Nathan woke up to the rap at the door, he stared around, he
was lying on his sitting room couch. The events of the evening came to hunt
him; he had quarrelled with his wife and she had run off to their room, locking
him out. He heard the rains beat the windows of the house and almost shut his
eyes again to sleep only to hear the knock again. He got up to his feet.
“Who’s it?” He asked.
“It’s me…it’s Peace…” The voice came as though from his
Nathan unlocked the door and stared at a drenched Peace, she
stared at him under long lashes and greeted.
“Good evening sir…”
“What…why…did you?” He started but said. “ Never
He pulled open the door for her to walk into the house.
Peace’s dress clung to her body as the water had made the lycra material she
wore, a see-through fabric. Nathan could see her well out-lined breasts, her
flat belly and her hips.
“Thank you sir…” She said as she walked in, dripping water
all over the tiled floor.
“Make sure you clean this water…on the floor…” Nathan
said as his throat suddenly went dry.
He walked back to the sofa and turned on the television,
there was still sleep in his eyes but he didn’t want to sleep on the couch so
that Peace doesn’t figure out that he and Vicky were currently having a spat.
He stared hard at the television, trying to comprehend what was going on but he
couldn’t, the weather was too cold and it was somehow drugging his senses. He
brought his phone out of his pocket and called his wife’s number, it rang and
rang but she didn’t answer. His knew Vicky too well, whenever she was angry,
she kept malice. He wasn’t the ‘malice’ kind as he’d rather trash issues out
first hand but alas, his wife couldn’t. He made himself comfortable on the sofa
and felt sleep calling again. He didn’t know when he dozed off.
Chima panicked, he shook Princess hard but she still didn’t
“Chima ooo….Chima ooo…” He lamented. “See what you’ve
done…oooo….Oh God! Please….please help me…oh God!” He cried as he shook
the young girl.
Chima tried all he could to revive her but something nagged
him that he’d killed her. He pushed his hands on her chest to see if she would
start breathing but to no avail, he put his mouth on hers for a mouth to mouth
respiration but no way, nothing seemed to work. He began to pace his house. The
sight of Princess’s dead form almost killed him. He didn’t know what to do.
Should he leave her on the ground and leave the house as though he hadn’t
gotten home? No, that won’t be smart, he had a gateman and he’d seen him come
into the house, also, he didn’t want the girl’s dead body in his house or the
police would swarm in like flies. He looked at her body again on the ground and
thought of what to do; where could he dump her body? That was the next option
on his plate. The rains had begun to fall heavily and he was grateful for it, at
least, no one would see him carry her body out to his car.
He lifted Princess’s body and flung it on his shoulder,
picked up her bag and quickly left his house, making sure to lock the door. He
made his way to the car while the rains beat his body heavily and her body too.
He got her into the booth of his car, closed it and got into the driver’s seat
and drove out.
As Chima drove he cried, his life flashed before his eyes,
what had happened to him? Why didn’t he give Princess all she’d wanted? Why
wasn’t he satisfied with his wife? These and many other questions flirted
through his mind. He drove his car till he reached his destination. Luckily,
the gate to his side chick’s compound wasn’t manned by a gateman but he knew
that he was taking a huge risk by bringing Princess’s body to her compound. He
looked at the compound and worked out the plan in his head. He stared at the
street through the side mirror of his car, it was very quiet as no one was in
sight as the heavy rains had chased everyone into their homes. He quietly drove
his car till the booth of the car was literally at the gate of his mistress’s
house said silently.
“I’m sorry baby…you’re the only one I could think of…”
He searched the pigeon hole of his car and found the spare
keys to his mistress’s house. He alighted from the vehicle and felt the rain
drench his body, he could see his mistress’s flat, it was downstairs and it was
still dark, signalling that she wasn’t home yet. He peered into the compound,
there was no one in sight either. His eyes darted left and right and he quickly
opened the trunk of his car and lifted the body from there. With Princess’s
body on his shoulder and her bag in the other hand, he ran towards his mistress’s
flat and using the back door which was quite hidden, he unlocked the door and
got in.
Chima knew he was taking a very big risk as Princess’s
family lived upstairs and any of her family members could come downstairs at
any moment with an umbrella to get something. The backdoor opened directly into
the kitchen and he quickly made his way to the sitting room. He sat Princess on
the sofa, her body fell on the sofa as though asleep and dropped her bag on the
floor beside the sofa. Chima hurried out of the house, making sure not to lock
the back door of the house just in case anyone tried to figure out how Princess
had gotten into the house.
He had just reached his car when someone called out to him.
“Uncle Chima!”
He turned around in fear, it was Royalty, Princess’s sister
and she was holding up a large umbrella. ‘Had she seen anything?’ He wondered.
“Hey…how…are…you?” He stammered, wondering if she’d
seen him enter his mistress’s house with her sister’s body.
“I’m good…I just came downstairs to buy bread. Is auntie
not around?” She shouted, trying to be heard over the rain.
“No…err…I didn’t see her…she err…went somewhere…I
think…but I didn’t get inside…I forgot my keys.” He stammered.
“Oh…okay…anyhow sha, we are waiting for you guys wedding
ooo…” The girl said with a smile.
“How are…your siblings?” He asked, trying to sound normal
as he opened the door to his car.
“They’re good, Prince is at his friend’s place, Princess is helping
out a pregnant woman… and I am stuck at home.” She said sounding bored.
“Okay…bye now…” Chima said and jumped into his car. He
turned on the ignition and was out of the place in a flash.
Royalty stared at Uncle Chima’s car driving out with full
speed, that was queer, she thought. She shrugged it off and made her way to
Mama Chinto’s house to see if there was any bread there.
Nathan had never been one for wet dreams but today, he was
having one. He felt something warm at his groin area and he moaned in pleasure.
He suddenly realised that he wasn’t dreaming so he opened his eyes and looked
downwards to see a head bent over him. He jerked in shock!
“What are you doing?” He spat.
Peace didn’t speak, she gave him a seductive gaze and went down
on him again. Nathan had never had such mastery performed on him in his entire
life. Yes, he’d had had such done on him before but this was pure mastery, his
mind screamed NO but his body screamed YES. He opened his mouth to speak but
felt the words hang at the roof of his mouth, he let his head rest on the couch
pillow and closed his eyes in passion.



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