Nathan opened his eyes to see his wife staring at him, he
sat up in a daze. What had happened? He thought as he remembered Peace, her
seductive gaze and what she’d done to him. She had done things that he hadn’t
been able to stop, things he hadn’t wanted to stop.
“Honey…” Vicky said. “I want us to talk.”
Nathan looked at his wife and looked at the clock in the
sitting room, it was two am.
“Sure…let’s…let’s talk…” He said with a hoarse voice.
Vicky nodded and walked towards the bedroom, Nathan followed
her closely behind and just as he was about going into his bedroom, another
door opened and he saw Peace peek her head out through her room door, his step
faltered for a while and he quickly composed himself before entering the room
and shutting the door close behind him.
“What do you want to talk about?” He asked his wife crisply.

Vicky turned to face him looking as contrite as ever.
“Darling, I’m sorry…I realised that I have been too demanding
these past weeks and I just want to tell you that I went overboard by calling
you at David’s in-law’s to disturb you about Peace’s whereabouts….I’m sorry.”
She said as she hugged him.
As Nathan hugged his wife back, he felt a certain chill
snake through his spine.
“I understand darling…I’m sorry too.” He said.
“I was also thinking that, we could let Peace go….you
“No!” Nathan said with such force which surprised him.
“No? You were the one who never wanted her here in the first
place, why don’t you want her to go?” Vicky asked.
Nathan’s mind screamed in response ‘because I have
unfinished business with her’ but his mouth said something entirely different.
“She’s been of great help to you and to us, I know I’ve been
very selfish by not wanting a help around but I think she’s been doing a great job.”
He said.
“Really honey? Are you sure you’re not saying this because
of me?”
“Of course not, I have to commend her for a job well-done…Peace…has
been wonderful.” He said quickly.
Vicky smiled and hugged him close.
“Keep up with the praises and you’ll have a jealous wife
here…” She said with a smile as she hugged him closer.
Nathan smiled and hugged his wife back.
“Do you know what I love best about our quarrels?” She asked
with a suggestive smile. “We get to have a mind blowing, make up….” She didn’t
finish her statement as started as kissed him passionately on the lips.
Nathan started kissing his wife back as they both made their
way towards the bed. As the fell to the bed, Nathan found that he wasn’t in the
mood for whatever his wife had in mind. He felt so cold somewhat.
“Hey…you don’t seem to be ready yet…” Vicky said
breaking the kiss and looking at him.
“No…I mean, I am ready it’s just that I woke up from sleep
and I’ve been err…kinda weak.” He said in defence.
“You’ve never made excuses before, honey….are you sure you’re
okay?” Vicky asked.
“Let’s sleep tonight okay, maybe tomorrow…” Nathan said.
“Okay…” Vicky said testily.
They both lay under the covers and Vicky reached out to hold
him. Nathan’s eyes were wide open as all he could think of was Peace and the
thought of her was almost driving him mad.
Chima didn’t sleep all through the night, his wife and kids
had returned from their outing and when his wife had asked him where Princess
was, he had answered;
“I don’t know babe…I came home and didn’t see her.”
“Are you serious? These kids of nowadays ehn! Why would she
promise to stay with me and just scamper off like that?” His wife had asked
“I really don’t know…” He’d answered.
His wife had called her friend to tell her about her niece
and how she’d left their house without telling them anything and her friend had
promised to alert Princess’s family. Chima kept staring at his phone, he had
switched it off before just in case his mistress called but it was back on now.
He turned to face his wife on the bed and was startled to
see that her eyes were open.
“You’re not asleep?” He asked.
“No…I’m just so worried and I can’t sleep. How can
Princess leave the house like that without informing anyone? Did something
happen to her?” His wife said in a scared voice.
“Why will you feel that something happened to her? She’s a young
girl and that’s what young girls do nowadays. They come and go whenever they
“I spoke with the gate man and he said he didn’t see her
leave but he admitted that he wasn’t at his post all evening. Oh my God! I hope
she’s okay.”
“Don’t get so worried, I’m sure she’s fine…she might have
returned home.” Chima said.
“I hope so because when my friend called to give me an
update, she said Princess wasn’t at home. She’s suspecting that maybe she has a
boyfriend whom she went to visit…”
“Now that’s a valid point.” Chima said. “Go to sleep
His wife nodded and closed her eyes to sleep but Chima’s
eyes stood wide open like those of the owl.
The loud ringtone jerked Chima up from bed, it was seven am
in the morning and he had only managed to sleep for two hours. He picked the
call, it was his mistress.
“Chima! Oh my God! Chima!” She cried.
“What is it?” He asked, stealing a peek at his sleeping wife
who was lying beside him on the bed and getting up to go to the bathroom.
“It’s Princess!” She cried.
“Princess? Who’s Princess?”
“My neighbour’s daughter….my God! Chima…oh my God! I couldn’t
come home last night because of the rains so I spent it at my friend’s house
only to return this morning to see….oh my God!
Princess is dead and her dead
body is in my flat.” She cried.
“I’m so terrified right now, I called her family…they are
in shock, everyone is crying…Princess was such a sweet girl. The police are
on their way….oh my God!” She cried.
“How did she get in? Did you give her your spare key?”
“No…you are the only one with a spare key aside my
brother. Surprisingly, it seems as though I didn’t lock the kitchen door
because I found that it wasn’t locked, maybe…she got in through there…” She
“My God! This is terrible.”
“The police have just arrived and I know I’ll have to write
a statement, please can you come and stay with me?” She cried.
“Stay with you? Now? You know it’s Sunday and my wife is
very heavy and…”
“Chima! You’ve never been one for making excuses! How can
you make such excuses at this time? Don’t I mean anything to you?”
“I’ll call you back.” Chima said and hung up.
He sat on his bath tub and began to cry, he didn’t know what
else to do.
Nathan watched Vicky get dressed for church.
“Are you sure you don’t want to come to church today? It’s a
special service day ooo…and you hate to miss it.” His wife reminded him.
“I know…I just have a bit of a headache and my back
aches….the couch wasn’t comfortable so I guess it’s to blame for the pain.”
He said.
“Okay then…I’ll have Peace boil some water for you to have
your bath.” She said. “I’m sorry for leaving you on the couch, that was selfish
of me.”
“Isn’t Peace going to church with you?” He asked.
“No, she woke up with a cold, the rains yesterday beat the
poor girl badly. I told her to stay home.”
Nathan did a back flip in his mind but quickly chided
himself for it, he had decided to stay home because he wanted to spend time
alone, thinking of what happened last night but as it seemed, he wasn’t going
to be alone after all.
“See you babe…” His wife said taking the keys of his car.
“Don’t finish my fuel ooo…you know it’s not cheap.” He
His wife giggled and left the house. Nathan lay on his bed,
he was determined to lie in bed till his wife came home. In his defence, last
night, he had been asleep when Peace came on to him and he couldn’t possibly
stop what had already started. As he closed his eyes to sleep, he heard the
door open and he opened his eyes to see Peace standing right before him, wearing


  1. peace is out to kill, i know once Nathan sleep's with her hummmm she'll claim she's pregnant knowing they're looking for the fruit of the womb. May God help him. Chima got what he want am not sorry for him out all.

  2. Nathan is about to destroy his home and his wife…mtchewwww. I wonder why some women don't learn! no kids yet and you employ a maid…for what! if u cant clean ur home, employ som1 that can only do a 9 to 5. Thank you Ada, am learning from this story.


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