enjoy the story, it is another spectacular one from Adaeze.

    • As the saying goes 'every character has a story to tell'. When writing, the character somewhat tells you where it wants to go and not where you want it to go.
      I really don't know how this will end with all the men but just as the Wife Material series where all the women face challenges, these men too will have to face challenges and no, I don't think Nathan fell too quickly. The story with Nathan is quite different but let's see how it goes.
      Thank you for reading Chu.

  2. It's quite sad that within so short a period after marriage, Nathan has fallen this hard. I still believe though, that lessons will be learnt from his fall and subsequent rise (I believe he'll rise).
    Chima on the other hand, has no idea what he's gotten into.
    David seems to be behaving in a similar manner to the one that drove his wife away in the first place.
    More power to your elbow, Adaeze.

  3. Nawa o, in as much as Vicky fall my hand, I didn't expect this from Nathan, later na dat peace fit carry belle and Nathan will take his wife's earlier actions as excuse for falling into temptation. Mtchweee, anyways, Ada I wish I'm in ur mind right now n see what's happening.


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